12 Instagrammable places in Bern

12 Instagrammable places in Bern

Mahnoor Izha10 April 20219090 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Bern

Bern - the capital of Switzerland, is a beautiful city with all the charm for its tourist places. The historical places, the scenic beauty, and the awesome weather you need to satisfy your craving for exploration and get the most liked Instagram photos during your journey. On an area of 52.62 km2, this site includes 33% of forests, 18.2% agricultural land, and most urban dwellings and building land. The weather here is almost cold throughout the year, with a maximum temperature of 24-30 C during July. With the advancement of technology and easy access to social media, we can get to know all information about Instagrammable places before going there. So you can make a pre-plan of what to do in Bern Switzerland, without even knowing where is Bern. 

Here is a list of 12 places to visit in Bern, which will leave a remarkable mark on your memory forever, and the pictures of these places are going to rock your Instagram profile. So please make a list of things to do in Bern Switzerland to make your trip worth it.

1. Bundesstrasse


Locally known as Bundeshaus, this place is Switzerland's Federal Palace and the country's Parliament House. Undoubtedly, the building is a wonder of construction, and you cannot stay unimpressed while walking through it. However, the main beauty lies in the Bundesterrasse, which is the terrace of this building. Walking through this beautiful building's arches, you can reach the terrace from where you will have a beautiful view of the city. Moreover, it is the perfect place to capture city views, including the Aare River, the top-lined building, and the old town's southern edge.

2. Bern Minster

bern city

Bern Minster or the Cathedral of Bern is a Swiss Reformed cathedral that was built in Gothic style. Minster is the tallest cathedral in Switzerland with a height of 330 ft and was constructed as the symbol of the city's growing strength. While making your list of places to go in Bern, don't forget to include this sight. It is also beautiful from inside, holding 47 large free-standing statues and 170 miniature figures to depict the Last Judgement. If the weather is fine and you are not afraid of height, you will be able to climb the steeper to get a nice shot to upload on Instagram.

3. Matte District

matte district

Matte district is the oldest place in Bern that was home to the most ancient farmers, craftsmen who lived here, spending a simple life close to nature. You can access this coolest place by road, by stairs, or elevator from cathedral park. Most of the houses are half-timbered, some of which are now converted to shops, cafes, studios, and entertainment hubs. During your travel to Bern Switzerland, this is a must-go place to get some nice crafts, have a fine dine in the traditional way, or for a soothing hustle-free walk along the river of Matte, and get the Instagram photo on the beach in the sunset.

4. Nydeggkirche

bell tower

Nydeggkirche or Nydegg Church, located at the east of the old city, is one of the most beautiful churches and a prominent attraction for most tourists who visit Bern. All the visitors are allowed to enter the church to witness or participate in the ongoing services or get amused with the Gothic architecture. This church is also among the top trending site on social media and one of the most Instagrammable places as it first church in Europe to perform same-sex marriages. However, this is not the only reason that makes it Instagrammable, but if you try to capture this location from the riverbank, you can get Nydegg Church and the Bridge both in the same frame.

5. Nydeggbrucke


Nydeggbrucke is the historical bridge connecting the older part of the town with the new crossing over the Aare River in Bern. It has attained a Swiss Heritage site's status over the years, and a glimpse of this site will surely remind you of some of the old fairytale scenes. So why not have a walk on this bridge while spending your time in Bern and stand on the bridge to get a cool selfie for your Instagram. 

6. Zytglogge

bern street lights

Situated in the old Town of Bern's heart lies the Zytglogge, the famous clock tower; however it is not some regular clock but an astronomical calendar clock. According to some historical sources, this clock helped Einstein lead to discovering the General Theory of Relativity. You can also get a chance to climb up the 130 steps of the tower to view the internal working gears and groves of the clock, peek at the city through the chimneys, and even climb the rooftop. If the weather is clear, you will be able to see all the Bernese Oberland peaks - one of the great places to do to spend time in Bern Switzerland.

7. Kornhaus

kornhaus bar

Traveling between the Zytglogge and the City Theatre, you can come across Kornhaus, one of the finest places to dine and get cultural encounters. This place currently houses a library, two restaurants, and a media and Design Forum that was once a sandstone building. This building started its journey from being a granary, and it was turned into a military barrack, refugee center, and now it is one of the most classy places to enjoy your meal or have a cup of coffee.

8. Untertorbrucke

bern city

This city is full of construction wonders, among which stone buildings and bridges are at the top. Untertorbrucke is one among these, which is an arch stone bridge that was initially a wooden bridge and has passed multiple construction phases. Standing on the bridges, you can get an alluring background in your frame. All the buildings have red rooftops and are uniformly constructed but beware of traffic while you quest to get the most liked Instagrammable photo on the bridge.

9. Rosengarten

rose garden

Rosengarten or Rose Garden is at the top among Instagrammable places in Bern that is crowded throughout the year with people coming here for photoshoots for their special day and recreation. This garden is planted with more than 400 types of roses, many other flower species, and the famous Japanese Cherry Trees with blossoms in the summer and beautifully colored leaves in winter. You can also sit on the Albert Einstein Bench in the garden to travel back in time and enjoy the scenes around. This garden's terrific beauty attracts all the tourists and is one of the top places to see in Bern Switzerland.

10. Bern Animal Park Dahlholzli

bern animal park

If you want to feel wildlife and want to get a cool selfie with some of the rarest animal species, Bern gives you a chance to do it. The animal park located in the Dahlholzli forest is the house of more than 200 different animal species and is open throughout the year. People can move freely through most of the forest to see the animal activities and capture them in their camera, which makes this place one of the most Instagrammable places. Make your day adventurous by adding this park to the list of places to visit in Bern Switzerland.

11. Einstein Museum

einstein museum

Most of us already aware of where is Bern and how to spend the best time in Bern Switzerland, but what's least known about it is that Einstein was living in this city by the time he developed his theory of E=mc2. The museum was built here to illustrate all his theories, scientific work, discoveries, and most of the stuff closely related to his life and stay in Bern, which is enough to make it Instagrammable. Museum has everything to give you:

  • Selfie with the Einstein Statue
  • Yoga Class in the most historic way
  • Get a chance to meet the refugee hosts

So never forget to visit the place while you travel to Bern Switzerland.

12. Mount Gurten

mount gurten

Who doesn't like to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature? If you are tired of being to the city's architectural sites, then it's time for you to head towards Mount Gurten, one of the magical places to see in Bern Switzerland. It is an 858 meters' mountain above sea level mountain offering breathtaking views and having lush green fairy meadows where you can see animals grazing. You can plan hiking and a fine picnic in the summer, and in the winters, you can witness heavy snowfall. Many outdoor activities are also arranged for tourists at this site in summer, including Yoga sessions, hiking, camping, Bonfire, and musical nights.

So now you know more about Bern, what to do in Bern Switzerland, and places to visit in Bern Switzerland, it's time to get a Switzerland Schengen visa and plan your trip to explore Bern's mesmerizing city.

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