14 reasons why you should travel to Ecuador right now

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14 reasons why you should travel to Ecuador right now
travel to Ecuador. Whether exploring the beautiful churches of Quito or enjoying an afternoon of rafting on the tributaries of the great Amazon River, you should visit these lands to live a unique experience that will leave you unforgettable memories. If you are still not sure about visiting this incredible place and ask about what do I need to travel to Ecuador, in this article, you can find 14 reasons why you should travel to Ecuador right now. Also, you will find answers to your questions such as, what is the best time to travel to Ecuador, is it safe to travel to Ecuador, what do I need to travel to Ecuador, how to spend an interesting time in Ecuador, what is the capital of Ecuador, what language is spoken in Ecuador, what is the Ecuador flag, what is Ecuador currency, etc. 

1. Galapagos Islands

galapagos island Galapagos Islands are among places on the Earth where you can find many unique animals and plants. Also, it is famous for its scenic beauty. The archipelago consists of 13 islands formed more than 5 million years ago. You will see species such as tropical penguins, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, and blue-footed boobies on the island. Galapagos is exciting. You will be amazed at how these unique animals behave as they live in perfect harmony with people. It is a unique place that is worth visiting and spending an exciting time in Ecuador. Is it safe to travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands? Yes, you can even swim with sharks and turtles, and you will not have any problems if you are following the safety recommendations. Going to the island might be to step on one of the most mythical places in the life of any traveler.

2. Climate

cilmate ecuador What is the best time to travel to Ecuador? For Ecuador, this question may seem nonsense. Because there is only one season due to its location, so all year round is the best time to travel to Ecuador. However, the climate and the change in temperatures occur between different regions and altitudes. Although it can be very variable on the same day, it is usually very pleasant with a feeling that is called eternal spring. So, you can enjoy nature, sail to the Galapagos Islands under the Ecuador flag anytime you wish.

3. People

children Ecuador has 17 nationalities living throughout the country - the indigenous peoples of the Sierra region, the Amazonian indigenous peoples in the East, and the Costa region. There are varying degrees of miscegenation between descendants of Spanish and black African slaves. The question may arise what language is spoken in Ecuador? It is Spanish. And if you are interested in what language is spoken in Ecuador as native? There are several local languages, and the best examples are Quechua, Kichwa, Shuar, and Wao.

4. What is the capital of Ecuador?

village The capital of Ecuador, Quito, is the gateway to the great storehouse of biodiversity called Ecuador. It is also the second-highest capital in the Americas (2,850 meters above sea level) after La Paz. One of the jewels of colonial architecture in America is that after decades of neglect and a few more years of restoration, it now shines with all its splendor. You will see a lot of sightseeing in Quito and discover a mestizo, and the Andean city declared the capital's first World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

5. Guayaquil

guayaquil Guayaquil is the biggest city in Ecuador, and probably when you think of what is the capital of Ecuador, it is possible to think it is Guayaquil, but it is not. This beautiful city has wonderful destinations to visit, such as the Malecon 2000 or the charming Isla Santay, apart from its nearby beaches. Therefore, if you plan to travel to Guayaquil's tourist sites, they are waiting for you to meet them and have a wonderful time in Ecuador and fun, mixed with history and tradition.

6. Quilotoa

quilotoa Quilotoa is a beautiful green lagoon in the crater of a volcano. Even in cloudy weather, you can get an idea of the beauty of such a different and special place. Adventurers from all over the world go to the town of Quilotoa in Ecuador to get to know the lagoon and exploit it by taking the famous walk around it, which is 12 km long. The place is quite isolated and is more than 3900 meters above sea level, and is still inhabited by indigenous peoples with their customs and language. If you ask about what do I need to travel to Ecuador, all you need is a sense of adventure. Visit Quilotoa and experience enriching culture and the beauty of breath. 

7. Banos de Agua Santa

agua santa de banos The city of Banos de Agua Santa is located in the center of Ecuador, the province of Tungurahua. A small place surrounded by natural attractions of impressive beauty such as waterfalls, the huge and active Tungurahua volcano, rivers, mountains, and forests. There is access to a host of activities such as zip-lining, rafting, mountaineering, biking, and climbing for adventure lovers. Besides, the place is famous due to the so-called "swing for the end of the world," an attraction in which people swing with an abyss in front of it.

8. Cuenca

cuenca Cuenca is an exciting city and the capital of the province of Azuay. It has a big name - Santa Ana de Los Rios de Cuenca, and an altitude of 2,538 meters above sea level. With a population of 580,000, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999 and is located in the south, between the beautiful Andes Mountains. Its streets are full of houses and well-preserved buildings in a colonial style that reveals architectural jewels such as the Clinica Bolivar, the Palace of Justice, the Mayor's Office, and the 52 beautiful churches scattered (they say there is one different for each Sunday of the year).

9. Convent of San Francisco

ecuador When you are in Quito, take time to visit the homonymous convent, whose facade occupies one side of the square. The Franciscans arrived with de Belacazar, founder of the city, and immediately began to build this enormous conventual site on the Inca palace's remains. It occupies more than three hectares and is considered the largest architectural complex of all the historical Latin American centers. It has thirteen cloisters, three churches, and catacombs. You will see an Ecuador flag everywhere around there. 

10. Hacienda La Danesa

cocoa One of the best destinations to travel in Guayaquil is Hacienda La Danesa, a magical space where you will enjoy a tour of cocoa plantations, river tubing, and bike rides. This dream farm has excursions that focus on preserving local traditions, so it allows you to get to know Cuenca's tourist places. An hour from Guayaquil, La Danesa offers unique experiences and provides an open-air menu with ingredients produced on the same farm. It also offers spa and relaxation services, but pending, if you want to know the wonderful hacienda, you must book before. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful places in Guayaquil that is worth visiting with your family or partner.

11. The Devil's Nose 

devils nose It corresponds to the railway route between the towns of Alausi and Sibambe. Due to the large number of lives lost during the tracks' construction, this train is considered "the most difficult railway in the world." This attraction offers some of the most spectacular panoramic views in the country.

12. The cable car of the Pichincha Volcano

cable car A great experience is to take the cable car up to almost 4,000 meters to the top of the Pichincha Volcano, which dominates the Quito skyline in the heart of the Andes. The entrance to the TeleferiQo is in the La Comuna neighborhood, and the trip to the top of Pichincha lasts 15 minutes. There is a small shopping center, a restaurant, and a small amusement park in the upper station. Suppose the day is clear, in addition to the city of Quito. In that case, you will see the entire line of snow-capped mountains and craters on the Avenida de Los Volcanes: the Cotopaxi, the Antisana, the Cayambe, or the Pasochoa. In addition to enjoying the views, you can do more extreme activities from the top, such as a dizzying descent from the volcano by mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, climbing, or paragliding. 

13. Is it safe to travel to Ecuador?

ecuador Ecuador is one of the safest countries in South America. You can easily travel through the country. Whether you are in big cities or small villages, the nice people of Equador will welcome you, and you will feel safe. 

14. Ecuador Currency

intergold In South America, Ecuador is the only country where the official currency is the dollar. So there is no need to worry about a rapid devaluation during your trip. Ecuador currency was sucre until 2000 when they began dollarization.

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