12 Instagrammable places in Kosice

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12 Instagrammable places in Kosice
Where is Kosice? Kosice is the second-largest city in Slovakia. Along with the fact that it is considered the center of eastern Slovakia, it is also the middle of the Eastern Carpathian region, which connects the features of many peoples and nationalities. The city probably got its name because of its location: since it is located in the mountain part, as in the "Kosh", that is, the basket. According to another version, it came from the Hungarian name and means "village of Kosha". The town has experienced a long and eventful history and today life here is quite dynamic. For several centuries, the city was considered the most important center in the entire region and was a natural center of trade, crafts, culture and education. The city of Kosice is still a commercial and industrial center of the country. Kosice is a charming town that leaves only pleasant memories of itself. A large flow of tourists is not observed here, but there is a large number of interesting and bright places, it is possible to enjoy delicious and hearty Kosice cuisine and a good-natured attitude. lake in kosice Although there are not a lot of night entertainment places and fashion boutiques, the charming town has its advantages: It is an ideal place for those who prefer eco-tourism, for those who want to spend their holidays away from active megacities. There are also widespread cinemas, bars and pubs, a small number of nightclubs, but since the nightlife in the town is not quite boisterous, most of the Instagrammable places and clubs are closed until twelve. Almost all of Kosice's attractions and Instagrammable places are concentrated in the central part of the city, which is part of the country's huge urban monument reserve. The symbol of Kosice is the Sculpture of a marathon runner, which reminds that the city hosts one of the oldest International Marathons in the world every year. If you are planning a holiday in Kosice, then you have definitely heard about this city. But even after that, you may still have some doubts, so we, in turn, will give 12 Instagrammable places in Kosice, which will not leave you indifferent. However, all of these places are also attractions that you can see when you search for "what to see in Kosice", "Instagrammable places of Kosice" and"Kosice attractions".

1. Hlavna ulica

kosice Hlavná ulica is a tourist attraction that occupies the first places in the list of "Kosice attractions". If you do not know what to see in Kosice, be sure to look here. It is located in the central part of the city, where the main historical sights of Kosice are located. There are also old buildings, and there is a beautiful stream, and excellent fountains, and Instagrammable squares, and small comfortable cafes, and luxury Kosice restaurants where you can enjoy the surrounding panorama. The street, which is quite a busy area for pedestrians, is considered one of the most picturesque in the whole country. The pride of the square is the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, which is the largest church in the country, and at the same time the eastern cathedral of the Western-type in Europe.

2. St. Elizabeth's Cathedral

cathedral in kosice Considered the pearl of the town and a masterpiece in the Gothic style with artistic paintings, the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth was created in the XIV century, but the structure itself was built almost two centuries. The temple has experienced many natural disasters: in its lifetime, it has suffered dozens of considerable fires, a siege by the enemy army, a couple of earthquakes, a couple of floods, a very strong hurricane, which almost destroyed the building. The St. Elizabeth's Cathedral should be seen both in the light and in the dark. In the evening, the illuminated architectural building will delight you with its mystery. It is also necessary to look at the north tower of the Cathedral, which is the tower of King Sigismund. In order to reach the top of the tower with a height of 59 meters, you need to climb a steep spiral staircase with 160 steps. But after overcoming this obstacle, you will be delighted with the unique panorama of the city streets. The cathedral complex also includes the tower of St. Urban, which is a real example of the Gothic style, and the Church of St. Michael, which was created in the XIV century to perform the function of a chapel. The tower was created in the XIV century, in 1557, a huge bell was cast for it, whose weight reaches seven tons. Today, visitors can only see a copy of the huge bell, as the original was badly damaged in a fire in 1966.

3. Singing fountain

singing fountain The singing fountain, located near the building of the State Kosice Theater – is a place that occupies not the last place in the list of "Instagrammable places of Kosice". There is a unique fountain on the entire European continent in the square behind the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth. With lighting in the evening, it becomes simply wonderful. A small park around the fountain is a great place to relax: soothing melodies play and the fountain splashes.

4. Plague column

kosice The next place of note, located on Hlavna Street, is the Plague Column. The plague pillar, which was erected three centuries ago, is considered the legacy of hundreds of people who were victims of the plague epidemic in 1709-1710. In memory of this tragedy, it was commissioned to place a sculpture on the square, the main component of which is the figure of the Virgin Mary, installed at a height of fourteen meters. There are a large number of such symbolic pillars in Europe. Near the column in the park there is a fountain with a zodiac circle, where large fish were released.

5. City park

city park The green heart of the town is the City Park. In the XVIII century, it was a place for aristocrats to walk, and there were also carousels, an ice rink and a gazebo that have survived to this day. Now there is also an outdoor swimming pool, a small pond with lilies, a children's Playground, huge green lawns on which it is not forbidden to walk dogs. It will be easier to get here by the bridge that ends the Mlynska street near the Yakabov Palace.

6. KVL Trixen Park

kvl trixen park Another picturesque park of the city is considered KVL Trixen, which will definitely appeal to lovers of relaxing in a magnificent natural place. There is a beautiful park on the shore of the lake, in the summer there begins to function an excellent beach, where you can take a sun bath and play active games. The park is large enough that there will be no problem to find a place for a picnic. In summer, a large number of people with children relax in the wonderful park, and it is also suitable for walking and entertainment in Kosice in winter.

7. The beggar's house

purple house The beggar's House is, one might say, the most extraordinary Kosice attractions, dating back to the XIV century. Many interesting legends are associated with this House. One of these legends says that the House was built by a city beggar. This beggar begged so skillfully that it began to bring him a very large income. According to official data, the attraction was built for a rich merchant. Today, the first floor of the historic landmark contains several interesting shops. kosice museum If you can't decide what to see in Kosice, head to the East Slovak Gallery, which is a beautiful 18th-century palace and an interesting Instagrammable destination. In the Gallery's collection there are works of art mainly from the XIX and XX centuries. Recently, the Gallery has focused on the study of modernism Kosice, an artistic phenomenon of the twenties of the XX century, when the town witnessed an unprecedented progress of modern fine art at the level of Europe. The gallery contains the largest collection of contemporary art.

9. Ski resorts

ski resort If you are planning a holiday in Kosice in winter, then, in any case, do not forget about skiing, especially since only a fifteen-minute drive from the central part of the city there is a tourism center Yagodna. The surrounding area of Kosice is rich in other ski resorts, so there is always a chance to go skiing in Kosice in winter. For example, a place with the name Volovetsky Verhi, which is considered a famous mountain system and does not cease to attract the attention of lovers of skiing and walking in wonderful places of nature. For visitors, there is a comfortable Kosice hotel and a center where you can rent sports equipment. Here, the slopes designed for skiing are aimed even at novice athletes. In spring and summer, mountain areas attract travelers who prefer hiking. Since the slopes are not steep at all, climbing to the top will not be a serious effort, and the reward for your efforts will be a magnificent panorama.

10. The East Slovak Museum

museum in kosice The museum, which opened in 1872, is the oldest museum in Slovakia. The Museum's collection occupies a huge area. The outer front side of the building is decorated with images of mythical heroes. Through the exhibition located here, you can learn about the history of the region in the period from the Stone Age to the Middle Age. The most interesting exhibit is a gold bar weighing eleven kilograms, which was called the "gold reserve Kosice".

11. Zoo Kosice

zoo kosice In Kosice there is also an excellent zoo, a must-visit. The territory of the zoo is simply huge. Representatives of the fauna here roam freely in extensive enclosures, where the conditions are as close as possible to their natural habitat. The diversity of the zoo's inhabitants is surprising: there are curious llamas, not safe predators, and friendly donkeys. Seals live in a large artificial pond, while ducks swim in an Instagrammable lake. On the territory of the zoo there is a cafe and there are beautiful areas for vacationers.

12. Kosice attractions if you are traveling with children

kosice park If you are planning a vacation with your family, namely with children, then you will have a considerable choice of entertainment. One of these unusual places is the stunning Children's railway Park. A colorful children's train rides through the park, which is exciting not only for children but also for adults. In addition, there are magnificent playgrounds with slides, swings and gymnastic attractions. Another interesting area for vacationers with children is dino park Kosice. In this unique dino park, you will have the opportunity to spend your day in an interesting way. Almost at every step, huge full-length dinosaur figures were installed here. There is also a large number of exciting playgrounds, where everyday entertaining games and entertainment programs are organized for children. On the park territory, there is also a small museum, which has collected interesting archaeological artifacts, as well as fragments of skeletons of ancient animals. Another fascinating place is the Children's Railway with a steam locomotive belonging to 1884. It consists of small old-style wagons. The road on which the locomotive passes is laid along the mountain river Charmel. Also worth a visit is the local Luna Park, which is just a real find for those who love fun rides.

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