12 Instagrammable places in Amsterdam

12 Instagrammable places in Amsterdam

Ieva Miltina16 April 20211152 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Amsterdam
Instagrammable places. Or maybe it is the possibility to earn yourself the most liked photo on Instagram? That and more is possible if you decide to get a Netherlands visa and spend your time in Amsterdam! There are so many visually stunning places to visit in Amsterdam that a few days might not be enough for a visit. I have done some research, so you don't have to. Here is a list of 12 Instagrammable places in this world-renowned destination. And what's best - you'll get some insights on what to do in Amsterdam and where to go in Amsterdam to get an image of both worlds. Some very typical tourist staples, as well as some less popular spots, are eye-catching enough to be featured in the most liked Instagram photos

Time in Amsterdam is particularly Instagrammable

amsterdam night Remember that the title of the most popular tourist destinations comes with an exceptional variety of accommodation too. Start planning your Instagrammable itinerary by looking through the most photogenic Amsterdam hotels. Then you can consider what to do in Amsterdam to make it fit with your interests. And even more so - the interests of your followers as well as the eye of the camera. The list below might be somewhat helpful in this. And whatever you do, just make sure not to waste time in Amsterdam by staying in - this is one of the most Instagrammable cities in the world! Go for walks with your camera, talk up some locals, and arrange a picnic with a view if the weather allows! Or whatever your heart desires. It is easy staying entertained there, and here are some suggestions.

1. The most common image of I Amsterdam letters

i amsterdam Let's cross the most typical Instagrammable places in Amsterdam off the list right away. There are two types of #travelgram images. The ones that feature unique and unseen photogenic spots and make you look more exciting. And the ones that feature very typical landmarks and angles - to prove the fact you have been to someplace. I AMSTERDAM letters belong to the second group, and I hope it is obvious why. When planning your itinerary, take into account where is Amsterdam sign is located. The letters have been moved from the city center to Schiphol airport due to increased tourist flows!

2. The prettiest Stroopwafels at Van Wonderen

stroopwafels It is easy to make sure you have the most liked photo on Instagram with such a visual treat as stroopwafels. You see, almost any street food of a particular country would be considered rather Instagrammable. But what makes these exact stroopwafels stand out on Instagram pictures is the wide range of colorful and cheerful toppings. It is somewhat an innovation in the universe of stroopwafels. And a generous contribution to making them even more Instagrammable!

3. Postcard image with the houses at Damrak

houses at damrak Okay, I admit. This will not be the most original location to take your images, but it will definitely represent Amsterdam well. These waterfront houses are among the top places to see in Amsterdam, so don't be surprised if you see a ton of other tourists. But just taking an image of these gingerbread houses and their reflection in the canal water is worth it! FYI - if your camera allows it, then opt for an evening shot when all the tiny lights are on!

4. Best city skyline images in A'DAM Lookout

amsterdam view All of this will make more sense when I tell you where is Amsterdam Lookout located. Another valuable lesson: A'dam does not call for the character from the Bible. It is just a shorter way to name this capital. So... this particular location of interest is located on top of the A'DAM Tower. There you can experience swinging 100 meters above the ground, with feet hanging over the edge of this building. If you want to feel a touch of adrenaline, then this is definitely one of the top things to do in Amsterdam! They have an observation deck, too, if you are afraid to get onto those swings.

5. Explosion of pink at Mama Kelly

pink champagne This is one of my favorite Instagrammable places in Amsterdam. Yes, pink is not my favorite color, but it still does good for my wall. After all - glamorously pink Instagram photos do stand out on the feed. And this is the exact reason you should not miss the opportunity! But add neon signs with catchy phrases, and here you go. Lots-a-likes coming your way! Dress pink for the maximum effect!

6. Racey Instagram photos from the Sex Museum

sex museum This city is world-renowned for its liberal views towards many things. That just means that among other fun things to do in Amsterdam you should definitely pay a visit to the famous Sex Museum! A friendly suggestion - check what other people have posted to make sure your images don't get taken down immediately for breaking the nudity guidelines. Other than that - you know this is what people like by default. 

7. Dreamy desserts and lattes at PLUK

cupcakes It is quite obvious why Pluk has become one of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam. And it applies not only to foodies! It seems they have done a great job making the place according to the best Instagram etiquette rules, and it shows. Every detail starting from paper cups, the interior, and the desserts themselves. Just imagine a cup of latte decorated with a huge dollop of cream and the cutest little decorations! Yummylicious #foodgasm guaranteed.

8. Canal views from a boat

canal view It is hard to avoid canals in Amsterdam because they are, well...everywhere! Therefore, one of the most common things to do in Amsterdam is a boat ride. Boats seem to be a universally likable activity, and it is your chance to have a new perspective on all those Instagrammable places. Just make sure you are appropriately dressed for the season and inquire about the route before. You want to be prepared for the best angles, don't you? 

9. Jungle vibes in Botanique Bar

botanique bar Among other foodie-focused places to visit in Amsterdam, this one will stand out with an especially distinguishable interior. Instead of going to the botanical garden, go to the Botanique Bar. Green everything, huge palm trees, and amazing food to go with the theme. You just want to make sure you have it on your camera and on your Instagram photos because it WILL attract attention.

10. Wall paintings and skyline at Nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel

hotel lobby You heard it before already - establishments in all prime locations are in for serious competition for the travelers' money. It is why most Amsterdam hotels will be top-notch regarding the wow factor. Among other Amsterdam hotels, this one is hard to beat. First, the building itself is one of a kind - great for exterior images. But the best is indoors: floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Amsterdam and spectacular wall paintings. Colors, tasteful contemporary shapes, and decor that are often featured in the most liked Instagram photos from this location.

11. The diamond matrix at the Moco Museum

moco museum light If you are wondering where to go in Amsterdam to enjoy some art yet keeping on track with your Instagram game - this is the answer. If you are a sucker for unusual yet incredibly photogenic scenarios, then Moco Museum is among the most creative places to see in Amsterdam. Their expositions are often very Instagrammable in general, but the most liked Instagram photos from the museum are taken in their mirror room covered with colorful diamonds.

12. Appreciating history at the Rijksmuseum Library

rijksmuseum library The beautiful interior and the geometry of shelves make it one of the places to see in Amsterdam if you are in for a more serious result for your photoshoot. You will be standing on that little platform overlooking the largest public art research library in the Netherlands. And the view will be breathtaking! The library is located in the same building where is Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. The best thing is - in winter front yard of the museum gets turned into this amazing ice rink. Yet another great possibility for Instagram photos! old amsterdam architecture It might seem a little confusing at first thinking about where to go in Amsterdam for the best shot at the most likable Instagram photos. There are so many options, after all. And when you are done with it, your list of places to visit in Amsterdam might be longer than necessary, too. What you have to do here is just focus on your goals. Is it having the most fun? Is it capturing your next most liked photo on Instagram? Is it spending a romantic weekend with your special person? Just take this as the baseline and remember you can leave some things for the next time you will visit Amsterdam! After all, it is very likely you will enjoy it so much that you will want to return in no time.

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