12 Instagrammable places in Brussels

Nigar Bayramgizi12 April 20217258 views9 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Brussels
Instagrammable places. One of them is Belgium which is embraced by countries such as Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. During the travel to Belgium, you would feel and witness that it is worthy of being there for its incredible architecture, marvellous small towns on lakes, amusing culture. One of the essential points is that you will never be bored. During the planning of your visit to this European country, you should consider the capital of Belgium. This city is Brussels. It is the capital of Belgium and the largest municipality and historical centre of the Belgium - Capital Region, which is bordered by the Wallonia and Flemish regions. While you are searching "Where is Brussels?", you can see that it is situated in the Senne River valley, a small tributary of the Schelde. This Western European city consists of two general segments, and there are Lower Town and Upper Town. When you travel to Brussels, you should consider that the Lower Town maintains the major navel for business and industries and the city's historical heritage. On the other hand, there are residential and governmental holding the Parliament building, Royal Palace, and the ministries' officers in the Upper Town. So I will write about the capital of Belgium - Brussels. After a little discussion, "where is Brussels?" I want to emphasize beautiful places to see in Brussels, Instagrammable places in this wonderful city. In such a way, you will get a chance to organize "what to do in Brussels?". So, let's start our dream to travel to Brussels.

1. Brussel’s Notre Dame du Sablon

notre dame du sablon Have you ever heard about Brussel's Notre Dame du Sablon? It is a Gothic Cathedral, and it belongs to the 14th century. At that time, it was used as a chapel by the Archer's Guild. This Instagrammable building was popular because of the Madonna statue, which was located there. However, the statue was stolen by a husband and wife team of thieves in a rowing boat. Although this statue's location is not known, the story is remembered by a life-size model inside there. So, you should add Brussel's Notre Dame du Sablon to your list of places to see in Brussels. 

2. The Grand Place

grand place If you search on the internet about the most Instagrammable places in Brussels, you will probably come across the Grand Place at first. With its crooked houses, the golden paintings on the facades are located in the heart of Brussels Old Town. The main square in the capital of Belgium is one the most preserved in Europe. The unique architecture of its elegant Gildenhuizen with marvellous gables, pilasters, and balustrades, ornately carved stonework, and rich decoration gives this place elegance. In my opinion, Grand Place, which is one of the most advised places to visit in Brussels, is worthy of visiting just because of a splendid flower –carpet (twice a year). I think it can be a great opportunity to take the most liked Instagram photo. If you want to catch unforgettable frames from your travel to Belgium, you should go up some stairs to Maison Grand Place for a better view. The view up there is admirable after the sunset, when the Grand Place lights up.

3. The Atomium

atomium Another example of the places to visit in Brussels is The Atomium. It is created for the Business World's Fair in 1958 and designed by engineer Andre Waterkeyn. This landmark symbolizes the importance of science and is located in Heysel park in the West of the city and embraced by lush gardens. It is a jaw-dropping model of an atom. The Atomium represents a molecule of iron magnified 165 million times, and visitors may enter the interior where four of nine spheres are now used to present a show about human life called Biogenium. Visitors can enjoy a beer and snack at the top of the building. You can take the most liked Instagram photo during your travel to Brussels due to its unique view. 

4. Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts

belgian royal museum of fine arts Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts can be an appropriate choice for art lovers among the places to visit in Brussels. It is one of the biggest and best art galleries in the world. The collection is divided into two parts. One of them is the Museum of Ancient Art (Musee d'art ancien), with a popular collection of Flemish and Dutch Old Masters, which maintains works by Petrus Christus, Rogier van der Weyden, Dirk Bouts, Hans Memling, and a fine Adoration of the Magi by Gerard David. The other one is the Museum of Modern Art (Musee d'art moderne). This part includes mainly 19th- and 20th-century Belgian works. If you think about "what to do in Brussels" during the travel to Belgium. In that case, you should remember about this place, because you will not only entertain, take Instagrammable photos, but also spend your time more valuable by enlarging your art knowledge.

5. Arcade du Cinquantenaire

cinquantenaire park Arcade du Cinquantenaire, with its great structure, can be among the Instagrammable places in the capital of Belgium. It is a monumental arch in the middle of Parc du Cinquantenaire. Its structure made of iron, glass, and a bronze sculpture of a quadriga known as Brabant Raising the National Flag can be an admiral spot for you're most liked Instagram photo.

6. The Royal Palace of Brussels

royal palace of brussels When you travel to Belgium, in my opinion, the Royal Palace of Brussels can be one of the most visited places to see in this city. Although it was used to be the Royal Family's home, they now live in the Royal Palace of Laeken outside the city. However, if you want to visit this outstanding place, you should know that this is only open to the public in the summer, and you can enter the palace for free between 10:30 am to 5 pm during July and August. Probably it can be an incredible chance to witness the grandeur of one of the most Instagrammable places in Brussels.

7. The Town Hall

town hall Another Instagrammable, spectacular building in this western European city is the Town Hall. It has several rooms which represent its beauty. The Town Hall is considered an example of Gothic architecture. Rich tapestries and admirable celling of the Council Chamber, beautifully panelled walls, stunning artwork and murals, ample interiors, the impressive facade will add a breathtaking and unforgettable experience to your travel. Also, you can take part in free concerts. So, it can be a great chance to enhance your worldview too. 

8. Mont des Arts

mont des arts If you are looking for the most Instagrammable places in Brussels, Mont des Arts would be a suitable suggestion for you. This pretty little hill that maintains as many as 10museums is situated in the centre of Brussels and built due to Leopold II's orders between 1956 and 1958. This area occupied the elevated site between the Palace Royale and the Place de I'Albertine. This complex of big buildings that belong to admirable architecture includes the Bibliotheque Albert I and the modern Palais de la Dynastie and Palais de Congres. You can see the lower city from the square between them. The Bibliotheque Albert I offers visitors a rich collection of manuscripts and several interesting museums. If you are new in the city, and concern about "what to do in Brussels?", I can advise you to go there, sit here and enjoy the street performances, walk up to some interesting or miraculous at the panoramic city view. On the other hand, you can catch a great chance to take Instagrammable photos during the sunset. 

9. The Belgian Comic Strip Center

belgian comic strip center Plan your trip to the capital of Belgium with your little children. You should consider the Belgian Comic Strip Center among the most Instagrammable places in Brussels. You can walk through a 3D Smurf Village, visit Captain Haddock's moon rocket, and squeak through Luke's salon in this spectacular building designed by the master architect Victor Horta in 1906. This gorgeous building is devoted to the history of cartoons and comic strips. Your lovely characters such as Tintin, Asterix, Smurfs, and other Belgian and French comic strips would offer you and your children travel to a magical world with them. So, Belgian Comic Strip Center would be a great answer to the question "what to do in Brussels with my little child?". On the other hand, it can be a great opportunity to take memorable Instagram photos with your family.

10. Galeries Royale Saint Hubert

galerie royale saint hubert Galeries Royale Saint Hubert, a 19th – century shopping arcade, would be an interesting idea for shopaholic visitors looking for Brussels' most Instagrammable places. It was designed by architect Jean- Pierre Cluysenaer in 1846 and 1847. This example of the places to see in Brussels still contains numerous high and boutique and typical cafes. I would like to advise you to visit all three galleries. They are called The King's Gallery, the Queen's Gallery, and the Prince's Gallery. The glass ceilings of this building can be a great spot for your most liked Instagram photo.

11. Grand and Petit Sablon

grand and petit sablon The cosy travel to an oasis in the heart of the city can be a great option for people who wants to avoid the sound, routine of the crowded city. There is such a choice among the places to visit in Brussels. This is Grand and Petit Sablon. 2 squares of the wonderful example of Instagrammable places that maintain 15th-century historical structures, quaint storefronts, beautifully landscaped gardens. You can be a witness to excellent spots such as Egmont Palace, Eglise Notre Dame du Sablon, and the neo-Renaissance Square du Petit Sablon.

12. Villa Empain

villa empain Another direction for visitors trying to be in one of the most Instagrammable places is Villa Empain. This masterpiece of Art Deco was established in the 1930s by the famous Swiss architect Michel Polak, a little outside the centre of the city. It was a private house before, but it was opened to the public in 2001-2009. Its incredible facade, the marvellous peaceful garden, says that you will never regret it if you decide to visit Villa Empain. So, we can enlarge the list of Instagrammable places in this city by researching "where is Brussels", but I think travelling and seeing each beauty in yourself would be much more understandable and clear, then, do not stop, travel!

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