18 Instagrammable places in Berlin

Nigina Buranova21 March 20211443 views9 min. read
18 Instagrammable places in Berlin
world capital has a list of places that must be visited and, of course, a memorable photo for Instagram. Most often, these places are filled with crowds of curious tourists, and it is evident that everyone already has photos from these cult locations. There are always hidden from sight places that help to plunge into the life of the city and, for one, to make original Instagram photos. Germany is no exception, despite the severity and conservatism of the country and people. Berlin is colourful because this city is the world capital of electronic music and artists; this city is free for any creativity. Are you wondering what to do in Berlin? or what to see in Berlin? Well, in this article, you will find the most impressive list of Instagrammable places where you can take the most-liked Instagram photos in Berlin.

1. Hackesche Hofe

hackesche hofe It is a whole complex of closed courtyards for residential and industrial purposes, reminiscent of a maze. The complex consists of eight unique yards with factories, coffee shops and restaurants, cinema, cultural facilities, celebration hall, and of course, spacious apartments with all amenities. Each yard is very light and cosy, covered with wild ivy. There are also Instagrammable flower gardens. The most fantastic thing in this part of the city - it is very close to the tourist trails of Berlin, but it is in the Haksky courtyards there are no tourist crowds. However, it is worth noting that this is the most Instagrammable place due to the uniqueness of the complex.

2. Museum of Letters

letter It is an unusual museum that has collected ancient letters from various signs, names of institutions, movements and tables. There are dark halls with neon signs, where you should walk with lanterns and look carefully. You will even find an "E" from Quentin Tarantino's film "Inglourious Basterds ". Currently, the museum has over five hundred rare copies, which were collected mainly in Berlin and nearby German cities. However, the museum plans to expand and purchase letters from different countries and even languages. Just imagine how original the photo will be for Instagram. 

3. Gardens of Peace

japanese garden in berlin In the Marzan area, there is a park with oriental, Asian, and even Christian gardens. For example, there is a garden on Bali Island, Chinese and Japanese, Korean Gardens. And start your walk is worth a fairytale garden, which has a lot of sculptures from the tales of Andersen and the Grimm brothers. The park is undeservedly neglected because, in reality, the garden reveals the culture, traditions and history of dozens of countries. The Arab Garden is one of the final gardens on the territory, and it is distinguished by its carved pavilions, swimming pools and colourful tiles everywhere. The complex of gardens reflects the features of garden art of different countries and cultures. The territory has mazes, fountains and playgrounds for children, held installations and concerts continuously.

4. Schwarzenberg Yard at Rosenthaler Straße, 39

schwarzenberg yard You have already seen the famous graffiti on the Berlin Wall, but it is on this location you can see colourful works of art of street artists. It is an exceptionally bright installation place, which hides from everyone. In general, Berlin has much different graffiti on each street, from simple inscriptions to entire portraits on the whole wall of a ten-storey building. This distinguishes Berlin from other German cities.

5. Bernauer Street

bernauer street This is the only place in Berlin where the Berlin wall was left in its original form. There are also historical monuments in the street and a "blind spot" between the walls. Bernauer Street is untouched in memory of how Berlin and Germany, in general, was divided into two parts. It is a reminder of how people ran away climbing over the wall and put themselves at risk or even put their families at risk. Throughout the city, you can see the trace of the wall and how it separated people. Why is this place installed? It is believed that this is the place where the most stylish black and white Instagram photos are produced. 

6. Abandoned Airport Tempelhof

airport tempelhof The airport stopped working in 2008, but the tour inside can be ordered, and you will be told how it is arranged inside. In addition to the airport building itself, there are huge fields that are divided into areas for picnics, dog walks, gardens and bike rental. The runways are freely accessible for bicycle rides. Moreover, there are mobile shops with Turkish coffee and sweets such as baklava throughout the area. Here people are going to meet dawns and see off fire sunsets. Tempelhof fields are open terrain with the ability to let kites fly, and sometimes here, they make parachute jumps. Once you lift your head to the sky and the flying kites and aeroplanes will open your eyes. If you are thinking about "Do I need a visa to go to Germany?" to enter this airport, no, you don't but, to enter the country's borders, you might need a visa depending on your nationality.

7. Abandoned Amusement Park Spreepark

abandoned amusement park This park was closed in the early 21st century due to the financial crisis, but all the tourist attractions remained in place. Initially, it was quite a favourite place for all locals, and the park was full of people. With the crisis, the park was losing visitors, and when it was abandoned entirely, it turned out to be tempting news for curious teenagers and stalkers. Now the park hosts whole photo sets of amateur photographers on various topics: whether it's just dark landscapes with rusty attractions, comforting in the greenery and overgrown with moss, or fashion shootings.  So if you want dark and mysterious, most liked Instagram photos, this is the ideal place for an Instagram photoshoot with creepy themes. There is even a Ferris wheel, reminiscent of the small Chernobyl wheel. In bad weather, all the attractions squeak so that you want to run, but it creates a unique effect of adrenaline and contemplation.

8. Toifelsberg

teufelsberg A long-abandoned spy station, which was built on a hill of garbage 120 meters high. Since 1950, the station was used by the US Army for wiretapping until 1991. Until 1999, the station served as a radar tower for flight support. Now there are excursions from stalkers, as well as photo sessions on military topics and not only. berlin wall Perhaps this is the most famous Instagrammable place in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The East Side is a vast gallery, 1.3 kilometres long, in the open air, where you can see the most renowned graffiti - kiss Brezhnev and Honecker. After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, from 21 countries came more than 100 artists and decorated the remains of the wall, which can be seen in the East Side Gallery.

10. Prater Biergarten Berlin

berlin beer Prater is the oldest beer Biergarten, where they have been drinking beer since 1837. The whole area of the burgarden is lost among the most senior, even centuries-old trees. It is not in vain that crowds of people gather here because the historical atmosphere reigns here. Families and friends gather here all the time, because of a long tradition. In the evenings, garlands and flashlights are lit so that the atmosphere is conducive to creating unique photographs for your Instagram. 

11. Club der Visionare

club in berlin It is a nightclub, but it is also worth visiting during the day. The area by the river around the brick house, where you can watch the incredible sunsets and make unique shots in the style of Berlin's stormy life. Plus this place is in the park around, which creates the feeling of being somewhere in the countryside in the picturesque suburbs.

12. Power Park

power park The youngest park in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Once there was a Berlin Wall, and despite the dark fragments of the past, it is a bright and lively park with painted walls. On Sundays, there is a flea market and live concerts, which allow you to create live photographs and dilute Instagram.  

13. Tiergarden

tiergarden Berlin's oldest park, Great Tiergarden, is an enchanted forest among the metropolis. Entering the park, in a moment, you find yourself somewhere far from the bustle: lush vegetation, ponds with fish and turtles, bridges and garden sculptures. The whole atmosphere is conducive to creativity and the creation of aesthetic photographs. 

14. Kater Blau

kater blau It is a fairytale world of electronic music in the open space by the river. This techno club accommodates food trailers, a terrace by the water and a vast art space. The best electronic music DJs shake the dance floor in the evenings. The original decoration and pleasant atmosphere will cheer up each visitor and serve as an excellent place for Instagrammable shots. Such Instagrammable places are trendy both in Berlin and in Germany.

15. Sans-Souci Palace

berlin architecture Plunge into history and visit a unique palace 30 minutes from the capital, in the city of Potsdam - a lovely thing! Sans Souci is a former summer palace of the Prussian King Frederick II. This magnificent palace is not only beautiful but also has unusual gardens, fountains and the oldest sculptures.

16. Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz

sony center This is an iconic place where all film festivals, including the Berlin Film Festival Berlinale itself, are held. The centre itself is decorated thematically before each premiere of a new film. Moreover, in the centre's territory, you can see sculptures from the legendary constructor Lego. 

17. The Districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain

friedrichshain These are the two most famous districts where students and creative youth live. Friedrichshain is an artists' district with a large number of street bars and terraces where you can relax after a long day out. The community itself has preserved a Bohemian atmosphere, and you can feel it from the first minute of your stay. Kreuzberg does not look like any other district in the world because it is alternative, bohemian, multinational and bright. The walls of the buildings are painted with unique drawings by artists from different countries, and you can immediately listen to street musicians and even dance with them in unison. You can also find ancient antique stores and visit flea markets. Kreuzberg is like a different universe, where you can find your soul mate and learn a completely different Berlin.

18. Prenzlauerberg District

prenzlauerberg Before the unification of Berlin, this raion was an administrative unit. It existed quite independently, and after the fall of the wall, it became a place of recreation and entertainment for creative bohemians. Here were organized exhibitions, concerts, and the area collected the whole creative society - from artists, artists, musicians and actors of different colours. In wartime, these neighbourhoods suffered little from bombing, so Prenzlauer Berg's unique architecture from different eras has been preserved, and the Gothic-style buildings, intertwined with neoclassicism and modernity, will impress everyone. Photos in this area are very different due to the diversity of architecture.  Berlin, the capital of Germany, is not a grey city, but rather the opposite - dynamic, lively, bright and colourful, musical. Somewhere harsh, but in fact - free and open to creativity. It is hard to go around the list of 12 places because Berlin requires long walks to find something special. Instagrammable places around Berlin - hundreds and thousands, the main thing is to look for and walk a lot.

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