12 Instagrammable places in Hannover

Arzu Rasulova 16 April 2021 1687 views 6 min. read

When you start reading this blog, you will probably be surprised. Of course, bloggers write about the best places to go in Germany but do not mention all of them. Therefore, we have decided to provide information about one of the best and rare places to visit in Germany. Yes, Hannover! We will give you information about where Hannover is, the fantastic places in Hannover Germany, and so on. So, let's dive into exploring the little heaven called Hannover. In this city, you will see many Instagrammable places and have a chance of taking your most liked Instagram photos. But firstly, please check Germany visa types and requirements. 

Where is Hannover?

hannover city

Hannover is small to medium-sized city located in the north of Germany, within the federal state of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen). People often describe it as a place to live peacefully and as well as crazies. You have the opportunity of choosing the life you want in this city. Although flights to Hannover have been cancelled in many countries due to the pandemic, you can learn exact information from your embassy or consulate. When you get the chance to travel to Germany, remember to visit the best tourist places to go to in Hannover. We're sure you will have the best vacation in Hotel Hannover.

Instagrammable places to go in Hannover

lake in hannover

In this part of the post article, we will explore the best places to visit in Germany. More specifically, many Instagrammable places to go in Hannover. As you already know an answer to your question of "Where is Hannover?", we may now continue providing information about Instagrammable places in Hannover Germany to visit. Keep reading, and now, we will count down the places where you can take your most liked Instagram photos in Hannover.

1. New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus)

new town hall

One of the city's excellent buildings is New Town Hall, or as Germans say, Neues Rathaus. The building itself is an architectural heritage. Although it has been constructed in the early 20th century, it has quite a lot of history, including the Second World War. Inside the New Town Hall, you will encounter Hannover city's models during different periods. Looking at these models, you will understand the history of Hannover in a glimpse. Outside the New Town Hall, you will notice generous nature. All seasons, you will be able to take walks in that area. Regardless of your travel to Hannover, you will be able to take your most liked Instagram photos in this place. 

2. Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus)

old town hall

Among the best places in Hannover Germany to visit, there is Old Town Hall. Of course, it is not as modern as New Town Hall, but it is indeed splendid. When you go by the building, you get the vibes of old times, as the Old Town Hall is one of Hannover's ancient buildings. Old Town Hall has been built during the 15th century and still carries its magnificent beauty. 

3. Marktkirche

church in hanover

Take me to church! As a traveller yourself, you already know that you will encounter many churches if you visit any country in Europe. Of course, churches are among the best places to go in Germany as well. One of our suggestions for you is in Hannover. This church is called Marktkirche and is located in downtown Hannover. The building itself has great architecture dating back to the 14th century. Nevertheless, the church has been attacked during the Second World War, and it still has excellent architecture. Marktkirche must be among the places you will visit when you travel to Hannover, Germany.

4. Herrenhauser Gardens

herrenhausen gardens

Heaven on Earth? Or Herrenhauser Gardens? Your decision. Herrenhauser Gardens are no wonder among the best places to visit in Germany. The area is located in the city of Hannover and has been a favourite destination for tourists and locals for many years. It'd be best if you did not miss the chance to visit this place, as it is excellent botanical heaven. There are too many species of plants. More, you will love the design of these gardens as well. Make sure you come to one of the best places to go in Germany and see this miraculous place with your own eyes. 

5. Hannover Zoo

hanover zoo

Located in the centre of Hannover, Hannover Zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in Germany. Hannover Zoo has been constructed in the 19th century and witnessed the two most significant - First and Second World Wars. During the Second World War, the zoo was severely damaged, but the restoration is still legendary. This place is among the most-visited places in Hannover. Visitors do include the kids and their parents and many tourists and adults—no surprise to that. There are more than 237 species of animals. The wide variety of animals and nature attracts everyone to the Hannover Zoo. When you decide to travel to Hannover Germany, make sure to visit the Hannover Zoo.

6. Georgengarten


As Hannover flights have been cancelled due to coronavirus, you can use your imagination to travel instead. Imagine taking a flight and coming to hotel Hannover and spending all your day in your hotel room. Hahaha, just kidding! Of course, if it is what you want to do, then no problem, do as you wish. However, there are too many beauties you are missing while staying in hotel Hannover. One of them is Georgengarten. Please do not force your imagination to imagine the Georgengarten, and it is pretty hard to picture such a beautiful place. It would be helpful if you saw it with your eyes. When you travel to Germany, take long walks in the arms of nature. This garden contains a lot of lovely places to see and beautiful Instagrammable places for you. You can also do your sport in nature in Georgengarten.

7. Sprengel Museum

sprengel museum

As I always say, one of the best parts of travelling is seeing a lot of art, visiting many museums. Museums are the best places to understand Germany's history and culture in a glimpse. Of course, we did not forget to take you to one of Hannover's museums as well. This museum is called the Sprengel Museum, and it is located near the Maschsee, which will give information about it in the next section. The museum was opened in the 29th century and contained a lot of modern art. When you decide to travel to Germany, come to Hannover and visit the Sprengel Museum. 

8. Maschsee

human-made lake

Maschsee is a human-made lake in Hannover. It's made during the period of the Great Depression. The main reason to build such a lake was the flood. During spring, the city was suffering from floods. Therefore, they came with the idea of making such a lake. Thanks to them. Now the city has such a beautiful place to visit. The area surrounding the Maschsee is quite big and is captured full of nature. You can take walks around this lake or simply take a seat and enjoy the beauty. Apart from daily activities here, there are also some festivals. During Christmas and New Year's Eve, Maschseefest is attracting the people of Hannover.

9. Eilenriede


Being one of the most significant city forests in Europe, Eilenriede is also heaven in Germany. The forest is twice the size of New York Central Park and is more natural. As a tourist, you do not need to take Hannover flights; take the street train. The ride is about ten minutes from the central station of Hannover to Eilenriede. You may decide what you would like to do here, a picnic or long walks with your beloved ones after you arrive.

10. Kropcke Uhr

kropcke uhr

If you're a person who loves travelling but does not have any sense of direction, Kropcke Uhr is there for you in Hannover. This clock is surrounded by too many restaurants, shopping centres, cafes, and kiosks. If you know where the Kropcke Uhr is, you are safe. Kropcke Uhr is located 3 minutes walking distance from the central train station and Galeria Kaufhof shopping mall. Therefore, for years, Kropcke Uhr has played the role of meeting destination or meeting point for many people. Locals and even tourists love meeting around this place. 

11. Marienburg castle

malbork castle

As we already mentioned, Hannover is a small to medium-sized city. However, it has got too many touristic and fun places to visit. Of course, we should not forget the surroundings of Hannover. For example, Marienburg castle is located nearby Hannover, but not inside it. However, it is a lovely destination for Hannover tourists. This castle giving you the gothic vibes must be in your top must-see places in Germany. You also do not need to speak German to take an audio tour of the castle. There're too many possibilities to have a full experience of your trip to Marienburg "Schloss" - castle. 

12. Aegidienkirche


Last but not least, we'd like to end our blog post about 12 Instagrammable places in Hannover (Germany) with a church. Christianity is the main religion in Germany. Therefore, it's not surprising that there are too many churches. Of course, one of them worth seeing is Aegidenkirche. It also carries gothic vibes and architecture worth visiting if you plan to travel to Hannover after this awful pandemic ends.

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