12 Instagrammable places in Hong Kong

Gunel Eyvazli 23 December 2020 504 views 6 min. read

Hong Kong – Travelers who love East Asia have probably got their Hong Kong visa and visited this amazing city. Densely populated mega police, a variety of nations, and full of enjoyment - these are the specialities of Hong Kong. Where is Hong Kong, and what features can it provide to tourists? Some people confuse Hong Kong with Taiwan or other regions of China. Unlike other Asian cities, Hong Kong possesses the western spirit, which turns it into a multicultural centre. Hong Kong is one of the best places to take Instagram photos or travel vlogs. This blog will show you the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong and what places to visit in Hong Kong. Let’s start a little journey and take some notes for places to see in Hong Kong.

1. Tung Lung Chau

tung lung chau eastern

Hong Kong is a coastal city, and therefore its literal meaning is “Fragrant Harbour.” One of the places to visit in Hong Kong is undoubtedly Tung Lung Chau. Tung Lung Chau is a mostly inhabited island, which makes this area a wonderful natural place. Your photo in Tung Lung Chau will probably become the most liked Instagram photo in your Hong Kong album. Don’t miss trying zipline at this amazing island. This outdoor activity is the best choice to win your fear of heights. Having a chance to see the ocean view and lofty cliffs will motivate you to this challenge.

2. Star Ferry

star ferry

Travel with Star Ferry boats is one of the popular outdoor activities in Hong Kong. It gives a chance to see ancient culture and modern skyscrapers at the same time. Star Ferry is one of the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong, so we recommend you to take the night tour for this activity. Because the silence of the sea and the light of mega police will let you feel peace, it is also a romantic tour for couples and makes Star Ferry one of the romantic places to visit in Hong Kong, for sure. 

3. Sai Kung

sai kung

A peninsula with prominent hiking routes and fishing villages. Sai Kung is a great answer to the question, “what places to visit in Hong Kong?” There are plenty of joyful activities in the Sai Kung peninsula. You can follow the life of sea turtles (Sea Turtle Marine Reserve), try kayaking (no matter if you are professional or beginner), even if you can swim in warm water. Moreover, Sai Kung will be the most Instagrammable food places in Hong Kong with its seafood markets. It is a different adventure which you can’t easily find in another corner of the world.

4. Dragon’s Back

dragons back

Dragon’s Back is a worldwide known region which is located on the southeast coast of Hong Kong. Dragon’s Back is famous for its 7.5 kilometres hiking trail. Both local and international tourists choose this place for scenic views. You can start your hiking tour from the mountains, go on through forests, and terminate it at the beach. You will see thousands of tourists with a selfie stick or taking photos with gadgets along the pathway. Sights of azure water, foggy peaks of hills, and beaches with white sands assure Dragon’s Back at the top list of the most Instagrammable places in Hong Kong.

5. Wetland Park

wetland park

It is a tourism and conservation facility which is located in the northern part of Tin Shui Wai. Wetland Park is also an educational centre, which means there are plenty of interesting exhibitions. You can join various activities from biking to the open-air theatre. Additionally, you can buy beautiful souvenirs in craft shops. These souvenirs will also turn into your most liked Instagram photo. We recommend you to take permission from authorized offices before eco-biking tours, but don’t worry, it is a free and easy procedure. The permission lets you enter parks and convention centres with your bike. 

6. Big Waves Beach

big waves beach

Another answer to the question, “what places to visit in Hong Kong?” It is an amazing beach with white sands and, of course, huge waves. Every year thousands of windsurfers come to Big Waves Beach to enjoy this beauty. After visiting this beach, you will recommend your friends add Big Waves Beach to their places to see on Hong Kong list. The tremendous view of Dragon’s Back from Big Waves Beach is another reason to visit here. 

7. Museum and Amusements

hong kong museumHong Kong Science Museum

- Hong Kong Science Museum is an amazing place to see science development in different fields, including microbiology, astronomy, robotics, chemistry, or physics. The museum attracts both adults and children for its scientific, informative, and enjoyable features. The informative audios are available in several languages, which is one reason for international tourists visiting the Hong Kong Science Museum. If you are interested in scientific inventions or want to show your children a place with both entertaining and teaching, then the Hong Kong Science Museum is for you. Don’t forget to highlight this museum in the places to see in Hong Kong list. Hong Kong Museum of History - After visiting Hong Kong Science Museum, you may want to pass to the Hong Kong Museum of History. It is next to the Hong Kong Science Museum and possesses various examples of different parts of history. Historical Collections of the museum contain ethnography, cultural heritage, archaeology, folklore, etc. Since 1975 Hong Kong Museum of History has hosted its guests with different documentaries, exhibitions, and audio-video materials. As a history lover, you will find a picture of this place as your most liked Instagram photo. Hong Kong Space Museum - Hong Kong Space Museum is another wonderful centre, and we can call it one of the most informative places to see in Hong Kong. The design of the museum is attractive with its egg-shaped dome. The museum consists of three major parts: Hall of Space Science, Hall of Astronomy, and Space Museum. You can discover the universe at the planetarium and, at the same time, witness NASA’s famous Jupiter Mission. Hong Kong Space Museum also presents equipment for people who love space and air crafting. By the way, this museum is free of charge, so you should come early because of the crowds and mind that almost every museum in Hong Kong closes at 6 pm.

8. Hong Kong Disneyland

hong kong disneyland

Disneyland… Do we need to present it? Hong Kong Disneyland is the best amusement centre in Hong Kong, without any doubt. It is a popular entertaining place among children and adults. There are tons of adventures to discover at Hong Kong Disneyland. There are seven themed areas inside the amusement park: Toy Story Land, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Main Street. You can enjoy the facilities of the centre and purchase original souvenirs, t-shirts from Disney characters. It is also possible to attend tens of contests and go to different restaurants. In a nutshell, if you come to Hong Kong, don’t miss the chance to visit the largest theme park in this region. So, where is Hong Kong Disneyland? The amusement park is situated in Penny’s Bay in the northern-eastern of Lantau Island. 

9. Street Food at Sai Kung

freeze fresh seafood

We present you one of the most instagrammable food places in Hong Kong – Sai Kung street. The variety of seafood and local cuisine makes an impression on visitors. Thousands of people come here to taste street seafood every day. You can buy food at the market and order to cook it. However, tourists usually choose to go to restaurants. Food prices are relevant to each segment. The restaurants are open 24 hours per day

10. Tai O Fishing Village

fishing village

This traditional Eastern Asian village is another example of the most instagrammable food places in Hong Kong. Tai O Fishing Village is prominent in the region for its organic seafood market. You should not compare this market with others because all Tai O Fishing Village shops are standing on stilts. You can voyage this small village by boat and buy various seafood. 

11. Hong Kong Avenue of Stars

statue in avenue of stars

Where is Hong Kong Avenue of Stars? It is located in East Tsim Sha Tsui along the Victoria Harbour waterfront. It is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Hong Kong Avenue of Stars is very popular among foreign tourists. You can see statues devoted to several celebrities like Bruce Lee. Also, many prominent people have got plaques in Hong Kong Avenue of Stars.

12. Temples

interior of templeMan Mo

- Although Hong Kong is a multicultural region and there are representatives of several religions, it is the traditional religious centre of Buddhism. One of the ancient temples in Hong Kong is the Man Mo temple, so millions of believers and tourists visit the Man Mo temple every year. The temple has specific scientists and vibrant colours. Tourists can watch worship rituals and traditional religious moves at this sacred place. There are three Man Mo temples in Hong Kong, but Sheung Wan is popular and bigger than others.  Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is a magnificent temple with 400 stairs and more than 13000 Buddha statues along the road. The design of the main temple and pagodas provides spiritual tranquillity to visitors. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery got international attention after several Hollywood movies/tv series in the middle ‘90s.

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