13 reasons why you should travel to Fiji right now

Kanan Isazade07 March 20211150 views8 min. read
13 reasons why you should travel to Fiji right now
touristic destinations of the Pacific in Fiji. More than 800,000 people travel to Fiji per year, and there is an increasing trend in recent years. Because of increasing demand, we decide to give 13 Reasons why you should travel to Fiji right now. In this blog, you will learn when the best time to travel to Fiji, which is the cheapest time to travel to Fiji, how to travel to Fiji, where is Fiji, things to do in Fiji, hotels in Fiji, the weather in Fiji, etc.

How to travel to Fiji?

plane When we decide to visit somewhere, we should get some basics about that destination. Where is Fiji? Fiji is in the South Pacific Ocean and is neighbored by Vanuatu, Tonga, and Samoa. How to travel to Fiji? There are two ways to travel to Fiji. The first one is by boat, but it may last longer. For example, you will need 7-10 days to travel from New Zealand to Fiji. What about flights to Fiji? Several airways have flights to Fiji. Of course, the first one is Fiji airways. How many routes do Fiji airways have? Fiji Airways fly to more than 100 destinations. Is it advisable to fly with Fiji airlines? Fiji airlines got a 4-star from Skytrax ratings(the website that analyzes the quality of airways). On the other hand, we must mention that when we searched for Fiji airlines' reviews, we saw several unsatisfied travellers (most of them complained about flight cancel). Which are other companies that have flights to Fiji? Some of those airlines are American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Korean Air, Hong Kong Airlines, etc. When is the best time to travel to Fiji? It completely depends on your vacation plans. If you are looking for the cheapest time to travel to Fiji, it is from late October to early November. During this period, prices go down, so we can say that late October to early November is the cheapest time to travel to Fiji. 

1. Fiji weather

fiji weather The weather in Fiji will make your trip very exciting. Fiji has a warm tropical climate, and it creates a proper condition for beachside tourism. Fiji weather changes between 26-31 Celsius year-round. I don't like rainy weather, so when is the best time to travel to Fiji for me? The wet season is between December and April, that is why you can visit in the dry season. Fiji weather is proper for you between May and November. Now you have enough information about the weather in Fiji to start to plan your vacation.

2. Hotels for all budgets

swimming pool of hotel Undoubtedly, when we travel or plan to travel to any place, we search for hotel and hostel prices in that country. At this point, Fiji offers a wide range of possibilities for all economic situations. Mostly, the prices of hotels in Fiji begin from 10 USD and go up depending on your requirements and expectations. Some of the best hotels in Fiji which we can recommend are Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay, Namale the Fiji Islands Resort and Spa, Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island. We should mention that these are one of Fiji's best hotels, so they are more expensive than 10 USD (100-1000 USD).

3. Heaven for expert surfers

surfers When we search for the best and most challenging surfers waves, one of the options will be Cloudbreak in the Mamanuca Islands. Depending on the season, waves can reach more than 6-7 meters.  It is not surprising that only expert surfers attempt to surf here. One of the most well-known surfers, Aaron Gold, almost died in Cloudbreak in 2016. What is the best time to travel to Fiji, Cloudbreak? The best time to travel to Fiji, Cloudbreak, is the period between February and October.

4. Bouma National Heritage Park

waterfall Another reason to visit Fiji is Bouma National Heritage Park. Bouma park was opened in 1990, and it covers more than 150 square kilometres. Furthermore, hikers, nature lovers, and adventurers will fell over the moon after their visit. There are plenty of activities for them in the park. You can hike in rainforests and explore the ancient ruins of Vidawa, and after exploring the area, you can swim in waterfalls and lakes. Here you will have a chance to observe a magnificent crater lake Tagimaucia.

5. Colourful and enjoyable festivals

color festival girls Everyone needs festivals and celebrations to get rid of all worries, and Fiji gives you such an opportunity. Fiji has some Indian traditions, and Holi (the colour festival) is one of them. At this festival, people throw different colours at each other, and many concerts took place during the festival. We have great news for Jazz and Blues music lovers. There is an International Jazz & Blues Festival in Fiji. Further, it would be interesting to be in Fiji on 1st January to celebrate the New Year, because, on New Year Eve, you can participate in beach parties and celebrations.

6. Denarau Island

seaside cafe Travelling to Denarau Island is one of the best things to do in Fiji. If you are a golf fan and want to play, then the place that you are searching for is Denarau Island. Here you will have a chance to relax in beautiful parks, do some shopping, buy souvenirs, try delicious Fiji cuisine, and more. Also, there is a Port Denarau Marina, where you can find many activities. Here you can find some tours to other islands, and you can do jet skiing, diving, etc.

7. Diving areas

diving Where is Fiji Beqa Lagoon? Beqa Lagoon is 144 kilometers southeast of Nadi and is known as an excellent section for diving. There are more than 100 diving spots in Beqa Lagoon, and the most popular one is Beqa Lagoon Shark Dive. Furthermore, here you can explore rich underwater life and wrecks of various devices, ships, and more. You will have a chance to observe some species are tropical fish, soft corals, different types of sharks (whitetip, blacktip reef sharks, and even tiger sharks), etc. 

8. Navua River

fiji people Fiji has a mesmerizing nature, and all tourists want to explore all the hidden beauties of this pearl. During your travel to Fiji, you will make plenty of boat trips, and one of the Instagrammable places to do it is the Navua River. While travelling, you will enjoy the beauty of Viti Levu, and you will notice some wildlife species such as parrots, fruit bats, herons, and more. Also, after canoe travel, you may participate in tours to the island and villages to see citizens' daily lifestyle. 

9. Delicious and healthy cuisine

healthy salad Like in other island countries, vegetables and sea-foods have an essential place in Fiji's national cuisine. Some of the most renowned meals are Kokoda (unfried fish salad), Lovo, Duruka (Fiji style asparagus), Taro, Nama (sea grapes), Roti (Fiji way flatbread), Topoi, Fish Suruwa,  Palusami, etc. In all restaurants in the country, you can order these meals. Furthermore, such as in other states, you can try cuisines from different parts of the world.

10. Garden of the Sleeping Giant

garden No doubt that even the name of the place makes us think about visiting plans. In the past, this garden was a private field of ex-actor Raymond Burr. There are more than 2000 species of orchids, lilies, and more. Another exciting fact about the area is free guided tours. You will have a chance to hike in 20 hectares and enjoy the charming garden. After getting all the valuable botanical facts, go to Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool. Here you can enjoy the mud bath and a relaxing massage.

11. Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

sand dunes We have already mentioned plenty of things to do in Fiji, but it is not the end. Now we would like to talk about Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. Being the first national park of the whole country makes this place crucial for Fiji. This area turned into a park to protect the fragile nature, and they succeeded. Nowadays, vacationists and locals love to have trips to the national park. There are two various types of hiking here. You can choose to go through the forest (90 minutes), or you may prefer a beach walk (2 hours). You will see various archaeological sites, such as Lapita artefacts, one of the largest burial sites in the Pacific, etc.

12. Robinson Crusoe Island

white sand beach Robinson Crusoe is one of the most popular characters of all time, and there is Robinson Crusoe island in Fiji. It can be exciting to visit that island, and without any doubt, you will have an enjoyable time during that trip because tour organizers have many activities for you. You will explore the island, watch fire and knife dance, relax on the beachside, and more. You will pay 27 USD for adults and 13,50 USD for children. We think that the dry season is the best time to travel to Fiji, Robinson Crusoe island. 

13. The largest Hindu temple in the Southern Hemisphere

hindu temple The last reason and the last place we would like to mention is the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple. Every year thousands of people came here to see breathtaking Dravidian architecture. The temple is built for Lord Murugan, and you can see a wooden statue of Lord Murugan in the main temple. It is important to note that there are some rules to enter. First of all, cover up your hair and take off your shoes before entering. Also, remember that you can take a limited number of photos.

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