12 Instagrammable places in Aberdeen

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12 Instagrammable places in Aberdeen
travel blogging is a separate profession and business. Influencing people with adorable Instagram photos requires a lot of hard work. Firstly, you need to find Instagrammable places and Instagrammable activities to provide your followers with an eye-catching piece of art. Searching for the most liked Instagram photos in specific locations will help you in this period. Then, you can take amazing Instagram photos and post them with the hope of owning the most liked photo on Instagram. This article is for you to save your precious time while in the searching process. Maybe you will not have the most liked photo on Instagram, but you will find out plenty of Instagrammable places and Instagrammable memories for sure!

About Aberdeen

aberdeen Where is Aberdeen? How to travel to Aberdeen? What are the best places to visit in Scotland? What are the best cities in Scotland?  Aberdeen is a city in northeast Scotland. It is Scotland's third most populous city. The city of Aberdeen is an independent council area covering the village of Aberdeen and the surrounding countryside. One of the best cities in Scotland, Aberdeen, which differs for distinctive architecture from other areas and the number one choice of tourists who want to visit different places in Scotland with glorious and majestic history.  Aberdeen is a significant hub for road, rail, sea, and air transportation. The original port, the Dee estuary, developed continuously. From the beginning of steam trawling to the growing North Sea oil industry, it was Scotland's leading fishing port. Today Aberdeen harbour is the main commercial port of northeast Scotland. Although the city was one of the largest granite-exporting industries in Britain, Aberdeen's main industry areas contain oil and gas, tourism, and renewable energy. You will know about the best places to visit in Scotland, details about travel to Aberdeen, Instagrammable places in Scotland, also will find an answer to any question of yours, like "Where is Aberdeen?" or "What are the most noteworthy places in Scotland?" in this article.

1. Aberdeen's Harbour

aberdeen harbor One of the best places to visit in Scotland is Aberdeen's harbour, which is a rich historical hub with its way of transport around the globe and was a primary driving force behind the growth of Aberdeen's prominent fishing industry in the early 20th century. Where is Aberdeen harbour? If you are fond of seafood or just an enthusiastic food photographer, Aberdeen's harbour is recommendable! It is an excellent place for either delicious food or the most liked Instagram photos of your portfolio. You can find limitless varieties of seafood like scallops, prawns, herring, mussels, and more, caught along the 170 km coast of Aberdeenshire. The Silver Darling is a long-established modern restaurant in a vintage building on the Pocra Quay, in the old fishing village of Footdee, on the eastern end of the harbour. Moonfish Cafe is a small, quaint seafood brasserie at Correction Wynd. Bistro Verde is a relaxed bistro for seafood on The Green. 

2. St Machar Cathedral

machar cathedral In Aberdeen, the amazing architecture, and St. Machar's Cathedral, a special place of worship, are breathtaking. This cathedral is on the list of the top 10 must-see spiritual places in Scotland. The present church dates back to about the 13th century. It is the oldest building in Aberdeen in active use. The granite church with its complete twin towers is a fine example of a fortress church. There is also an exciting interior with a heraldic roof and a stained window. You are photographing this beautiful and aesthetically pleasing piece of history worth to travel to Aberdeen, even if it is not the most liked photo on Instagram. There are three rows of heraldic ceilings; one represents the Kingdoms of Europe, one represents the Pape and important Church representatives of Scotland, one represents the King of Scotland and the mighty figures of Scotland.

3. Old Aberdeen

aberdeen street Aberdeen, Scotland's third-largest city, grew out of two distinct communities - New Aberdeen and Old Aberdeen, which are the Instagrammable places to visit in Scotland. Monks and scholars, merchants, and travellers settled round Old Aberdeen in the field where 14th century St Machar's Cathedral still stands and Kings College, a predecessor to the Aberdeen University founded by Bishop Elphinstone in 1495. Today, Old Aberdeen is one of Aberdeen's favourite secret jewels, where the paved roads still wind through the heart of the city. The windy, weaving streets of Old Aberdeen have witnessed Aberdonian politics, education, and history over the years.  

4. Aberdeen Beach

aberdeen beach Both adults and children can enjoy various activities and events in Aberdeen Beach, the preferable spot which lies for approximately 3.5 km between the Don River and the fishing area. You can also have a chance to have a bite in the nearby cafes, do the shopping and visit the art ballroom. A beach path offers excellent opportunities for walking, jogging, and cycling while children playing in golden sand are still popular as the beach itself. Bars and restaurants and the Amusement Park are ready for hosting locals and visitors along the beach. Aberdeen is one of the best cities in Scotland for its receiving amount of sun. As all Instagram bloggers know, the sun is the key element of most liked Instagram photos.

5. Dunnottar Castle

dunnottar castle If there will be one right answer to the "What are the best places to visit in Scotland?" question, it would be the castles! This impressive seaside castle is a ruined medieval fortress situated on a steep mountainside overlooking the North Sea, 23 km south of Aberdeen. Initially constructed in the early Middle Ages, the surviving houses date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The castle and close surroundings are beautiful and Instagrammable! There is a fantastic atmosphere, just like in the historical movie, and it is possible to see the armed knights ride their horses next to the castle. The problem is that you need to climb some stairs to get to the castle. 

6. Balmoral Castle

balmoral castle Builders of Balmoral Castle are Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It was established in 1856 and has since been the private Highland residence of the British Royal Family. While only a small part of the castle - the ballroom, is available to visitors, the large gardens are open, and the beautiful audio guide follows the tourist. This castle is full of incredible Instagrammable places for vintage photography lovers. You can even join a tour of Aberdeen if you do not have a ride that is available during the spring and summer. 

7. Craigievar Castle

craigievar castle When you plan to travel to Aberdeen, be sure that you visit this adorable pink castle because this place is the definite answer to the "What are the best places to visit in Scotland?" question for Instagram bloggers! Craigievar castle dates back to the 17th century and has hosted residents until 1963. It is currently run by the National Trust of Scotland and has opened to the public. However, there are still some old Forbes furnishings in it. Only guided tours are available. Group sizes are so limited, so be ready to get up early and get your tickets before getting crowded. The building is seasonally open.

8. King's College Chapel

kings college chapel This building, a masterpiece of the 15th century, the oldest college in this area, is famous not only for its physical appearance but for its symbolistic meaning: the pursuit of knowledge. The King's College Chapel is hauntingly stunning, with its stained glass windows, high ceilings, sloping archways, and exquisite carvings. The Crown of the College, the Imperial Crown, is an emblem of universal dominion instead of a national crown, which is probably created to express the power of Scottish authority in Scotland against external attacks. 

9. Marischal College

marischal college Marischal College, which is Aberdeen's second university, remained from 1593. The two Colleges –Marischal and King's College brought together in 1860 to form the modern University of Aberdeen. Medicine and Law taught at Marischal and Arts and Divinity at King's College. It is a mix of two styles: A. Marshall Mackenzie's 'perpendicular gothic' (the 1890s) and Archibald Simpson's earlier more austere architecture (1837). The overall style combines different aesthetics and incredible granite technologies, which is pretty photogenic.

10. Provost Skene's House

provost skenes house Located in Guestrow, off Broad Street in the central area of the City of Aberdeen, Provost Skene's House is the oldest building in the city, which can survive until the 21st century. After its owner, the house is named Sir George Skene, a wealthy merchant engaged in trade with the Baltic. Coloured ceilings, furnished period rooms, and local history displays are the most significant features of this house.

11. Johnston Gardens

johnston gardens Johnston Gardens is a public garden that is a result of the aesthetic mind. There are ponds, streams, bridges, trees, and flowers in the gardens. It is not surprising that these amazing gardens have won Britain in Bloom competition.

12. Kirkhill Forest

kirkhill forest Aberdeen is an excellent place for nature lovers too! Do not miss the opportunity to visit the hidden gem of Scotland, which is just 40 minutes drive from the city centre. You will experience relaxing moments and feel united with nature and your true self in Kirkhill Forest. It is a popular spot for every kind of nature-lover – local hikers, walkers, cyclists, and horse riders. You can also explore forest areas by yourself and take some Instagram photos for your page. Well, get your UK visa, clean your camera and experience the best of Aberdeen with amazing photos for your next trip!

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