12 Instagrammable places in Falkland Islands

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12 Instagrammable places in Falkland Islands
Falkland is one of such places with the most Instagrammable places and tourist attractions due to its wildlife, weather, forests, islands and floral species. With an area of around 7500 square kilometres, Falkland lies in the South of the Atlantic Ocean. It is 12000 kilometres away from England and 483 kilometres off the coast of Argentina. Owing to the remote location and cold weather the cool places of Falkland Islands still attract a considerable bulk of tourists to climb the beautiful mountains, discover flora and fauna of these islands and to get amused with the beauty of this place. So since you know now where are the Falkland Islands then don’t waste your time. Pack your bags and book your tickets to travel to the Falkland Islands to get closer to nature.

1. Ecological park, Volunteer Point

penguins If you want to get a cool photo for your Instagram, you must visit Volunteer point for some breathtaking shots and friendly encounters with the wildlife. You can take a click with a number of these cute little fellows including:
  • King Penguin
  • Gentoo
  • Magellanic Penguin
  • Steamer Duck
  • Sea lion
Among these animals, the king penguin is the most attractive one. Although you can visit the place on your own if you don’t want to take any risk, don’t worry as you can also book an organized visit to the Volunteer point, where well-trained guides will arrange a scheduled trip for you.

2. The Capital of the Falkland Islands, Stanley

stanley Stanley is the capital of the Falkland, where the majority of the population lives. It is located on east Island and holds around 3000 residents. In order to get maximum exposure to the sun, the houses here are built with north-facing slope and painted in bright colours. Walking into the streets of this city on foot and looking at the beautiful sights of nature, you will surely ask yourself why you haven’t been here before, to explore the Instagrammable places of Falkland Islands. The city is famous for its leather and woollen goods, as well, so don’t forget to shop for these products there.

3. South Georgia Island

penguins The tremendous natural beauty of the glaciers, mountains covered with snow and the wildlife along with the Antarctic Research Station that is also a museum are the major attractions here in South Georgia.  The museum holds some of the masterpieces from the 1982 Falkland War and is undoubtedly a treat for you if you got taste. Every year millions of animals choose this Island to spend their summer and to breed there.
  • Fur seals
  • Elephant seal
  • Reindeer
  • Albatross
So if you are visiting at the ideal time of the year, you can get a glance at the wildlife walking along with their newly born ones.

4. Must-visit island, Bleaker

falkland islands Bleaker is a beautiful island of Falkland which is at an hour flight from Stanley. That is a magical tourism spot with breeding farms for organic cattle and sheep. Here, you will see the long, narrow and extensive coastline of the Island which also hosts the penguins, lion hauls and wildfowl. You can see some evidence of the finest beaches, low cliffs and bays in this Island, as well. All these together give a beautiful sigh to the viewer as you can see the sheep herds grazing and the wildlife playing peek-a-boo with the tourists. Getting an accurate selfie in the spectacular meadows of these Instagrammable places can get you many likes to make you a social media star.

5. Sandstone cliffs, Devil’s Nose

road to the hills Devils Nose is a rocky headland on the west point stand stone cliff. It serves as a home to Rockhopper, penguins, ducks and the famous black-browed albatross. Visiting the place, you will not find many humans around, but yes it is much crowded by many species of mammals. An uphill walk to this spot will let you pass by many birds’ colonies.

6. Historic Dockyard Museum

falkland islands Suppose you travel to Falkland Islands and go to Stanley, it`d be such a waste if you didn’t go to the Dockyard Museum. A single walk through the museum is enough to explore the rich historical-cultural background of these Islands. Starting from the masterpieces of the basic fishing tools, ships and equipment, you will find several artefacts, including the one used in warfare. The museum also holds a section that contains bones, fossils, rocks and remains of marine life. You will also come across some interesting ancient buildings, Blacksmith Shops and the number of houses built by the pioneers of the land. So what do you say isn’t that enough to get you a single most liked Instagram photo?

7. Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral While making a list of places to visit during your stay at the Falkland Islands, you need to put Christ Church Cathedral at the top. It is the world’s southernmost Anglican cathedral that was consecrated in 1892. At the grounds of this cathedral, you will find the whalebone arch that is made by using the remains of two massive blue whale jaws in the memory of the Centenary of the British rule in 1933. You will find a number of people standing under these massive jaws and making this place one among the most Instagrammable places with their posts. So why don’t you try that out?

8. Small Villages of Eastern Falkand

Stanley city Wandering beyond the boundaries of Stanley to explore the Eastern Falkland and Small Villages would be so much fun if you want to discover the Island in real sense. These small villages lie at the top among the list of cool places in Falkland Islands and habitat most of the population who still follow their ancient cultural values. The top three must visit, and most Instagrammable places in these villages are:
  • Port Louis, which is on the north coast with multiple breathtaking, spectacular spots.
  • Salvador, which is the most unspoiled part of Falkland and the home of colonies of many rare species.
  • Darwin is a village named after Charles Darwin who dedicated much of his study on different species of this Island.

9. Port Howard and West Falkland Island

bird West Falkland Island covering an area of around 4500 square kilometres is the land of cliffs and hilly interiors. The beautiful settlement of port Howard locates in this area equipped with the biodiversity of wildlife. The guest and farmhouses here are the major attraction for the tourists. Port Howard serves as the base camp for most of the cliffs you desire to conquer.  Mount Maria, one of the highest peaks, also has a hiking trek that starts from Port Howard. Travelling to this beautiful land, you will surely think to yourself why you haven’t thought of exploring where are the Falkland Islands before?

10. You must visit Pebble Island

pebble island As the name suggests, Pebble Island is a land that has most of its beaches covered with the uncommon, semiprecious and translucent pebbles. This Island is located in the north-western Falkland and just like other islands amuse its visitors with a wide variety of birdlife, wildlife, warfare and Instagrammable beauty. Also, if you got a taste for adventure, you can get many hiking, trekking, camping and wildlife exploration opportunities on the Island.  The stretch of white sand on these islands also serves the purpose of the natural airstrip.

11. Natural paradise, Sea Lion Island

sea lion Sea Lion is an island located in the most south of Falkland which is a well off the beaten track and offers wilderness tourism to its visitors. Here you will get a chance to view some of the most massive breeding spots of most extinct animals including:
  • Penguins
  • Sea lions
  • Elephant Seals
  • Hunting Killer
Also laying on the white sand beaches, you will find the relaxation in the solitude that you always wanted.  So just sit back or lay down and relax to get some great photos on the keen seasides or in the lounges located near the seashores.

12. Steeple Jason Island

landscape of falkland islands Located in the North-west of the Falkland Islands the steeple Jason island is located in the Atlantic Ocean. That is one of the Islands that has the restriction on rules, and you need permissions to land to this place. All this is done to preserve the nesting area of the rear bird species here. Still, if you get a chance to be there, you surely are never going to forget your experience of watching birds preying, penguins taking meals and herds of animals roaming here and there freely. So hopefully you know now where are the Falkland Islands and all the important places you have to visit. Then why not travel to Falkland Islands to attain the real-time closest encounter with the wildlife and get surrounded by cute penguins, seals and Reindeers. Wouldn’t you wish to witness some of the fascinating sites to get a perfect click at these most Instagrammable places that will be your most liked Instagram photo for a lifetime?

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