12 Instagrammable places in Bangkok

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12 Instagrammable places in Bangkok
Thailand E-visa and travel to Thailand on your next trip? Then it would be best if you would visit Bangkok first. Besides the beautiful sceneries, the most Instagrammable food places in Bangkok will also provide many Instagram-worthy shots.

Where is Bangkok?

When you travel to Thailand, the central city of Bangkok is a must-visit place. So, where is Bangkok located? This grand city is located about 40 kilometers away from the Gulf of Thailand. It is an incredible place to see an infusion of history, culture, and modern beauty. You'll find Bangkok as a treasure trove for Instagram-worthy pictures. Ready to find out the most Instagrammable places in Bangkok? Then let's start! Here's a list of the 12 finest places to be when you travel to Bangkok. With this guide, you are not going to think a lot about what to do in Bangkok. These places are simply the best.

1. Grand Palace

grand palace The Grand Palace dates back to 1782, built as a palace for the royal family members. Now, this palace is not used by the royal family and acts as a popular tourist destination. There are three main court grounds at the palace as the inner, middle, and outer court. This wide court ground has around 100 buildings. While some sites are not open to the public, there is plenty to explore here. So the buildings with their unique architectural styles are hands down the most Instagrammable places in Bangkok. This place tends to get very busy with tourists. So, beware of scams and try to arrive early to explore more.

2. Wat Benchamabophit Temple

marble temple Also known as the 'marble temple,' Wat Benchamabophit is one of Thailand's most beautiful places. That is a significant royal-grade temple in Thailand and is used during some celebrations. The Ubosot of this temple is made entirely from marble that has been imported from Italy. Inside, there is a beautiful statue of Buddha with a brilliant blue background. This temple is a very Instagrammable spot inside out. The multi-tiered roof decorated with beautiful golden chufas at each end is a prime example of Bangkok's unique architecture. Because of the marble walls and glass windows, this temple looks gorgeous in the sunlight.

3. Maeklong Railway Market

maeklong railway market Visiting a local Bangkok market is always a great way to bond with the locals. If you are into an authentic travel experience, you'll love to mingle with the crowd and get into the local scene. The Maeklong railway market is an exciting place, but prepare yourself for the surprise. This market has been ongoing since 1905. Later, a railway was built through this market to carry goods. Despite the new tracks, locals still kept their market. The strangest thing about this market is that it is on rail tracks. Each time a train passes through, the vendors pull back their goods, making way for the train. To get a great shot here, be on standby. It's tough to get a picture here, but you won't regret it. Before you come here, check the train travel time in Bangkok to be prepared.

4. Chinatown

bangkok traditional place Chinatown covers a large area in Bangkok and is home to some of Bangkok's most Instagrammable food places. Are you wondering what to do in Bangkok Chinatown? The possibilities are endless. You can visit the Sampeng lane, for starters, where many goods are being sold every day. This busy place is perfect for excellent capture. You can travel further and visit the China gate, Wat Mangkol Kamalawat, and Wat Chakawat Ratchawat.  And after you've spent all your day exploring and taking photos, visit Sky View 360 at Grand China Hotel, which is a perfect place to relax and sip a cocktail while gazing at the incredible view. At night, venture back to the streets, specifically the Yaowarat road, for the most remarkable street food experience. You can enjoy anything from omelets, noodles, seafood, and more. While you are at it, take some awesome pictures to share on your Instagram! 

5. Pak Khlong Flower Market

flower market Who doesn't love flowers? One thing we all know is that Instagram loves flowers. What better way to capture beautiful flowers in a local flower market? This market is the largest wholesale flower market in China. So, this is the best place to capture some unique flowers. If you are in a good mood, make yourself a gift and buy one bouquet from the market.

6. Mahanakhon Skywalk

mahanakhon skywalk Mahanakhon Skywalk is one of Bangkok's most Instagrammable places, and it locates at 310 meters and is the tallest skywalk in Bangkok. That makes up for the coolest Instagram picture. While you are in the area, pop by and capture an image here.

7. Airplane Graveyard

airplane graveyard Are you an urban photographer? Then this airplane graveyard might be your dream come true. That is a wasteland for airplanes and is perfect for Instagrammable shots. This graveyard has been here since 2010 and is now home to a few Thai families. They've created homey spaces out of the cemetery and will charge a small fee to give tourists entrance, which is a popular place to visit among travelers and will offer a unique backdrop for your photos. You really cannot find a place like this everywhere. So, make the best of your time here!

8. Soi Ram Butri Street

soi ram butri street This beautifully paved road is the perfect Instagram location. If you decide to spend some time in Bangkok, dedicate an evening to exploring this street. The best thing about this place is that you don't have to have a lot of money in your hand to enjoy some time here. Everything from food, clothes, souvenirs and even massages is super affordable and fun. This street also connects to the more popular Khao San Road. So, you can experience the lively vibe of Khao San as well. The street performers, shops, and restaurants are all part of the fun. Soi Ram Butri street is a hidden spot overshadowed by the better-known Khao San Road. But, since you know now, be sure to stop by and capture some fabulous images while enjoying the nightlife.

9. Shugaa Cafe

shugaa cafe This incredibly cute cafe is one of the most Instagrammable food places in Bangkok. When you travel to Bangkok, be sure to visit this café for incredible Instagram-worthy shots. This cafe is trendy among tourists for adorable desserts. Besides this cafe, if you have time and are wondering what to do in Bangkok, you can also visit the Unicorn cafe or the Tenshino Japanese restaurant. Unicorn café is an all-pink café that follows a cute unicorn theme which is perfect for Instagram. The Tenshino Japanese restaurant serves unique Japanese cuisine that looks awesome in photos.

10. Chaloemla Graffiti Park

graffiti The Chaloemla graffiti park is the best place to capture beautiful graffiti masterpieces for your Instagram. This park is easily accessible and will awe you with its burst of colors and shapes. This colorful park looks unbelievably cool in photos as well as in person. That is precisely why we recommend you visit here. We assure you; an image here will easily be one of your most liked Instagram pictures of all time. Are you planning to stay for some time in Bangkok? If so, make sure that you don't miss out on this gem.

11. Chang Chui Plane Night Market

chang chui plane night market Chang Chui creative park is a place that offers a wide array of activities that can keep you occupied all night (and day) long. This park gets the name 'plane night market' because of the decommissioned airplane in this market center. And, that plane is just one of the exciting things about this place. This market even has barbers. So, you can expect anything, including food, drink, clothes, and souvenirs here. The market is divided into two zones as the green zone and the night zone. The green zone is open from 11 AM to 9 PM, and the night zone is from 4 PM to 11 PM. If you are into the nightlife, the night zone is a fantastic place to be. However, we recommend visiting between 4 PM to 9 PM to experience both sides of this new era market. This creative market is known for its Instagrammable photos. So, when you travel to Thailand, try your luck here for like-worthy pictures.

12. Baiyoke Tower II

bangkok architecture Standing at 309 meters, the Baiyoke Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Thailand. This building is both a shopping complex as well as a hotel. But the best attraction of this tower is the rotating viewing deck which offers a beautiful panoramic view of Bangkok. When you travel to Bangkok, Baiyoke tower is a must-visit place for the most Instagrammable pictures. However, this is not the only place for an incredible city view. Bangkok has several picture-perfect viewing points, including the octave rooftop bar and the famous Sky Bar at Lebua, where Hangover II was filmed. Check out these places for more Instagram-worthy pictures.


That is the end of our top 12 most Instagrammable places in Bangkok list. Hop on the next flight and visit this city of adventure to visit these incredible places. You'll be returning with good memories as well as some awesome photos to share on your Instagram.

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