12 Instagrammable places in Lesotho

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12 Instagrammable places in Lesotho
Where is Lesotho? Lesotho is a beautiful landlocked country situated in the southern reaches of Africa. The renowned land of South Africa entirely engulfs Lesotho, which makes it not one of the most accessible destinations to reach in Africa. However, there are numerous places to go in Lesotho. Lesotho veneer is characterized by sweeping plateaus of dusty sandstone, as well as, stark rock impenetrable mountains, which brings out a bit of a challenge when navigating around. Despite this, Lesotho’s challenges come hand in hand with its beautiful scenery. Is Lesotho a safe country? Well, it is a peaceful country with polite people who are always ready to welcome visitors. Backcountry is among places to visit in Lesotho. It’s primaeval as well as wild. One of the most amazing Instagrammable places in Lesotho is the sweeping grass plains. The peppering occasionally breaks these sweeping grass plains of thatched San villages. There are mountain rivers that are tamed by huge mountain dams. The extraordinary valley panoramas as well as, waterfalls, are present in nearly every corner. Find out where is Lesotho and enjoy some of these fantastic places to visit in Lesotho. Below are 12 Instagrammable spots in Lesotho.

1. Maseru, Lesotho’s capital city

The flag of Lesotho Maseru is Lesotho’s capital city. When it comes to capital cities in Africa, Lesotho capital Maseru might be the odd one out. Maseru has been reconstructed periodically for a long time from the 1990s. Maseru has grown, up to become a characterful, and charming place you can visit and spend a few days. The Basotho hat is, without doubt, one of the most notable landmarks in Lesotho capital, Maseru. The Basotho hat is a shop designed for selling gifts, crafts, as well as Basotho hats. Besides, there are international eateries, traffic bars for enjoying your favourite drinks, as well as remarkable tailors. So, it is probably one of the perfect Instagrammable places to visit in Lesotho.

2. Semonkong, lovely place in Lesotho

waterfall in Lesotho Semonkong is one of the lovely places in Lesotho. The site is located between Maseru fusty escarpment, bears the geographical heart of Lesotho as a country. Semonkong consists of bamboo topped thatch huts, as well as villages. The term Semonkong is used to refer to A place of smoke. That is a spectacular highland town whose name refers to a spray of clouds found close to the Maletsunyane waterfalls. This waterfall is one of the prominent Instagrammable places to go to in Lesotho. The Maletsunyane waterfalls are amongst the tallest single drops in Africa. That is a place to visit in Lesotho. Explore where is Lesotho, and enjoy touring these ideal places with friends and family.

3. The Katse Dam, Africa's largest double-curvature arch dam

The Katse Dam The Katse Dam is established across the meanders of River Malibamat so. The river flows from the cold highlands of Lesotho. At one time, the Katse dam reigned supreme as the biggest dam of its kind. Nowadays, that superiority is now possessed by the Tekeze dam found in Ethiopia. There is no doubt that this gigantic wall of steel and concrete, is one of the engineering wonders of the continent. Kate dam is engulfed by undulating peaks, as well as grass-topped mountains. It offers Instagrammable background to capture great moments with your loved ones.

4. Bokong Nature Reserve

Bokong For those who would like to know, is Lesotho a safe country? Yes indeed, Bokong in Lesotho is among the safest destination globally. The place is found at the western side of Katse Dam, between dramatic mountain convenient for hiking. Bokong is a perfect destination to wax up your favourite walking boots and hit the trails of Lesotho. At Bokong, you can get an excellent opportunity to explore the likes of Lepaqoa waterfalls on the bluff of great walls that define the highlands of Lesotho, in steam and plumes of mist. Besides the incredible adventurous places to visit in Lesotho, Bokong is also a suitable place for horse riding. There is the Bokong nature reserve that is equipped with well-kept campsites, as well as, winding hiking trails. Find out Where is Lesotho, and enjoyed discovering new instagrammable places.

5. The Liphofung, Lesotho's smallest nature reserve

Liphofung Close to Liphofung, there are sinewy mountains that raise in snow white and hues of ochre during winter. Liphofung conceals various historical sites of the Moteng valley. The Moteng valley has yielded evidence of human existence, in several parts of Lesotho since the stone age. Currently, visitors explore the rich history of Liphofung caves. Here you can gain access to the ins and outs of the Basotho craft culture, as well as, the old Basotho Kings. A perfect place for historians.

6. Leribe, perfect place in Lesotho

leribe Leribe is a place named by the title of a river that fringes the North and south of the town by the name Hlotse. To capture a glimpse of the life experiences of the Basotho people, the laid back Leribe is a perfect place for you. Leribe lies in the border of Lesotho and South Africa on the Northern side. It comprises of complete sunbaked streets that are lined tin homes, and low rise shacks. Here you can visit places like Leribe craft centre designed with wools and hand made fabrics, historic wartime lookout that dating way back to the years of colonialism; as well as, the local market. There is a stunning Anglican church, as well as English style statues well curved on the squares.

7. Butha Buthe, famous town

butha Butha Buthe is a famous town situated in the Northern passes of Lesotho, and the town offers an easy gateway to the historical wonders of Moteng valley. Butha Buthe is one of Lesotho’s scenic mountain roads. Butha Buthe town is also a place at the centre of attention. Visitors from all over the world come here thanks to the natural rock fortresses found in the edges. The Basotho king once got help from the Zulu invaders at this place. Take a visit there and enjoy these breathtaking historical views.

8. Thaba Bosiu, sandstone plateau

Thaba Bosiu When you visit Thaba Bosiu, you might tend to think that, you’ve been taken to the hoodoo spiked lands of Mexico. That is due to the flat and vast stretch of the desert-like sandstone that reigned the landscapes of Caledon and Orange rivers. The Thaba Bosiu elevated plague represents a natural, historic site belonging to the Basotho tribe. Consequently, the spot also serves as a stronghold against the Boers during the Basuto wars. That is a beautiful destination for history fanatics.

9. Ha Kome caves, unique places to go in Lesotho

Ha Kome caves The Ha Kome cave houses located in Berea district in Lesotho are one of the unique places to go in Lesotho. The caves form directly from the rick faces of the engulfing mountains. You can easily locate the Kome caves amid caves near Mateka Village. The village presents you to an interesting, as well as the earthy appearance of traditional families living in this section of Lesotho. The residents here are still the same inhabitants almost two centuries ago. Visit this place, and encounter cave dwellers as you explore the Ha Kome visitors centre. The Ha Kome visitors centre reveals the wealthy heritage of these highland settlements.

10. Mohale, the heart of Lesotho

mohale Mohale is a fantastic place situated over sculpted mountains at the heart of Lesotho. Sweeping highland panoramas surround Mohale. In the past, there were a few visitors. They came to this place which was less popular as compared to Tsehlanye and Bokong. Nowadays, the place is always flooded by visitors from around the world to have a glimpse of the gigantic award-winning Mohale Dam. The Mohale dam comprises of 145 meters in height, as well as, bridges that 700 meters wide crest in total.

11. Mafeteng, beautiful city to visit in Lesotho

Lesotho children Mafeteng is a small city in Lesotho. The name Mafeteng refers to ‘Lafeta’s place’. Just a brief history of the place, Lafeta was a renowned magistrate which was hard to work in this particular region. The Malealea is a popular destination for pony trekking. That is a terminology used to refer to movement through beautiful places to visit in Lesotho on horseback. Sounds great, right? Mafeteng is also a prosperous business centre. With activities such as pony trekking, numerous tourists are listed in this place. There are countless stalls, restaurants, shops, products for visitors to enjoy in the area - Mafeteng has something for everyone.

12. The Morija Museum, enjoy rich arts

Wooden statue The Morija museum and archives were established in 1956, and it is dedicated to the development of activities and programs related to community-based tourism, heritage, as well as, history. The Morija museum is considered a centre for learning. A place for unravelling the histories and mysteries of the Basotho culture. The Morija museum and archives consist of informative episodes of the Boer war, Gun wars, as well as English colonialism. Visitors travelling to this place can have a glimpse of Africa’s rich history. In this town, you can enjoy cultural events and annual art activities conducted for entertainment: live music bands, performance on the streets of Morija, as well as traditional dances. Find out where is Lesotho and explore these historical places to visit in Lesotho.

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