12 Instagrammable places in Atlanta

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12 Instagrammable places in Atlanta
Instagrammable places to visit in Atlanta. Also, there are many things to do in Atlanta. Among the most Instagrammable places in Atlanta, well-known attractions are the World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, High Museum of Art, Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Fox Theater, etc. All these and more places guarantee the most liked Instagram photos for you. In this post, you will read about the 12 most Instagrammable places in Atlanta where you can take the most liked photo on Instagram during your travel to Atlanta. Also, you will find answers to your questions, such as why to travel to Atlanta, what to do in Atlanta, which things to do in Atlanta, which places to visit in Atlanta, which unique places to go in Atlanta when it’s raining, how to take the most liked photo on Instagram, what are the most Instagrammable places in Atlanta, etc. 

1. World of Coca Cola

world of coca cola The World of Coca-Cola is located on Pemberton Place in Atlanta, Georgia, and interesting places to go to Atlanta. Coca-Cola's headquarters are also in Atlanta, so it was no big surprise when a new museum opened in 2007 that revolves around what is arguably the world's most famous drink. In the World of Coca-Cola, you can find numerous exhibits that show the history of the drink. Of course, it is not just about the secret mixture but also about the numerous marketing campaigns that Coca-Cola has started in the past. The museum also has its 4D cinema and a huge area where the different types of drinks can be tasted. You can also take several of the most liked Instagram photos from there.

2. Georgia Aquarium

aquarium If you are in Atlanta on vacation or visiting, you should see the Georgia Aquarium. It has an incredible 31,000 m³ of fresh and saltwater pools. Also, over 100,000 animals find a good and safe home here. There are over 500 animal species, so it is one of the best places to visit in Atlanta and marvel. When it opened in 2005, it was the largest aquarium in the world. Thanks to a generous donation of over 250 million US dollars, it was possible to open the aquarium and even realize it. Erected on an area of around 81,000 m², the Georgia Aquarium has become a real magnet for visitors. If you do not know what to do in Atlanta, the absolute highlights are certainly the whale sharks, manta rays, and the belugas.

3. High Museum of Art

atlanta architecture The High Museum of Art has exhibits of renowned architecture and impressive collections of contemporary and classical art. Of course, it is one of the unique places to go in Atlanta when it’s raining. The most famous art museum in the Southeast shows African, European and American art, among others. Folk art and photography, as well as wonderful temporary exhibitions, can be admired all year round. The special highlights of the museum include live jazz music, the popular family and youth programs as well as innovative educational programs, and the unique Museum Gift Shop. There you can get prints of your favorite pieces, lots of posters, and great jewelry. A variety of restaurants, cafés, and shops within the large museum ensure delicious food and variety. 

4. Centennial Olympic Park

centennial olympic park Centennial Park was created for the 1996 Olympic Games and has been a public facility ever since, so there is no entry fee. To the north of the park is the famous Coca-Cola company, and at the south end are the famous CNN television studios. Small lakes and fountains complement this green lung. The well-kept park is a place of calm in the middle of the bustling capital and invites you to take relaxing walks and Instagram photos. On the way, you will come across information about the Olympic Games held in the form of sculptures, memorial plaques, and statues. Another attraction is the Ferris wheel, which gives the visitor magnificent views of the surrounding area.

5. Martin Luther King National Historic Site

martin luther king national historic site In honor of the famous civil rights activist and pastor Martin Luther King Jr., a historical memorial was founded in Atlanta in 1980. Visiting this site is one of the essential things to do in Atlanta. This is exactly where he was born and where his former church stood. Besides, there is also a visitor center, a library with archives, and his grave. There is also a MARTA station and a shuttle service available there. 

6. Must-See Animals at Atlanta Zoo

atlanta zoo A highlight for all animal lovers is the Atlanta Zoo. The zoo, founded in 1889 with its 16-hectare area, is located in the middle of the scenic Grantpark and attracts thousands of visitors year after year. The stock includes around 250 animal species and over 1000 individual animals from all over the world. The main attraction is the Chinese panda couples named Lun Lun and Yang Yang. Also noteworthy are the 23 lowland gorillas, the endangered red panda, and the equally endangered Sumatra tiger. Other animals worth seeing are the orangutans, African elephants, and black rhinos—an attraction for the little ones, the petting zoo with many popular small and cuddly toys. You will take several of the most liked Instagram photos in the zoo.

7. Conservation park in Atlanta, Botanical Garden

white sculpture Anyone visiting Atlanta must have seen the Botanical Garden. Many different areas adorn this wonderful natural jewel of nature. Those who stay here are in a true oasis of well-being, far away from the hectic pace and stress. One garden area is more interesting and beautiful than the other; it doesn't matter where you are; everything is a paradise. Whether rose garden, vegetable garden, or orchid garden, every area radiates pure fascination. A stroll through the park will make you forget everyday life and bring you in front of the beauty of nature. If you stay here, you should above all bring enough time with you. There are numerous seating areas where you can get to know another world. It is a place where you will take your most liked photo on Instagram.

8. The world headquarters of CNN Center

cnn center One of the most important newsrooms and studios in the USA is located in Atlanta. The CNN Center is located in downtown Atlanta and is home to several CNN news channels. The news broadcaster uses the entire building complex as office space. Every year, numerous guests and tourists worldwide come to the studios and are impressed by the size. Of course, tours of the studio can also be taken at the CNN Center. Here the progressive technology and the new methods and possibilities of television broadcasting are presented to the guests in great detail.

9. Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves

turner field Turner Field Atlanta was built for the 1996 Olympic Games. It was for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the athletics events. It had a capacity of 85,000 at the time. It is a baseball stadium today and serves as the home stadium of the MLB team Atlanta Braves. Today the stadium has a capacity of 50091. The surface of the stadium is made of grass. In total, the stadium cost $ 239 million and is owned by the Atlanta Braves.

10. Atlanta History Center

atlanta history center If you are in Atlanta, you should, of course, not miss the Atlanta History Center. It is located in Buckhead, Atlanta, and currently consists of 12 exhibits in total. There are numerous historical buildings and various gardens on the large property. The most famous buildings are certainly the Tullie Smith Farm and the Swan House. Various exhibits from the civil war can be admired and marveled at here. The Atlanta History Center is open all year round, and there are guided tours with numerous interesting stories on request. The local history museum is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the area.

11. Atlanta's favorite park, Piedmont Park

piedmont park This is a park located in Midtown, north of the city; being private property, it became the place for the first Piedmont Exhibition in 1887, from which it takes its name, and due to its popularity, it is still in force. Currently offers different attractions as well as large areas for recreation and recreation activities.

12. Atlanta's oldest city park, Grant Park

grant park For lovers of good music, the Grant Park area offers various alternatives, from country music to rock. Other tourist attractions located in the same area are the Museum of the Civil War and Cyclorama and the Zoo. The Cyclorama has been on display since 1898 and stands 42 feet tall. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a US Visa now and get the best of the amazing States!

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