12 Instagrammable places in Bruges

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12 Instagrammable places in Bruges
travel destination among the sweet dreams of young people. Civilization, art, the architecture of different cultures in this country always attract the interest of tourists. Belgium is one of them. Tasty Belgian Chocolate, a Belgian waffle, a canal cruise in Bruges, a relaxing Spa, enjoying the beauty of Ghent city is only a small part of the holiday in Belgium. When we speak about Belgium, most time, we remember Brussel. However, there are other cities which are also worth visiting. So, in this article, I will share with you the Instagrammable attractions of one of them. Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is located in the northwestern of Belgium, south of Zeebrugge. Also, this is a port city on the North Sea. It is known that this city is a rail and canal junction, so it depends largely on tourism. People who plan to travel to Bruges should know that there are numerous answers to "What to do in Bruges?" and numerous reasons to apply for a Belgium visa, and you will have an unforgettable time in the places to visit in Bruges. After a little introduction, "where is Bruges?" let's have a tour of the places to go in Bruges. 

1. Markt Square

markt square Our first Instagrammable station in our dream travel to Bruges is Markt Square. It is located in the centre of the city. Also, it can be considered as a nerve centre where all the streets of Bruges come together. Wonderful buildings from different periods surround this square. The eastern side is dominated by the Neo-Gothic Provincial Hof building, which refers to 1887. On the western side, there is an outstanding brick 15th Century Huis Bouchoute. It can be useful information for tourists who want to visit this place. So every winter, the square is decorated into winter as a marvellous land. Between November and January, it has the Christmas market. So, you will spend an interesting time in different places to go in Bruges and take the most liked Instagram photo.

2. Belfry Bell Tower

bell tower If you are looking for attractions among the Instagrammable places to see in Bruges, which represent a stunning view, you should choose Belfry Bell Tower. It is the famous medieval bell tower of Bruges on Markt Square. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in the fifteenth century. The Belfry is not only one of the most admiring tourist attractions but also demonstrates a rich Bruges history.

3. The Minnewater

minnewater The Minnewater, Lake of Love is an oasis in the middle of Minnewater Park. This heaven of peace is situated next to the Begijnhof (Beguinage). Have you heard a legend that if you walk over the lake bridge with your partner, you will be in love forever? Its magnificent scenery creates a great opportunity to take stunning memorial photos for the Instagram posts about the travel to Bruges.

4. Canals of Bruges

canal in bruges Have you ever heard about "The Venice of the North"? These are the canals of Bruges. In the Middle Ages, the "Reie" river had been transformed into a network of canals that allowed the traders to bring their products to the large Water Halls at the Market. Nowadays, you can get a big chance to see some of the best places to visit in Bruges by taking a boat tour. The Groenerei (the "green canal") is considered one of the most romantic ones. It is best seen from Peerdebrug (Horse Bridge). So, if you try to find it during your miraculous holiday atmosphere, you should add this destination to the list of "places to visit in Bruges".

5. Basilica of the Holy Blood

basilica of the holy blood The next option to the beautiful places to see in Bruges is the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Another name of its building is the Heilig- Bloedbasiliek. It is known as the blood of Christ, collected by Joseph of Arimathea and brought to Belgium from the Holy Land. This church is famous for the crystal vial, which is in the central plaza known as the Burg or Burg Square. Yes, this building is religious, but the basilica is also worth seeing regardless of belief because of its spectacular simplicity. Also, the Basilica of the Holy Blood maintains in itself incredible decorations and historical value. It contains two chapels; one of them is the lower level which is austere with little decoration, and the other is the Gothic upper level which is full of colour and details. The lower chapel is an admiring example of the Romanesque architectural style with its spare design and cosy atmosphere.

6. Beguinage

beguinage Beguinage (Begijnhof) is a great suggestion among the places to go in Bruges for visitors who want to find a calm area away from the city centre. It is an architectural complex founded in 1245 by Margaret of Constantinople and today is the home of Benedictine nuns. Also, you can see the Begijnhof museum, which has been created as a result of the transformation of one of the former beguine houses. This museum offers a charming insight into life in Beguinage. On the other hand, in the canal near Beguinage, visitors can see many swans that have lived there since the 15th century. So, this place's convenient, beautiful atmosphere can be a great spot for your most liked Instagram photo.

7. The Bonifacius Bridge

bonifacius bridge If you have a little information about the Bonifacius Bridge, you will be eager to see this magical place. It is also known as the Fairy-tale Bridge. All of its feathers, such as wonderful decor, beautiful canal, admiring architecture, and the greenery plunge, make you feel yourself in the atmosphere of "Beauty& the Beast". If you want to take the most liked Instagram photo of this marvellous place, you should go early in the day.

8. The Church of Our Lady

church of our lady If you are interested in architecture, you should visit the Church of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk), one of the best places to visit in Bruges. It is the tallest structure in this city. This excellent building refers to the back to 1230 with the outer aisles and chapels added in the 14 and 15th centuries. Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk is known for the white marble Madonna and Child statue, which is Michelangelo's only work. This impressive sculpture stands on an altarpiece in the chapel's southern aisle. Besides, there are various other beautiful pieces in the church, such as The Cavalry on the high altar, Adoration of the Shepherd, and the popular Transfiguration of Christ. So, you will spend valuable time visiting this example of Instagrammable places.

9. Burg Square

burg square If you catch a chance to travel to this city, you should include the name of Burg Square among the best places to visit in Bruges. This square is one of Bruges attractions that leaves on you an incredible impression with its buildings which date back to the 2nd century. The atmosphere within the evolution of architecture gives you a great background for your Instagram photo.

10. Liberty of Bruges

palace of liberty of bruges The other building that can be considered an example of places to visit in Bruges is Liberty of Bruges. It was located on the east side of Bruges Square. One of the more historical rooms inside of the building is in the Brugse Vrije Museum, which can be admired by the people who visit. The spectacular piece of Renaissance craftsmanship has an alabaster frieze above describing the story of Susanna and the Elders. It can be an appropriate choice among the places to visit in Bruge just because of its adorable view of architecture.

11. Groeninge Museum

painting There is a large number of examples of museums for art lovers. One of the places to see in Bruges is Groeninge Museum. This museum represents a treasure trove of Flemish masterpieces. There are interesting collections that contain paintings by Jan and Eyck, who lived and worked in his final years in this city. Exhibits consist of paintings from Belgium's modern artists like the surrealistic "Serenity" by Paul Delvaux. Hieronymus Bosch, Hugo Van der Goes, and Hans Memling are among the painters who are represented in this museum. The atmosphere in this museum creates a great opportunity to take a wonderful photo for art lovers' Instagram account.

12. Rosary Quay

rosary quay Rosary Quay can be a great suggestion for visitors who are looking for Instagrammable places. This amazing touristic place is more marvellous at sunset or night. The magic of this Instagrammable place with views on beautiful Flemish buildings, the canal, and the Belfry Tower will cause us to forget about "what to do in Bruges?".  In conclusion, if you want to spend a wonderful and interesting holiday, seeing spectacular Instagrammable places in Bruges will be a great choice for you. Be sure this city offers you incredible beauty and great options to the "what to do in Bruges?". So, do not waste time, learn "where is Bruges?", and travel!

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