12 Instagrammable places in Hobart

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12 Instagrammable places in Hobart
Where is Hobart? Hobart is a city in the southeast of Tasmania Island. It is the most populous city and the capital of Tasmania state of Australia. If you would like to get Australia visa and travel to Australia, you should travel to Hobart Tasmania, too, at least due to its colonial history and harbour. Numerous cruise ships dock at it. Hobart International Airport, just under 20 km east of the city, has only a very modest number of international flights and is primarily used as a commercial airport within Australia. Nevertheless, there are many fascinating and interesting places to go in Hobart Tasmania, where you can take beautiful photos to get the most liked Instagram posts. The second oldest capital city in Australia was founded in 1804 as a penal colony for the British Empire. However, Tasmania, including the River Derwent's estuary, where is Hobart now, had been populated by a nomadic aborigen population for several ten thousand years ago. That is why you should not miss travel to Hobart Tasmania and to capture the best Instagrammable moments of your trip. There are numerous Instagrammable places in Hobart, for example, the seaport, which is the second-deepest natural harbour in the globe; the Museum of Old and New Art, which is the largest private museum of the Southern Hemisphere, Salamanca Market, etc. In this article, you can find the best 12 Instagrammable places in Hobart, so you can visit them and take a snapshot, which certainly might be one of the most liked Instagram posts of your account. Besides that, I add some recommendations about the sightseeings in Hobart.

1. Tasman Bridge, Girder bridge in Hobart

Tasman bridge Firstly, let us learn about where is Hobart. Hobart is located in the southeastern part of Tasmania at the Derwent River's mouth and on the eastern foothills of the 1270 meters high Mount Wellington. Two road bridges and several ferries make it possible to cross the river, which is up to 1 km wide. The most popular one of these bridges is called the Tasman Bridge. It is considered one of the top places to go in Hobart Tasmania. It has a great panoramic view that can perfectly match the background of your Instagrammable photograph.

2. MONA - Museum of Old and New Art

Exhibition The Museum of Old and New Art, known as MONA, is the largest private art museum in Australia. Here you can find everything your art-heart desires, from ancient to contemporary art. You can see modern and unusual exhibits here on three floors. Those who get hungry with so much art can indulge in the café or restaurant à la carte. Wine lovers should visit the adjacent Moorilla winery. The museum is open six days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Tuesdays. The MONA is located on the Berriedale peninsula, which is best reached by ferry. It should be an integral part of your travel to Australia to visit this museum and take beautiful Instagram photos on the way to the museum by ferry, in front of the museum, and with its exponents.

3. Mount Wellington, the absolute highlight of Hobart

Mount Wellington An absolute highlight of Hobart is Mount Wellington, which is 1271 meters high and shapes Hobart's cityscape. You can reach it via some hiking trails, and from the summit, you have an overwhelming view of Hobart. If you decide to hike to the top of Mount Wellington, you should choose the right clothing because there are absolute temperature differences of 8-10 degrees celsius to Hobart City. Also, in spring and summer, there can be snow on the summit. Mount Wellington sits enthroned right outside the front door of the city, which invites you to hike, bike, and climb the summit. The 21 km drive to the summit leads through the temperate rainforest to subalpine plants and rocks formed by glaciers. The summit's panoramic view stretches from Hobart to Bruny Island to the south and the Tasman Peninsula. No other city in Australia has such a spectacular view to offer. You will see the television and radio transmitter on the way to Mount Wellington, which is one of the best Instagrammable places in Hobart. However, the 350 m high Mount Nelson in the district of the same name is also worth a trip.

4. Salamanca Place in Hobart

restaurant in Hobart There are many shops and cafes in Salamanca Place. But you should come here, especially on Saturdays. Because then the Salamanca Market takes place, which is an absolute highlight in Hobart. You can buy regional delicacies as well as art at many stands. Additionally, you can shot the most wonderful photos of your trip to get the most liked Instagram posts. From Davey Street in the south of the harbour goes the famous street called Salamanca Place, which used to be a popular meeting place for prostitutes, gamblers, and hard-drinking sailors. On this street, which is by far one of Hobart's most important sights, various historical sandstone houses are lined up, many of which can be found in Salamanca Square. These architecturally valuable sandstone buildings were formerly used as the port's warehouses and are now primarily used as office buildings, craft workshops, art galleries, restaurants, bars, or cafes.

5. St. Mary's Cathedral, interesting place to go in Hobart

Hobart city In Hobart, St Mary's Cathedral is a beautiful old church that dates back to 1860 but was only completed in 1881. Not only do they look beautiful from the inside, but you can also take great Instagram photos from the outside at different times of the day. The incidence of light always creates different moods. It has stained glass windows. St. Mary's Cathedral is among the most interesting places to go in Hobart Tasmania.

6. Brooke Street Pier, floating pontoon building

Brooke Street Pier While Brooke Street Pier used to be part of the port area, it is now a great place on the water that invites you to take the best Instagrammable photos. Do not miss this place when you travel to Hobart Tasmania. This tourism transport hub is one of the largest floating constructions in Australia.

7. Seven Mile Beach, the most beautiful beaches in Tasmania

Seven Mile Beach Seven Mile Beach, located in the same name near the airport, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Tasmania. It offers more sandy beaches near the city and nice places to sunbathe and take selfies for your Instagram stories. There are several international hotel chains to stay, such as Ramada Resort by Wyndham Seven Mile Beach. When you plan to travel to Australia, do not forget to arrange it in summer, so that you do not miss the chance to bath on this beach.

8. Bruny Island lighthouse

Bruny Island lighthouse Bruny Island is just a short ferry ride from Hobart. This beautiful island is known for great wine and, of course, the lighthouse. I can recommend a day tour to Bruny Island to see its beauty and take the best photographs there.

9. St. David's Cathedral, the must-see place in Hobart

St. David's Cathedral It is one of the finest Georgian streetscapes and the main Anglican church in the whole of Tasmania. The cathedral has a great view from Murray Street, where you can photograph it perfectly. The interior of the cathedral has another kind of beauty with its Georgian style design.

10. The Hobart Port, the heart of Derwent River

The Hobart Port As mentioned earlier, the port is one of the must-see places in Hobart. Especially in the evenings, it is wonderful to admire the sunset and take selfies with this excellence. The port can be interesting for you from the other side as it is used mostly by the ships which go to Antarctica. Additionally, several races occur at the harbour, which is pretty cool to take Instagrammable photos with. From the port, you can head back to Peacock and Jones in the harbour district, where typical Tasmanian dishes await you in a wonderful atmosphere.

11. The Maritime Museum of Tasmania

Statues If you go from the harbour at Sullivans Cove to Argyle Street, you will come across the Maritime Museum of Tasmania. Here, among other things, art exhibitions are organized, and the history of whaling, seal hunting, and the formerly wicked harbour district are presented in detail. Here you can take the most exciting photos.

12. The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Tasmanian Botanical Gardens The Queens Domain in the northeast of the city centre should be highlighted among Hobart's other sights. In addition to grasslands and tree-lined paths, there are several sports facilities and the beautiful University Rose Gardens. The Queens Walk leads through other pretty squares to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It was built in 1818 during the British Empire. The Discovery Center explains the history and plants of this second oldest botanical garden in Australia. It is the real natural highlight, however, extends around the city area. The Botanical Gardens are one of the best places to go in Hobart Tasmania, and it is worth it when the weather is nice and sunny. There are not only different types of plants, but all over the trees, there are colourful species of parrots. It is a wonderful place to take unusual photos with colourful flowers to share on your Instagram account.

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