12 Instagrammable places in Cusco

Aishwari Rout12 November 20202496 views12 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Cusco

After following the most tired schedule, we were planning for a trip, but we’re not sure whether we will be able to accomplish it. Hence, we decided to visit a beautiful spot that has made us amazed and shocked. The beautiful place has feast our eyes and has made our phone’s memory full of the beauties click. In this article, We will be discussing this amazing spot that will keep you stunned. We will be sharing our experience with you. So we planned to visit Cusco, located in Peru City. You won’t believe that the place is magnificent and interesting. You will get a lot of exposure to visiting here. The article includes detailed information about the place that we are going to discuss. Your eagerness and curiosity must have reached a hike to know the place that I am talking about. The place is none other than Cusco, located in Peru. The article covers points like what to do in Cusco, things to do in Cusco, places to visit in Cusco, how to find instagrammable places, most-liked Instagram photo, travel to Cusco Peru, Travel to Peru. So let’s experience this amazing spot with a magnificent feel and post it up over the best social media platform Instagram. 

Cusco is the best place to visit if you want some south American adventurous feel. The place Cusco is designated in the attractive sacred valleys and Machu Pichu. Before landing on Cusco, you need to know some important clauses like travel to Peru and travel to Cusco. Let’s start with the location of Peru, situated in South America. Peru is one of the finest tourist city that you can found in South America; the spot came into existence with the invention of an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains. The city is nurtured with the Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu sacred valley. The question about safe travel must have arrived till now in your head. Yes, it’s very safe to travel to Peru. Also, the city is loaded with a blast of beautiful, attractive spots, and there are a lot many things to explore in the city. Here, we are going to visit one of the best tourist spots i.e. Cusco. After an overview of travel to Peru, now let’s start with travel to Cusco. The following are some of the aspects that you should know before travelling to Cusco like weather, exchange money, credit cards, medicine, etc. The best suitable season to visit Cusco is the winter season that is from May to September. But if you are planning to visit the spot in the rainy season that is from October to April, then do carry mandatory stuff like umbrellas, raincoats. The weather is warm during the day and chilled weather in the morning and night. Also, you can wash your clothes in the lavenders, as there are many available and yes it is inexpensive too. You should be aware of frauds, and hidden crime happening around the city. There are ample of shopping places available where you can visit and shop for yourself. Also, try bargaining to reduce the cost. These were tips that we shared here for travel to Cusco. Till now, we briefed you about travel to Peru, travel to Cusco, so let’s jump on the most waiting moment which is what to do in Cusco, things to do in Cusco, places to visit in Cusco, how to find instagrammable places, most liked Instagram photo, travel to Cusco Peru, Travel to Peru.

machu picchu

Time for knowing some spectacular places to visit in Cusco, Cusco includes never-ending tourist spots so we will discuss the most visiting tourist places here. The reason behind visiting this place is to fill up their Instagram by posting the beautiful spots and receiving maximum likes and comments. Our wish was the same too. Hence we decided to find Instagrammable places in Cusco. Every place has its own touch and owe, also to get more likes over the Instagram spots, we have will be suggesting you the most liked Instagram photo. So let’s gear up and start with the best things that we can do in Cusco—exploring what to do in Cusco, things to do in Cusco, and what all exciting places to visit in Cusco.

Below are the top 12 fascinating places in Cusco, hence stay tuned and read ahead of the loveable places that you will be experiencing in Cusco. Cusco has a beautiful styled architecture that will amaze you and give you a perfect background for your Instagram post. If you are hunting for capturing some amazing photos, then the streets of Cusco are the best, the colonial streets, architectural styling, the crumbling stone will add an amazing background behind you, which will hit the likes of the post till hiking. So let’s begin with the amazing places below.

1. Cobblersome streets in Cusco

cobblestone street

The best thing about the place is that it is surrounded by great architectural styling cobbler and crumbling walls. On reaching the city, you will find great huge walls which are designed traditionally. You can find these streets on the corner of Pumacurco and Ese. This place is meant for capturing as many pictures as you can to post it up on your Instagram. Also, according to the observation, it is being observed that this street is the most liked Instagram photo. So what’s stopping you take out the cell and click beautiful Instagram pictures with this stunning background.

2. Cusco Cathedral

cusco cathedral

Tambling down the streets in Plaza de Armas, you will reach the most attractive place known as Cusco Cathedral. The place Plaza de Armas has some of the special things, including bars, restaurants, street musicians, and many more added. We would suggest you approach the place twice in a day, as every time some of the other special things take place over here. Plaza de Armas, is the main view of attraction, of Cusco. On top of it, Cusco Cathedral is the demonstrative representation of Cusco Cathedral. It includes a layout of rectangular building rooms, rectangular designed wooden doors; these doors are not normal; they are carved with ancient andesite stones. This one is a great place if you are hunting for the best photographs to upload over Instagram.

3. Calle Hatunrumiyoc

wal in calle hatunrumiyoc

Calle Hatunrumiyoc is the location where you will get to see a uniquely designed wall with stones that form a twelve-angled stone. The place is visited by every tourist who comes here to Cusco. The place is forbidden and has some facts that make the place special. The entry to the place is free and can be visited anytime. You should visit this place, the twelve-angled stone; it is also the symbol of Cusco. The background as a flat wall with twelve-angled stone and in front is you, a perfect photograph to capture, so just click a snap and plush it over Instagram, so that this picture is the most liked.

4. Colourful Mountain

rainbow mountain

The colourful mountain is known as the rainbow mountain; this one is the unique one that you will get to see here. Most of the tourists forget to visit this amazing colourful mountain as it’s hidden in the deep layers of the Andes. You will find the place, once you come across the land of wild desert landscapes, snow-capped peaks, herds of alpaca, hence you have touched your destination. The difference seems due to the colour of the mineral. Just imagine irrespective of the rainy season, you will get a beautiful multiple colour background, isn’t it amazing? So what’s making you wait, take out the handy cell from your pocky and click a snap for getting the most liked photo on Instagram.

5. Incan Ruins

inca ruin

The place Incan ruins combine many places that are closest to the Incan Ruins. In the Incan empire, the capital place covers Incan Ruins. You can make a small tour to different places from here, where you visit giant stones showing the Incan masonry. Also, Incan Ruins is the best spot to have picnics; you enjoy the place. You can click maximum pictures with different backgrounds available like greenery trees, Incan terrace sites, and many more. Start taking snaps as much as you can, so that you can post it over Instagram.

6. Cristo Blanco

cristo blanco

Settled high above the centre of Cusco, is the statue of Jesus located. The place is known as Cristo Blanco, is located over the height. The statue is 8 m high, is structured and carved with a fine touch, which seems quite real, coloured in white. Most of the people visit the spot, to pray, also to click snaps from the height. The Cusco centre can be seen from the top. The panoramic view enlightens the tourists, and also the view caters to a perfect background for the photograph that can be posted on Instagram. Thus, the photo can become the most liked Instagram photo.

7. Salineras de Maras

salineras de maras

The place Salineras De Maras is located 50 km away from the city of Cusco, it’s mainly situated in Maras. It is called as salt marines. The flat surface is bordered around by salt, so we would recommend you to not miss this amazing spot, as there’s a lot of beautiful background. Also carry necessary things to carry with you like sunglasses, shoe wear, DSLR cameras. These are the following things that you can do in Salineras De Maras like buying pink salt which is made from natural calamities, also taking some salt handy for your hometown, click attractive snaps with natural effects, and post it up on Instagram.

8. Inca Trail

inca trail

If you are wondering about trying some adventurous location, then this place is best suited for adventure. Inca trail is one of the scenic places where the number of visitors per month, per year, reaches its hike. The path for reaching this beautiful mountain is from either Machu Picchu or Ollantaytambo. From the city of Cusco, there are excellent archaeological structures, that connect Machu Picchu and the rest of the Inka Empire. The following are some scenic views that you can capture for receiving the most liked Instagram photo like walking slopes, mountains, the Vilcanota River basin, etc. Thus, do visit this amazing place and get the most liked photo on Instagram.

9. Machu Picchu

machu picchu

The must-visit location is Machu Picchu; it is located in the city of Peru. It is one of the lost places in the city. Machu Picchu has its own speciality like the sun of the temple, deep valleys, and ruins away from Cusco. The best transport to reach Machu Picchu is the railways and the best time to visit is from April to October. Many visitors visit Machu Picchu; you can visit the place and click snaps of the deep valleys and the adventurous mountains. Thus, explore the spot and do not forget to post it up on Instagram.

10. Iglesia de San Pedro

interior of iglesia de san pedro

Iglesia de San Pedro is also known as St Peter’s church, the church was built with a bit of struggle, but at the end of the campaign finally, the church has been built. The whitish background behind the church, baroque, gilded the main altar has silver racks in front. Glazed tiles surround the church. You can click snaps of the Moorish styled architectural designed titles. Also, click the best picture of yours and post it up on Instagram.

11. San Pedro Market

san pedro market

San Pedro Market is situated within an eight-minute walk south from Plaza De Armas. As soon as on entering the market, you will experience a pleasant smell of spices that will hit your nostrils; also you will get to see a variety of metals, traditional dresses, and many more attractive things to buy. So you can click the snaps while walking in the market, and post those attractive and dynamic snaps on Instagram to get the most liked Instagram photo.

12. Coricancha & Santo Domingo Convent

qorikancha temple

The place Coricancha & Santo Domingo Convent is the most supreme buildings in the whole Inca Empire, inside this place is the Korikancha temple which is most visited by tourists and the Cusco province. The entry into the temple is paid, later visitors get access to the small gardens for photographs. Also, inside the building, there are many local paintings made by the artists to view them. Along with these, there are many other places where you can click a snap of it, post it up on Instagram, and enjoy liking. The snaps of the entrance of the church, replica sun disk, gardens of Konikancha acts as the cherry on the cake for Instagram.

The above mentioned places were some of the Instagrammable places in Cusco that you can visit while planning a trip to Cusco. The article includes what to do in Cusco, things to do in Cusco, places to visit in Cusco, how to find instagrammable places, most liked Instagram photo, travel to Cusco Peru, travel to Peru.

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