12 Instagrammable places in Guayaquil

12 Instagrammable places in Guayaquil

Gunel Eyvazli07 January 20212159 views7 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Guayaquil
Guayaquil. Many take vacations to get away from it all or simply, and they are curious about touristic places in Guayaquil. Causes can vary, but most people can agree that without creating memories and sharing them, these visits cannot be completed. In this context, we should mention Instagram as well. This social media platform rendered traveling more enjoyable. Nowadays, people look for Instagrammable places to travel. If you think so and want to travel, you are in luck because in this blog, we will write about the most Instagrammable places and best places in Guayaquil as this city has many great Instagrammable spots to offer us. Before that, let's briefly learn about where is Guayaquil.

Guayaquil city

parrot Guayaquil, chief port and largest city of Ecuador, stands still since the 1530s and managed to balance preserving its historical vibe and successful integration to a modern city. Protecting old historical buildings and having modern construction create temptation for many people to visit touristic places in Guayaquil. The city has an exciting story about its foundation. In the 1530s Spanish colonies settled at the Babahoyo River's mouth, a few kilometers away from the city's present site. Although the city faced destruction by Indians twice, after a few years, Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana established today's Santiago de Guayaquil, named after Santiago or St. James's honour. According to local legend, the city took its name from local Indian chief Guaya and his wife, Quila. Having a humid and hot climate made the city a perfect spot for diseases. However, the government's effort and hygienic engineering work continued for many decades, to travel to see touristic places in Guayaquil became much safer. Since we acquired general information about the city, now it is time to move on to our list of 12 Instagrammable places in Guayaquil.

1. Santa Ana Hill

santa ana hill Nothing can beat the awesome view of the city from a high hill. Especially if it is Santa Ana Hill, you will be shocked by the scenery. This 60-meter high hill is one of the best places to visit in Guayaquil Ecuador. Do you want a great Instagram spot? Here you have it. This place has all the characteristics to be shown on Instagram. Perhaps you want more of a historical site, well then you are in the right place. Santa Ana Hill is the first place where the population started. Everyone can tell that this place is Instagrammable by just one glance.

2. Guayaquil Metropolitan Cathedral

guayaquil cathedral This majestic building is one of the landscapes of the city and one of the best places in Guayaquil. The neo-gothic style cathedral adorns many Instagram profiles with its beauty. This mighty building stands still there since 1547, even though it faced huge destruction during the fire in 1692. When you visit the cathedral, do not hesitate to take a photo of it just outside of the gate, you won't regret it.

3. Malecon

malecon Malecon, 5 kilometers long boardwalk where you can enjoy the sea view in all its splendor, is among the best places in Guayaquil. The place is magnificent not only for its monuments but also for cultural examples and gastronomy offered by restaurants around it. You might ask what to do in Guayaquil? Before visiting. A sea trip with a boat is a pleasant activity you and your companions can enjoy and explore the bay, especially during nights. You can stroll along the entire boardwalk and feel the breeze from the Guayas River. Get ready to see monuments that speak of history during these walks. It is also a nice place to spend a weekend with your family, friends or your partner. There are souvenir shops around that you can purchase souvenirs.

4. Guayaquil lighthouse

guayaquil lighthouse We mentioned Santa Ana Hill and how gorgeous the scenery was from there on top of our list. If Santa Ana Hill were a ring, Guayaquil lighthouse would be the diamond of that ring. By staring at the city from the lighthouse, you could answer the question of where is Guayaquil? This blue and white-colored lighthouse are so Instagrammable that you can be sure you will get liked as many times as you want. The place is one of the best places in Guayaquil to enjoy the city view, but we got to warn you, to get to the lighthouse you have to climb up 444 stairs. Guayaquil lighthouse is an excellent place for people who are looking for a photo that can turn into the most liked Instagram photo

5. Las Penas

las penas Guayaquil is a colorful city with numerous diverse elements. This unique city contains various buildings, and Las Penas' neighbourhood is the perfect example of that. This picturesque neighborhood has these spectacular, colorful, and historical structures that you can not take your eyes off. To answer what to do in Guayaquil? You can walk through narrow streets to appreciate the beauty of the neighborhood.

6. Malecon El Salado

malecon del salado This modern complex, built under restoration work, is among the best places to visit in Guayaquil Ecuador. Let's say you supposedly like nature, and it is not a problem. Here, you can rent a rowboat to spend quality time along the estuary of Malecon El Salado, which is also an excellent answer to what to do in Guayaquil. You can also head to a theatre named Sala La Bota to understand the culture of Ecuador better. 

7. Parque Seminario

parque seminario Parks have always been charming places for tourists. They are full of trees, art examples, cafés, etc. However, no park probably has iguanas but Parque Seminario. Located in the center of downtown, this unique park is one of the best places to visit in Guayaquil Ecuador. What else could get you more likes on Instagram than a photo with an exotic iguana? If you think this place is different only for iguanas, then you are wrong. Parque Seminario is situated right next to Guayaquil Metropolitan Cathedral, set in a breathtaking view. The statue of Simon Bolivar, El Libertador, is in the middle of the park.

8. Guayaquil historical park

park The aim of establishing a Guayaquil historical park was to demonstrate the wildlife, urban architecture, and Guayaquil traditions. It is safe to say, for many years, it served this purpose successfully. There are many exhibits from colonial times that can help you get a sense of life during the XIX and XVII centuries and find an answer to the question of where is Guayaquil? The special project unit has recreated various habitats within the site in which people of old Guayaquil live colonial life. Besides that, on the weekends' small theatrical performances, people are dressed in fancy old clothes. Who knows, maybe a selfie with colonial people will be your most liked Instagram photo. For many people, this park is one of the best places to visit in Guayaquil Ecuador.

9. Botanical garden

turtles This garden is another place best suited for people who love nature. The botanical garden hosts different types of exotic plants, trees, flowers. One orchid named Encyclia Angustiloba Schltr is the visitor's favorite. It is a nice place to calm down and relax. The garden is immense and is home to various types of talking parrots. Besides, there are these Instagrammable tiny monkeys you can feed.

10. Cerro Blanco protected forest

forest Up until now, we've presented you with classical, modern, and natural areas, but now we will write about the most exotic, wild place in Guayaquil. Cerro Blanco is a protected forest that preserves few remaining fields of tropical forest in Ecuador. These forests host some of the endangered animals such as Jaguar, puma, white-tailed deer, capuchin monkeys, etc. Before deciding to visit Cerro Blanco, you should first consider seasons as seasons here offer different conditions. That is, during spring forest is full green till the autumn when the dry climate takes over. Although Cerro Blanco is one of the best places to visit in Guayaquil Ecuador, it is advisable to attend the forest during the hot season to catch your most liked Instagram photo.

11. Casa de la Cultura

casa de la cultura We did not forget museum fans who love to discover places through exhibits. Casa de la Cultura is the place to find out the answer to the question of where is Guayaquil? In this huge cultural center, exhibitions of ceremonial plots, nose rings, snake-shaped bracelets, ceremonial masks, and other indigenous people's exhibits occur throughout the year. Most interesting about these exhibits is that most of them are made of gold, which tempted invader forces to intensify attacks during colonial times.

12. Guayarte

guayarte Guayarte is the place for those who love to enjoy music with the finest dishes. This hub is different from other entertainment centers due to its architectural design, making it Instagrammable for visitors. You can admire the artwork during special events as well.

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