12 Instagrammable places in Al Ain

Ieva Miltina29 November 20202256 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Al Ain
Abu Dhabi for many obvious reasons. But there is a downside to these cities. They have been rapidly built in the last decades and therefore become the epicentre of modern architecture. It is not necessarily bad, but what if you would want to get to know a more authentic side of the UAE? This is why I will present a list of the best places to visit in Al Ain UAE to make some instagrammable photos for your spectacular online presence. But besides explaining all the spots where you might snap your next most liked photo on Instagram, you will also get to hear some ideas about what to do in Al Ain and what to see in Al Ain! Let's start with a short introduction! 

Where is Al Ain located?

al ain desert Al-Ain is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates but is often overlooked due to the lack of direct access to the sea. Probably that is also one of the reasons why very few really know where is Al Ain located. In the map of UAE, it lies to the East of Abu Dhabi and to the South of Dubai. The highways even form a geographic triangle of these three cities. It is actually right on the border with Oman. If you are willing to visit more than one country, visiting the best tourist places in Al Ain could be a great plan before heading to this neighbouring country!  Concerning the geographic location, it is important to mention that Al Ain is surrounded mostly by deserts and on the southern side by moderate height mountains too. But about these two, you will hear more in the list of the best places to visit in Al Ain UAE for instagrammable results on your camera.  The city is often referred to as the "Garden city", and it has a significant role in the history of the modern state of UAE. The city was the first UNESCO world heritage site in the UAE, and the cultural importance definitely shows. And it has a law that ensures its distinctive historic look throughout times. No buildings should exceed 7-floor height! Enough with the praises. Let's get on to hearing more about the best places in Al Ain that will generate guaranteed most liked photo on Instagram, right?

1. Jebel Hafeet or Mount Hafeet

al ain mountain Hands down, this mountain range is one of the most instagrammable places in the surroundings of Al Ain. If you are still figuring out what to see in Al Ain, then definitely put a day trip to this park on your list! You will thank me later because the place is full of spots to catch really amazing images. The cliffs, the winding mountain road, the desert landscapes... Some of the most liked Instagram photos of Al Ain were taken exactly here! Just so you know - the place also holds a great historical significance and now offers glamping under the stars with a view of this spectacular mountain range.

2. The Paradise Garden

garden When travelling to the "Garden city," you might as well visit some of their most precious ones. But let me tell you one thing. Calling them the public gardens does a great injustice. Just search for images of Al Ain Paradise Garden, and you will be stunned at the colours and patterns you can see there. A great colour bomb for your Insta-feed!

3. Camel Market

camel market There is just something so instagrammable about these slightly slow and sometimes clumsy animals! Make some Instagram photos with a bunch of those hanging around, or you might even be lucky and figure out a way to ride one! Such herds and the charismatic local salesman will surely be a great object for some fun and likeable images.

4. Hili Fun City

rollercoaster Thinking about what to do in Al Ain for fun? I guess the name of this park just lays all the cards out on the table. You can be sure you are in for a treat! More than 40 rides (including a rollercoaster), annual festivals, an ice rink, and an Olympic-size facility for skating. What more do you need for a great and fun image to show off your fun and careless side to the followers?

5. Al Ain Oasis

al ain It is an exotic paradise in the desert of Al Ain. It is one of the oldest permanently inhabited settlements but is extremely relevant nowadays too. That is, to the eye of your camera and the ones looking at your posts online. Oasis is exactly as it sounds - pathways lined with thousands of date palm trees and ancient man-made formations. Irrigation channels and tiny water lakes contrast the surrounding dryness. No wonder it was named the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UAE!

6. Wadi Adventure Park

water activity It might not make sense to have the world's largest water adventure park in such a dry location, right? That is another reason why Wadi Adventure Park is one of the best places in Al Ain if you are one of either. The adventure sports lover or the water sports lover. Pardon, it is also an amazing and unexpected spot for some action Instagram photos! Rafting, surfing, kayaking, zip-lining, wall climbing, and much more. Swarming with activities to create unforgettable memories and instagrammable content!

7. Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe

tiramisu dessert If you are a foodie, then this restaurant is one of the best places to visit in Al Ain UAE to try authentic Emirati cuisine! That is true that it is relatively unfamiliar in the international food scene. But don't let the fact cloud the judgment. The food is spectacular! Rice, fish, meats, and heavenly desserts too. This particular restaurant will be a great place to catch a nostalgic feeling and the old school vibe of the authentic Emirates. Besides the charming location, Instagram photos, and stories with mouth-watering dishes are always something people will be happy to like on social media!

8. The Souks

spices Souk means a market in Arabic. And if you have ever been to any Arabic country (or just seen typical images from one), you know that markets over there are an explosion to your senses. Besides being the best tourist places in Al Ain, Souk Al Bawadi, Souk Al Qaws, and the Central Souk are very instagrammable places. Just picture spices, colourful fabrics, dried fruits, and many other visually stimulating items! And the thing I like the most - the locals going on about their daily routines and being their authentic selves. One Instagram of spices? Yes, please!

9. Arabic Sweets at Al Sultan Sweets

arabic sweet One of the best places in Al Ain for anyone with a serious sweet tooth! Just choose which one of those sticky, sugary, and incredibly delicious dishes you would like to try and make at least a dozen images with your face in the utmost delight! My favourites were kunafa and halva! After all, it is no secret that the most liked Instagram photos might be posted under the category of food. 

10. Al Ain Zoo

al ain zoo Curious about what to see in Al Ain to satisfy your love for furry friends? Go to the Al Ain Zoo and take some very appealing pictures with lions, flamingos, giraffes, and much more! Cute faces and animal appeal is the direct way to your followers' hearts. And likes too!

11. Sheikh Khalifa Mosque

mosque in al ain One of the most instagrammable places in Al Ain is a relatively new addition to the list. That is, the mosque is still in the making but shall open relatively soon. If you get the right angles, you might get some of the most beautiful Instagram photos featuring this sacred geometry already now! Up to 20 000 people will be able to attend the prayers whenever it opens, and it will be one of the biggest structures of this kind in UAE. 

12. A safari in the desert near Al Ain

safari in the desert near al ain It is no secret that this city is surrounded by the most pristine and stranded deserts. Wouldn't that be exotic to go there and have some fun? You riding a quad in the desert dunes like a wild one. It sounds like the most liked photo on Instagram! Or even a video to persuade everyone of your untamed nature. Even if it doesn't reach the target - you will have had the time of your life! You see, what an exciting and underestimated destination! And considering where is Al Ain located, getting there will be super quick even if your main target is one of the other, more popular cities! I hope now you are more aware of what to do in Al Ain if you are aiming to create one of the most liked Instagram photos! If still not completely sure, just grab a ticket to the UAE and turn to a friendly local when visiting the best tourist places in Al Ain. Surely their hospitable nature will aid with useful advice to your instagrammable pursuits! What are you waiting for? Apply for a United Arab Emirates visa and travel to Al Ain.

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