The most famous travel bloggers around the world

Aytan Akhundova24 March 20213193 views9 min. read
The most famous travel bloggers around the world

What's the secret to a great travel blog? Who are the best travel bloggers? Here the answer will be subjective. Everyone will have their own opinion. And that's fine. Personally, my favorite travel blogs combine a complex mix of good writing, great photography, useful tips, and beautiful web design. Maybe not all of them are the most perfect blogs, but nevertheless they are all on the list of the most read, making their founders the best bloggers in the world.

So below you will find a list of people who claim to be the "Best Travel Bloggers". Be sure to check out each blog if you want to escape reality for a while during your work break - and maybe get some inspiration for your next trip in the process!

1. Follow me To


Their photos of a beautiful girl pulling her boyfriend's hand, to various locations in exotic locations, have won international acclaim.

"It became our little tradition to bring a "postcard" to friends from every country we went to together. The idea of creating an image in all of them was the same: a girl takes a young man by the hand and leads him to the most iconic places on Earth.»

Since 2012, Murad and Natalia Osmann have been showing the best that the world has to offer through their social networks and the Follow me To website, making them a pair of famous travel bloggers. It all started with a trip to Barcelona and developed into the phenomenon it is today. From Cuba to India, from Moscow to Bali, living, this trend introduces us to this special couple, followed by millions. Foreign media did not take long to pick up the idea of the project. And after a few articles on Reddit, the Daily Mail, and BuzzFeed, the obsession took over the world.

2. Dan Flying Solo

british blogger

Daniel is a British guy who works with Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet on a full-time basis.

He is an amazing writer with a lot of useful tips and also a great photographer.

His photographs have also been published in Beautiful Destination, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel, and Matador Network.

This is how Dan describes his blog: "I'm obsessed with exploring the world, meeting amazing people (and goats), and getting lost with my camera as much as possible. I was on the road for 1,467 days from 2014 to 2018, risking to change my career from restaurants to shooting the world and somehow it all turned out... "

So Makar Dan can definitely enter the list of "best bloggers in the world".

3. Fun For Louis

fun for louis

Louis Cole, best known by the name of the channel "Fun For Louis", is one of the most popular travel bloggers ever to come from the UK. Having achieved fame by documenting his exciting adventures traveling around the world, Louis is a familiar face in the digital realm.

Louis initially found fame as a YouTube star, publishing daily blogs in a row for many years. During this time, he has gained a significant following, and his pool of loyal fans continues to grow every day. Today, his YouTube channel boasts an incredible 2 million subscribers, a testament to his success as a well-known travel blogger.

Not so long ago, Louis began to focus on his passion for travel. One of his most famous projects in this field came to light in 2017, when he recruited his friend and pilot, Juan-Peter Schulze, to fly with him to 22 cities around the world.

4. A Broken Backpack


Melissa is a Canadian beauty. It doesn't have a filter, and it's so warm and heartfelt.

You should find it on Snapchat or Youtube. She either hitchhikes through Central Asia or shares her travel pranks.

She's such a talented person and really proved that hard work pays off.

Melissa has been published on the Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog, and many, many other sites. She is a real inspiration woman!

5. Lili’s Travel Plans

brown notebook

Lily is a Belgian girl, another travel blogger!

She was recently named #25 Top Travel Blogger To Follow. Lily also doesn't have a filter and does a wonderful job of sharing her travel opinions.

She is also a fellow travel blogger of the Travello App.

6. The Blog Abroad

travel blogger

Gloria (aka glo) - a native of Arizona and the most real of the most real!

Never afraid to speak her mind, she is a talented writer who creates great content.

She also has a great eye for photography. She has worked with top travel photographers and writes for the Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and Matador Networks.

7. My life’s a movie

american blogger

Alyssa Ramos is a Cuban-American native of Florida.

She is the master of the selfish GoPro ninja! Seriously, she even posted "10 Tips for Getting travel photos without people in them."

Alyssa is also part of the GoPro family and writes for the Huffington Post, Matador Network, and other media publications. Catch her on Snapchat or Instagram, as she always shares tips on packing things quickly.

8. Drew Binsky


Drew is another native of Arizona. Drew has been traveling the world since he graduated from college and made a full-time career working for himself.

He is known as the genius of Snapchat. He created his own traveling show via Snapchat. He works with several different brands and sponsors, is part of the GoPro family, and writes for Elite Daily as well as the Huffington Post.

9. The Blonde Abroad

blonde blogger

The best travel bloggers? Don't forget about The Blonde Abroad.

Kirsten is a California native who gave up her financial career to travel the world. She has been traveling for 5 years and does it luxuriously.

This girl has amazing potential! She works with top brands and sponsors from all over the world. Kirsten is also a good writer, content creator, and extremely talented photographer.

It is also part of the GoPro family and has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, Matador Network, and many more!

10. Travel Break

writing travel blog

Steph Bay is a California native who has worked for CNN and writes for several media channels, including the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Forbes, Matador Network, and many others.

Steph is an extremely talented writer and content creator. She's also a great photographer! Her true talent lies in her knowledge of social media.

She came from marketing and learned all the ins and outs of social media, and does it well. She recently published an amazing article, 7 Steps to Getting "Travel Bloggers" to Share Their product.

She is another Latin American who inspires and motivates, as well as another representation of a blogger-a woman who knows her business well.

11. Backpacker Banter

backpacker banter

Chris is British and currently lives in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Chris is a talented photographer and video creator. His video from the Maldives on YouTube will surely make you quit your job NOW!

If he doesn't surf, he goes on a trip around the world and records every part of it. Popular travel bloggers were definitely happy to welcome this charismatic guy into their ranks.

12. Nomadic Boys

nomadic boys

Stefan and Sebastian are a very nice couple! They are both from Europe and are currently traveling in Argentina.

These guys are taking the tourism industry by storm. Their mission is to seek out and encourage other couples to travel and get out of their comfort zone. They strive to find the best places at the best price with the greatest experience.

13. Anywhere we roam

travel blogger

Famous travel bloggers, Mark and Paul are always looking for answers. Whether it's discussing politics with locals in a city bar, understanding unusual rock formations in picturesque landscapes, or working out the meaning of life in an obscure gallery in the Middle East. Their questions arouse their passion for independent travel and arouse their curiosity to see the world through the eyes of local people - and share it with you.

14. Bucketlistly Travel Blog

travel blogger

With over 65 countries crossed off his own list, Pete is an inspiration, having traveled for 7 years, moving from one country to another, working on the BucketListly Blog, and many other business ventures. He's a travel director, photographer, digital nomad, freelance designer, and solo traveler, telling his travel stories through a combination of award-winning travel video, great photography, and immersive writing.

15. A Dangerous Business Travel Blog


Amanda Williams is a travel blogger and adventurer. Her travel blog, Dangerous Business, is based on her love of J. R. R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which inspired her to travel to New Zealand after high school. Amanda is not a full-time traveler, but she has visited more than 50 countries on six continents and reminds readers that to experience adventure, you do not need to quit your job or leave your loved ones.

16. Local Adventurer

woman blogger

The local adventurer, a blog dedicated to the lifestyle of travelers, moves to a new city every year for Esther Julie and her husband Jacob, because they spend one year in each place to learn as much as possible about their new home before moving to another city. They don't want to feel too comfortable in one place or take their home for granted, and they want to take adventures every day to write about their travels and motivate others to explore them as often as possible. Readers can easily navigate through the blog, choosing to read the latest adventures, city guides, hiking and outdoor activities, national parks, packing guides, the best places to stay, as well as the final list of must-see places.

17. Ordinary Traveler

camera lens

The Ordinary Traveler is an award-winning travel blog by Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafior. Christie is a full-time travel photographer and professional blogger, while Scott works for a software company and travels as much as possible. They named their blog Ordinary Traveler because they want to remind people that not everyone has to become a nomad to enjoy traveling or find time for adventure. Today's blog includes travel tips, resources, destinations, exciting photos of Christy, and more for people who want to travel when they can.

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