12 Instagrammable places in Auckland

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12 Instagrammable places in Auckland
New Zealand visa, going to New Zealand can be quite expensive, especially if you are traveling from overseas. And that might also mean cramming as much as possible in your itinerary to Kiwi land. Fun fact. In this case, Kiwi is not the fruit, nor the bird. Inhabitants of New Zealand are also called Kiwis! Within a tight schedule, many will opt for Wellington (the capital city) or some of the Lords Of The Rings locations. But there is an underestimated gem that you should definitely explore because...There are so many fun and beautiful things to do in Auckland too! auckland night Auckland...Maori call this city a maiden desired by 100 lovers, and this poetic name has a great connection to where is Auckland located. Throughout centuries this territory has been fought over due to the natural harbors and the fertile lands. But nowadays, it is like a magnet to everyone in search of Instagrammable spots, as well as the magic possibility to earn the title of the most liked photo on Instagram. Simultaneously travel to Auckland is way more than a fabricated insta-stage. The city and its surroundings are genuinely breathtaking! This is why I want to share 12 Instagrammable places to visit if you want to spend some visually stimulating time in Auckland. As I usually do - besides mentioning the eye-catching angles, the list will also feature some useful general information. For example, what to do in Auckland and how to be prepared for the weather in Auckland. 

Where is Auckland located?

view of auckland New Zealand spans over a series of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, located about 2000 miles Southwest from the shore of Australia. And the vibrant city of Auckland lies on the upper part of the Northern island. It also happens to be the largest city of this nation - a diverse and stunningly beautiful place easily admired by many.

What is the weather in Auckland like?

auckland skyline The weather in Auckland is warm and moderately wet. You can rarely expect any snowfall or temperatures below zero. But it does differentiate depending on the season. Therefore, if you are planning the most appropriate clothing for your time in Auckland then better check the forecast for the particular month you have set your mind to. Just remember that it is the Southern hemisphere, and summer in New Zealand means December - February! Additionally, if you have a look at where is Auckland located, you will see that it has a bay on each side of it. The closeness of the sea brings some rough winds at times, too!

1. The most iconic Auckland skyline from Bayswater Marina

bayswater marina Let’s kick this list off with the most “generic” suggestion. It is good to have some images featuring a distant view of the city. And the rule works just about anywhere you go, doesn’t it? Therefore it totally makes sense that very many Instagram photos from Auckland will feature this particular view. And so should you! Meanwhile, snap some pretty images with the marina and the boats too.

2. Get your adrenaline flowing in the Sky Tower

sky tower What to do in Auckland if you are an adrenaline junkie? This is it! The 328m high Sky Tower will look great on your images as a landmark, but it will look even better on your photos from the top. Get up there and just enjoy one of the many opportunities that the most liked Instagram photos from Auckland feature already. Let me give you a hint - they mostly reflect people bungee jumping or walking on a thin platform outside the glass facade. So exciting!

3. Enjoy the pattern of gannets on the beach of Muriwai

beach of muriwai Besides being a beautiful beach, it is also a nice spot for bird watching and photography of spectacular rocks. The indigenous inhabitants, the gannets, seemingly enjoy sitting in a neatly organized pattern on those cliffs right in front of you. It totally makes them the stars of the most liked Instagram photos in Muriwai! Use the chance and go inside some of the caves that appear only during low tide!

4. Panorama view of the whole city from the lush Mt.Eden

mount eden It is the highest volcano (read, the highest point) of Auckland and, therefore should be on your list by default. This natural Instagrammable deck offers also a unique opportunity to walk in a massive crater right in the middle of it. The best thing - it is really easy to reach it on foot. An afternoon to air your head, maybe?

5. Mouth watering Instagram photos with Pavlova dessert at Cibo

cricket powder To be honest, this is a dessert you will find just about anywhere in the country of New Zealand - it is a beloved staple over there. Your time in Auckland will be wasted if you never try this legendary dessert in the part of the world where it originates from! With that said, among all the pleasant things to do in Auckland pick a day to treat yourself to this airy, sugary, creamy dessert named after a renowned ballet dancer. And then make a ton of pics to make all the followers go crazy!

6. An Instagrammable beach day at Piha, the Lion Rock

lion rock This is literally one of the most famous Instagrammable places and reasons why people travel to Auckland. Epic beach shots with a particularly recognizable rock in the background are just one of the things you could do there. Spending a pleasant day outdoors while hiking around the hills and looking for angles of the most liked Instagram photos is another one. The Instagrammability of this coastal stunner is unbeatable!

7. A paradise of plants in the Domain Wintergardens

domain wintergardens The Domain is the oldest park in Auckland and spans over 75 hectares. Sounds like a pretty amazing place for having a walk, doesn’t it? You could also visit the War Memorial Museum located there. Or have the most unforgettable Instagrammable photoshoots in the winter gardens. The signature of this place is the beauty of photogenic blooming plants and the charm of an old-school greenhouse combined in the perfect location for a fashion, lifestyle, or a plant lover photoshoot.

8. Gateway to contemporary arts at the Aotea Square

aotea square Unusual shapes and unexpected materials are some of the general characteristics of contemporary art pieces. That is what describes the Waharoa arch best, too. Formed in wood and copper, this sculpture reminisces over the traditional Maori entry gate and features various symbols that are significant to this culture. Just go there and find the most exciting angles to display this symbolic monument - it is literally one of a kind!

9. Eat Hangi in the Maori Kitchen eatery

maori kitchen Hangi is an indigenous Maori technique for preparing food. Basically, it means digging a deep hole in the ground, burying meat and veg with hot stones under leaves, and earth to steam for several hours. Besides being exceptionally delicious, it is also an amazing opportunity for very authentic Instagram photos! Just go to Maori Kitchen and make stories and images of them uncovering the pit and serving steaming hot deliciousness! 

10. Feel like you’re on top of the world at the Pinnacles in Coromandel

pinnacles If you are into hiking and catching a hint of adrenaline (not too much of it), then go to Pinnacles. It will be one of the most exciting things to do in Auckland! The spot is so Instagrammable just for the epic views over the neverending horizon. Additionally, it has some gut-wrenching spots you can climb on to take your next most liked photo on Instagram. Because let’s be honest. Most people will throw in a like under your image, but not too many will actually dare to step in such adventures!

11. The most unique Maori artifacts in the Auckland Museum

maori artifacts The Auckland Museum is considered one of the finest ones in the Southern hemisphere. This is also one of the places to observe the authentic cultures of Maori people and the ones living on the Pacific Ocean islands. The most recognizable piece (also your Instagram star) of the Auckland Museum is a meeting house or “Hotunui.” It is a life-size building preserved alongside tapestries and the most amazing original carvings. A must for your Maori culture showcase online!

12. The most unexpected accommodation for glamping at Stadium

stadium If you are one of those travelers looking for the most impressive places to lay your head, then this one will make your jaw drop. Just imagine a glass globe located on the top level of a stadium! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? This is truly one of the most Instagrammable places in Auckland. You will be able to show off that breathtaking view from a nicely designed “cabin” of yours… Or just fully embrace the atmosphere and sportsmanship of these fans during one of the games happening right there in your footsteps! Definitely one of the most unique places to stay for the night! Are you still wondering what to do in Auckland? I hope not! Just make a decision to travel to Auckland, and the rest will be relatively easy. Hunting down the scenarios for earning the most liked photo on Instagram in such an abundance of natural beauty will be like a piece of a cake!

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