12 Instagrammable places in Fiji

Fatima Mammadova21 September 20201411 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Fiji
Fiji is primarily eminent for its exotic beauty with a huge number of stunning places. Exactly in this place, you can discover a lot of Instagrammable places, not only having a holiday of a lifetime but also making your Instagram page an attractive one. Probably you don't know yet why Fiji is the best place in the world. However, in this article, we will share with you the best places to visit in Fiji. All of them are highly Instagrammable places. In the end, we are going to tell you what is the best time to travel to Fiji to ensure that nothing will annoy you there. We are sure that after reading this article, you will aspire to travel to Fiji as strong as we do. So, where is Fiji located? Fiji is an archipelago in the Southwest Pacific and consists of more than 300 islands. The capital of Fiji is Suva. Suva is situated on the southeast coast of Viti Levu and in 19970 kilometres to the capital of New Zealand. Moreover, Suva is the biggest metropolitan city in Fiji. The history of Fiji has left a deep trace on the cultural appearance. Local sights are a bewitching mix of Melanesian, Polynesian, Hindu, and European traditions. However, it will be interesting not only for lovers of history and culture. Fiji is primarily preeminent for its exotic beauty, and there are a huge number of outlandish natural attractions. But besides this diversity, we think there are a lot of reasons why Fiji is the best place in the world. Let's start and talk about the most Instagrammable places in Fiji.

1. Ancient city - Levuka

stone shell of masonic lodge The first one among all Instagrammable places in Fiji is Levuka, which is considered one of the most ancient cities. In the old days, Levuka was the cultural centre of the state. Today in Levuka you can see many historical sites of the 19th century. Levuka's museums contain numerous exhibits that testify to the country's colonial past. Besides, the city is surrounded by tropical thickets with waterfalls, which are a very beautiful sight.

2. Yasawa Islands

yasawa islands The Yasawa Islands are situated to the north of the mainland, and they are eminent for romantic dates and honeymooners. But is it not a place where you can go as a quick 1-2 days escape. To have the holiday of a lifetime and enjoy the stunning landscape of Yasawa Islands, you'll need to stay here for at least several days. We recommend you to take into account the journey for 2-3 hours long from Denarau because it is one of the best places to visit in Fiji. Moreover, you can reach these islands on a seaplane or even by helicopter.

3. Tavoro Waterfalls

tavoro waterfall In Fiji, you can find plenty of bewitching and enthralling waterfalls locates in rainforests and jungle places. And Tavoro Waterfalls in Taveuni is one of these beautiful waterfalls which we recommend you to see. The Tavoro Waterfalls is also called Bouma Falls and consists of three waterfalls located in the Bouma National Heritage Park. There are often heavy rains that can be observed, helping to create these powerful falls.

4. Sigatoka Sand Dunes

sigatoka sand dunes One of the places in Fiji, which is mandatory for visiting, is Sigatoka Sand Dunes. It is the country's first national park. It protects a unique ecosystem of sand dunes covering more than 650 hectares. But not only natural attractions became the reason for declaring the territory on the island of Viti Levu a protected area. In the vicinity of Sigatoka, archaeologists have discovered several dozen ancient burials from at least the 15th century. BC e. The total number of archaeological sites in Sigatoka is about two hundred; many of them are available for tourists to explore. Tour guides often tell guests a local legend about sand people - cannibals who lived here many centuries ago.

5. Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The next spot, which is one of the best places to visit in Fiji, is the garden of the Sleeping Giant. This natural park got its name due to its unusual relief. If you look at the area from a bird's eye view, it is easy to notice the outlines of a huge sleeping giant with a large nose and a round belly. This garden will amaze all connoisseurs of tropical nature without exception. The Garden of the Sleeping Giant in Fiji is a real kingdom of orchids. Initially, the park was the private property of Canadian film actor Raymond Burr, a big lover of orchids. The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is one of the places in Fiji you just need to visit.

6. Nausori Highlands

nausori highlands There is a mountainous area with tropical trees, rivers, and fragrant flowers. This is the Nausori Valley, where to this day, the locals live in harmony with the ancient way of life. As if they were not affected by civilization and progress, almost all traditions are observed here as strictly as many centuries ago. One of the most picturesque places is the village of Navala. Here, people live in clans and build their houses according to ancient Fijian technologies. Everything in Navala is ruled by a leader; his authority is indisputable. The leader takes responsibility to communicate with tourists, shows the huts, and talks about the traditions of the settlement. We think the desire to see Nausori Highlands by your own eyes can even be enough to travel to Fiji.

7. Robinson Crusoe Island

robinson crusoe island On this island, you can feel like a hero of Daniel Defoe's only by taking a boat for forty minutes from Viti Levu. And in Likuri Island, the fantastic adventure is waiting for you. Once you arrive on the shore, you will be greeted by locals in the guise of savages who will artistically growl and throw coconuts. During the day, it's good to just walk around the island, explore its tropical surroundings, and learn how to get food. You will be offered to do some snorkelling and gaze at colourful fish and corals. In case you don't want to dive, you can choose fishing. Also, in the evenings, after the sunset, torches are lit, and exotic shows are organized especially for tourists.

8. Sweet Lautoka

On Viti Levu, there is the city of Lautoka, which the locals call "Sugar City". The reason for this name is that there is the largest sugar factory in Fiji among the endless thickets of sugar cane. This production is the main type of state income after tourism. It is interesting that the plant does not affect the environment in any way. The Fijians use natural raw materials for their work, and machines are replaced by bulls and horses. By all means, the sweet Lautoka can be related to the most Instagrammable places in Fiji. And among all the Instagrammable places in Fiji, Lautoka is the sweetest one.

9. Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

sri siva subramaniya temple Near the Fiji International Airport, Nadi city is located. The most eminent place here is the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple - one of the best places to visit in Fiji. It was built at the beginning of the last century, and since then, it has been reconstructed and updated several times. The interesting feature of the complex is that it consists of three Buddhist temples dedicated to different deities.

10. Koroyanitu National Heritage Park

road in the inland of viti levu Koroyanitu is one of the best six national parks in Fiji and undoubtedly is one of the Instagrammable places in Fiji. It is located in the west of Viti Levu, near Lautoka. This park is the best for the family holiday with children. There are some ancient paths and walking along you will meet waterfalls, small villages. You can also climb Mount Batilamu. The top offers a breathtaking view of Viti Levu and other islands. For example, you can see Mamanuca and Yasawa.

11. Natadola Beach

natadola beach Natadola Beach is considered as one of the best beaches in the world. Imagine a perfect coastline with white sand, palm trees, and azure waters. This is Natadola. On the beach, which is one of the Instagrammable places in the world, you can not only sunbathe. Popular activities include yachting, surfing, glass-bottom boat trips on the reefs, and horseback riding in the rainforest. In the evenings, you will not be bored either: bars and discos work, show programs are regularly held, including dancing on coals.

12. Waya Island 

wayalailai island Another reason to travel to Fiji is Waya. Waya is an island with plenty of hills, and most of it is covered with forest. If you are a brave hiker, you will find Waya's peak very spectacular.  Going down to the sea level, you can enjoy bewitching peaches and a lot of coral reefs, which are abundant with beautiful marine life. We've shared with you the best places in Fiji and now would like to talk about the climate in Fiji and answer the question of what is the best time to travel to Fiji? The place where is Fiji, has a tropical climate. This means that it is summer here all year round, subsequently as the best time to travel to Fiji can be considered each season and day in a year. Now you know where is Fiji, about the most Instagrammable places in Fiji, beautiful places in Fiji. And now we are also sure that you know why Fiji is the best place in the world. So, just execute a plan, gather your things, and have a nice trip in this enthralling place!

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