12 Instagrammable places in Fortaleza

12 Instagrammable places in Fortaleza

Kanan Isazade07 December 20201245 views9 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Fortaleza

Brazil is famous for beaches, rainforests, crazy festivals, Samba, and more. Millions of people travel to Brazil each year. 2019 data shows that more than 6 million tourists travelled to Brazil. It is evident that when someone decides to travel to Brazil, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the first Instagrammable destinations that come to mind. But today, we would like to talk about Instagrammable places in Fortaleza city of Brazil. In this blog, you will learn which are the best places in Fortaleza Brazil, where is Fortaleza, where to take your most liked Instagram photos, and more.

Before starting to talk about the best places in Fortaleza Brazil, let's get through some basics. Where is Fortaleza? Fortaleza is located in the northern part of Brazil and the capital of Ceara. It is the 5th largest and 13th richest city in GDP in the country. Fortaleza covers 313 square km, and 2.68 million is the current population of the city. Of course, as in all cities of Brazil, Portuguese is the most used language. What about English? Although English is effectively used in tourist destinations, residents do not have good skills in English.

After enlarging our knowledge about Fortaleza, it is time to talk about places to visit in Fortaleza Brazil, where you may have an enjoyable time in Fortaleza.

1. Futuro Beach (Praia do Futuro)

futuro beach

As we said at the beginning of the blog, Brazil is famous for its beaches, and Futuro Beach is one of the most popular ones not only in the city but also in the whole of Brazil. In comparison with other beaches, the coastline of Futuro does not have a coral reef, and it makes the area a dream spot for paddling. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes next to the beach, but the most preferred ones are restaurants that kept their originality for decades. When is the best time to go to Praia do Futuro? Undoubtedly, Thursday is the best day of the week to go to Praia do Futuro. Such as on other days of the week, you can enjoy the clear water, sun, and sandy beach, but the main party will begin at night. Almost everyone gathers on Thursday nights here to eat crabs and listen to forro.

2. Metropolitan Cathedral

metropolitan cathedral
metropolitan cathedral

Most of the Brazilian population is Christians, and that is why they have plenty of Instagrammable cathedrals and churches to see. One of those must-see holy buildings is the Metropolitan Cathedral, which is the third-largest one in Brazil. When you look at the cathedral, it may seem familiar to you. It is normal because the architecture of the grand cathedral got inspired by the cathedral in Cologne. The architect of the Metropolitan Cathedral was the French Georges Munier. The cathedral has Gothic-Roman architectural style.

Interestingly construction of the church began in 1939, but it has not been finished for almost 40 years. Roughly 5000 people can pray at the same time in church. Where is Fortaleza, Metropolitan Cathedral? The address is Praça da Sé, s/n - Centro.

3. Fortaleza Central Market (Mercado Central de Fortaleza)

fortaleza central market

Remember to purchase some souvenirs during your travel to Fortaleza. Such as most cities in the northern part of Brazil, Fortaleza is famous for handicrafts, and one of the best places in Fortaleza Brazil to buy handicrafts is Fortaleza Central Market. The building has been serving residents since 1809 but for other purposes. In the past, it was a market where people bought vegetables and meat, but everything changed in 1931. Of course, many changes took place in the construction of the building since 1809. Most parts of today's building were built in 1998. The market has four floors, which have plenty of shops where you can purchase various textiles, woven hammocks, paintings, clay sculptures, and more. The most well-known item among all of them is embroidered lace.

4. Jose de Alencar Theater (Theatro Jose de Alencar)

jose de alencar theatre

Another example of places to visit in Fortaleza Brazil is Art Nouveau-style Jose de Alencar Theater that belongs to the early 20th. The construction of the theatre lasted for six years, and it opened gates to guests in 1910. The building was named after famous novelist-dramatist Jose de Alencar, who was born and grew up in Fortaleza. The main hall has 800 seats, and the small outdoor part has 90 seats. Besides the architectural style of the theatre, the garden designed by Roberto Burle Marx makes this one of the most famous Instagrammable places in the town.

5. Museum of Ceara (Museu do Ceara)

museu do ceara

If you want to have an exciting time in Fortaleza and get some facts about the culture and history of the city, you should visit the Museum of Ceara. The museum was opened in 1932 and had a wide variety of artefacts. Today's data shows that there are more than 12000 artefacts and articles. Besides observing coins, types of furniture, medals, paintings, you will have a chance to learn about the indigenous people of the city. The most favourite artefacts of visitors are a stuffed goat named Yoyo and 75 million-year-old fossils. At the Museum of Ceara, you will have many opportunities to capture your most liked Instagram photos.

6. Ceara Tourism Center (Emcetur)

tourism center

Ceara Tourism Center is a place where you will find more than three tourist attractions just in one area. The centre takes one of the first places on the list of backpackers that travel to Fortaleza because of handicrafts, souvenirs, and more. Also, here you will find the Museum of Art and Popular Culture (Museu de Arte e Cultura Popular). Ceara Tourism Center is not only interesting for people who want to buy some traditional crafts, but also history lovers. Owners of the centre put some of the shops into previous prison cells, and it made a positive impact on tourist numbers. So if you are writing down Instagrammable spots in Fortaleza, add the Emcetur to your list.

7. Nossa Senhora de Assuncao Fort

exterior wall ancient fort

One of the oldest places to visit in Fortaleza Brazil is Nossa Senhora de Assuncao Fort. The history of the fort dates back to 1649. In 1649 Dutch built the fort but, after several years, the Portuguese attacked and captured it. When the Portuguese captured the fort, they changed the name, and they named it after the patron saint of Fortaleza. Nossa Senhora de Assuncao Fort is not fully open to the public as it used as a headquarters of the Brazilian army. Several spots, such as the museum to the honour of General Antonio de Sampaio (hero of the War of Paraguay) functions in the fortress.

8. Meireles Beach (Praia do Meireles)

meireles beach

The coastline and beaches of Fortaleza are famous in the whole of Brazil. Thousands of visitors from various parts of the world travel to Brazil for those beaches, and Meireles Beach is one of the most crowded and preferred ones. Locating next to some of the best restaurants and hotels increases the fame of the Meireles. The Meireles is crowded almost all day long. In the morning, it is a favourite spot for joggers, and at night, it turns into a big party area. Citizens and tourists gather here to taste delicious traditional Brazilian cuisine.

9. Adahil Barreto Park

sweet dog

Copyright: @amigoscachorrodromo

If you travel in the high season, the city can be very dense. Sometimes crowded areas can make us feel bored and stressed and to run away from such conditions we need peaceful destinations. One of the best Instagrammable places in the town to get rid of noisy city life is Adahil Barreto Park. It is a spectacular spot where you can observe the various exotic plants, trees and enjoy the charming view of nature. The park is famed among residents as an excellent cycling and hiking destination. Also, there are some particular sports fields and a playground for children.

10. Beach Park

beach park

If you travel to Fortaleza with your family and are looking for family attractions, then go to Beach Park. It is the largest aquapark in Latin America. Just lay down and enjoy your vacation while your children, playing and going around. The park has a variety of facilities to make you feel comfortable. Also, there is a 41 slide for those who want to pump adrenaline. Finally, keep in mind to take your most liked Instagram photos in front of the mesmerizing view.

11. Crocobeach


Copyright: @jorge_grayson_am

The last beach on our list of Instagrammable places in Fortaleza is Croco, which is famous for its high standards. It is an excellent beach for those who pay great attention to cleanliness and comfort. They have tables on the seaside under palm trees and in front of the pool. Here you will find restaurants that offer delicious meals for affordable prices. Also, some people offer massages at reasonable prices. You will see plenty of sales that will try to sell fake jewellery, watches, and more - do not buy anything from them.

12. Coco Ecological Park (Parque Ecologico do Coco)

ecological park

Several hours in the Coco Ecological Park will be an unforgettable time in Fortaleza for nature fans. The reserve opened in 1989 covers 1155 ha. The park has enormous importance for the city because it protects biodiversity, creates a source of income, and protects the city from potential disasters after floods. Despite it, the park is in danger because of the government's new construction plans. Now many green organizations try to save nature reserves from this catastrophe.

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