12 Instagrammable places in Cayman Islands

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12 Instagrammable places in Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands refute the claim that there are no perfect overseas resorts. In this amazing Instagrammable place, everyone can find something attractive to themselves. People often come here in search of romance, extreme surfing, exciting diving, relaxation on the shores of a sandy beach, exciting excursions to historical sites. There is a great climate here. Moreover, there is practically no crime, a stable political situation. 

So, where is Cayman Islands?

grand cayman The Cayman Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, in its northwestern part. The closest neighbours are Cuba, which is located 240 km to the north, and Jamaica, which is located 268 km to the southeast. The capital of the Cayman Islands is George Town. Now you know where is Cayman Islands, but it is not enough for this bewitching place. Besides having a great time in Cayman Islands, you can get the most liked Instagram photo due to the plenty of Instagrammable places there.  There a plenty of places to visit in Cayman Islands, and in this article, we will cover most of them to help you have a wonderful time in Cayman Islands!

1. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

sculpture of blue iguana The botanic park is a non-profit outdoor garden. Planning for the botanical garden began in the late 1980s, and the master plan was developed by the landscape and cultural heritage planner Carl Bray. The park was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1994. The main attractions of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Garden include the Queen Elizabeth II Monument, which is composed of stones from a local quarry, decorated with fossil shells and surrounded by national Silver Thatch palms whose frond is the Park’s logo.

2. National Trust Parrot Reserve

parrot One of the most Instagrammable places is the 282-acre Brac Parrot Reserve which was established in 1996. Tourist routes have been formed for those wishing to see millions of exotic birds. Two kilometres of hiking trails pass through the most beautiful parkland. Most of the bird species that inhabit the archipelago, including the Grand Cayman parrot, the national bird of the Cayman Islands, live here.

3. Pedro St. James Castle

st james castle One of the necessary places to visit in Cayman Islands is Pedro St. James Castle. The oldest building and one of the main attractions of the capital and in general of all the Cayman Islands is Pedro St. James Castle. It looks like a three-story house built from massive blocks of fossilized coral. After being purchased from private hands in 1991, it was restored to its original appearance. For almost 200 years of its existence, this estate has managed to visit a prison, court, government building, and even a restaurant. At the moment, the castle houses the Visitor Center, where there is a museum that tells the whole history of this place and the state itself. Locals call it the Birthplace of Democracy because it was here in 1835 that the decree on the abolition of slavery was proclaimed.

4. Pirates Caves

crystal caves Near the city of Bodden, a few kilometres from George Town, there is another interesting place - the Pirates Caves. There are many rumours about them, which are actively supported by residents. According to legend, the pirate Blackbeard hid his treasures in them, which were never found. Visitors are invited to walk through the labyrinths of tunnels and take part in excavations. The museum also has an interactive part, where everyone is invited to try the life of pirates: their cuisine and traditional clothes. Here you will have the most enthralling time in Cayman Islands! Not far from the caves, there is an old lighthouse that has been turned into a restaurant. This provides an opportunity not only to enjoy excellent Cayman Islands cuisine but also to watch the performance, which shows how pirates were seized by merchant ships. This exciting action can be watched both from the lighthouse and from the shore.

5. Smith Cove

smith cove The sparsely populated Smith Cove is located on the southwestern coast of a large island, almost within the capital city. It attracts with its excellent snorkelling options. Tourists from cruise ships tend to get here. The beach line is not built up with hotels and restaurants. Due to the relatively large depth difference, daredevils have the opportunity to jump into the water from the cliff. national museum The National Gallery is rightfully considered the centre of art, where you can get acquainted with the works of local and overseas masters. The first floor of the gallery is given over to temporary exhibition areas. Permanent display cases are located on the upper levels. Most of the paintings depict colourful landscapes of the island and the sea. The unique sculptural compositions carry with them a concern for ecological themes.

7. Bloody Bay Coral Wall

scuba diving It is one of the favourite places to visit in Cayman Islands for divers. This is a famous reef, the depth of which reaches 300 m. Access for tourists is limited, you can only get there with special certificates that confirm the skill of a person in deep-sea diving.

8. Cayman Turtle Centre

turtle Green sea turtles are hunted for their shell, from which souvenirs are made, and meat. The most famous dish in the Caymans is turtle soup, so the green turtle is also called soup. In connection with the increased demand for this representative of the genus of reptiles, there was an urgent need to protect them from complete extinction. For this purpose, a turtle farm was built in 1968. Research conducted here helps not only replenish but also expand the population. Every year thousands of young turtle are released from here into the open ocean. The farm can accommodate up to 16 thousand turtles. They are located in special pools and are distributed by weight and age. Small turtles are allowed to be picked up and scratched on their necks. Employees forbid tourists from approaching huge adults. Turtles can easily bite off their fingers if something goes wrong. A sandy beach is equipped for laying eggs. Small turtles are carried in the hands. The heavy ones are moved with a small crane. This place is highly Instagrammable and breathtaking. Don’t forget to take photos and get the most liked Instagram photo.

9. Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum

Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum is one of the most popular and Instagrammable tourist destinations. More than 3 thousand exhibits are collected here, which tell both the real history of the islands and the legends about them. Here you can find mentions of Christopher Columbus about his discoveries, the first description of the archipelago, as well as treasures from sunken ships that crashed on coastal reefs. A striking feature of this museum is its interactivity. Visitors have the opportunity to try themselves in the role of sailors and pirates, take part in treasure hunting and spearfishing. Lovers of a more measured vacation can simply enjoy a 20-minute video about the history of the archipelago’s development.

10. Booby Pond Nature Reserve

black necked stilts The most unique aspect of the Booby Pond is the approximately 4.000 red-footed boobies (Sula sula) that live there. The reserve is the only breeding ground for red-footed boobies in the Cayman Islands and this colony of birds is one of the largest colonies of red-footed boobies in the area. In addition to boobies, you can also find several different types of ducks, white and grey herons, pelicans, cormorants, frigates, terns, skuas.

11. Hell

limestone formations in hell One of the places to go in Cayman Islands is... Hell!!! But don’t be scared! Quaint geological formations of calcareous origin in the northwestern part of Grand Cayman attract many tourists. This mystical Instagrammable place, called Hell, makes an ambiguous impression and is steeped in mystery. The total area occupied by sharp-toothed black rocks is 2 thousand square meters. It is forbidden to go directly to the “hellish” limestone area. A free observation deck is equipped for viewing. There is a souvenir shop and a post office in the town. There you can send your friends postcards with the inscription: “I went to hell and returned alive”. Or you can take Instagrammable photos and get the most liked Instagram photo.

12. Ft. George Ruins

fort george A colonial fortification located on the Grand Cayman has survived to this day. The restored fortress stands at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Fort Street. It is one of the first fortifications built to defend against invading raids, based on the islands during the early colonial period. Documents have survived to show how in 1662, the governor of Jamaica, Lord Windsor, received royal instructions to defend Cayman Island by “raising Fortifications on them.” However, the construction of the fort was delayed until 1790. The design of the fortress was copied from the English fortifications of that era. The perimeter base of the fortress is 57 feet by 38 feet. This place is exactly one of the places to go in Cayman Islands! We told you about 12 Instagrammable places in Cayman Islands, but there are far more than that. And travelling there is not enough to know only where is Cayman Islands, but also you need to do good research about places to go in Cayman Islands. Have a great time in Cayman Islands.

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