12 Instagrammable places in Ljubljana

12 Instagrammable places in Ljubljana

Ieva Miltina30 April 20214734 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Ljubljana
Slovenia welcomes travellers from all over the world. Historically rich, full of breathtaking views and one-of-a-kind corners to feature in your holiday snaps on social media. Yes, let's talk about some of the places featured in the most liked Instagram photos from Ljubljana! After all, it is no secret that instead of learning about what to do in Ljubljana more and more travellers look for those visually stunning spots they have already seen somewhere online. Let me make it easier for you and give a few hints on well-known as well as well-hidden Instagrammable places, and who knows? Maybe you will be booking your flights to Ljubljana in no time!

Travel to Slovenia - what to expect?

lake bled First of all, let's get some dry facts out of the way, so you get some background context. Slovenia is in southeastern Europe, south of Austria but also borders Croatia, Italy, and Hungary. Being in the middle of all these politically strong powers, Slovenia also used to be a part of Yugoslavia until the early nineties. If you travel to Slovenia you will get to experience magnificent architecture, a mix of cultures and stunning nature, too. How about the capital of Slovenia? The charming Ljubljana is situated in the country's central lands that are said to be shaped like a chicken. Inhabited by just about 300 000 people, it is considered one of the smallest capitals in the EU, but do look past the numbers. Maybe it is the convenient size or the location in the crossroads of so many cultures that make this city an especially charming destination for a traveler looking for something less mainstream.

How should one travel to Slovenia?

airplane If you haven't heard much about this land, don't worry much - it is as easily accessible as any other European capital. Many choose direct flights to Ljubljana airport, but others easily combine the visit and other must-sees of Europe. One of the most popular routes leads from Vienna to Ljubljana, and you can easily do it in about 6 hours by train or bus, too. A train ride from Vienna to Ljubljana is worth considering, especially for the views - it is named one of the most scenic routes in Europe! On your way to the capital of Slovenia you will be stunned by breathtaking mountains, castles, lakes, and rivers...and get a chance at snapping some seriously Instagrammable content, too. 

What to do in Ljubljana?

ljubljanica city Since this is not one of the best-known destinations, not many would immediately know what to do in Ljubljana. You will hear a few options later when I mention the spots your camera and the Instagram crowd will love, but here goes a short description to give you an idea about the vibe of this place. Ljubljana is just like any other Medieval city. You will have a chance at seeing lots of historic architecture, some castles, and churches. An especially scenic Ljubljana river splits the river and the cobblestone streets offer the best mood-setting for endless exploring. Most people go there to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the city, but some have a quick glimpse and catch one of the Ljubljana day tours to see some of the most spectacular destinations in the closest vicinity. For example, the Bled lake, the world's largest cave castle in Predjama, or even Trieste in Italy! Well, enough rambling. What are the 12 Instagrammable places you shouldn't miss in Ljubljana?

1. The best skyline view alongside a perfect drink on Neboticnik skyscraper

aerial view of ljubljana Let's kick this list off with a view of the whole city. The good parts are - you will get the rooftops, the hills, the perfect angle of Ljubljana castle. If you decide to get a cocktail or coffee in the Terasa Bar, you are set up for success because the opportunities for amazing Instagram pics are endless.

2. The staircase of Neboticnik skyscraper

stairs Okay, okay. This is technically the same place I mentioned before, but it is a completely new visual angle and story. You will see the staircase featured in many images and therefore - be creative with the execution and find some new angle of this geometric perfection to feature on your feed.

3. The alternative Metelkova neighbourhood of free thinkers

slovenian graffiti Some might compare it to Christiania in Denmark. That is the vibe this neighbourhood gives off. Mind warping murals, colourful buildings, and the vibrant overall image will look great on your photos. During the day come here to enjoy the art, but during the night - visit some of the bars or restaurants to enjoy life a little. A tip - to avoid making anyone angry, try not to take photos of the inhabitants of this neighbourhood while making your most Instagrammable shots

4. Drinks in Slovenska hisa

drinks You know that I am a foodie, and no must-see list of mine can go without featuring some of the nicest F&B establishments. In this place, you will find a super charming vibe. I would say the best shot would be taking a seat at one of those tables on the banks of the river, ordering some local specialities and a delicious cocktail to enjoy with that view of colourful buildings just across. Perfect spot for a romantic date and romance exuding images, too!

5. Posh travel images at Vander Urbani Resort

vander urbani resort Right in the heart of Ljubljana Old Town, this hotel is like an oasis to rest from the tiresome sightseeing during the day. The chic and luxurious interior will be just one of the things you might want to feature in your online travel diary. The main attraction here is the rooftop, though. Besides the most charming view over the rooftops and a nice restaurant, there is something no Instagram scrolling follower can move past unnoticed. They have an infinity rooftop pool! Just sip a cocktail looking at the Old Town of Ljubljana from the top, and make sure there is someone to catch this moment on-camera... 

6. Paradise of dessert lovers at Menagerie Ljubljana

chocolate frozen dessert If you are on a diet, better don't look at the images of this Instagrammable french style cafe. Heavenly little desserts, delicious cakes, in-house-made sandwiches, and other camera-craving pastries are there to indulge your tastebuds, as well as the imagination of your followers. The interior is charming, too! However, if you want to make that instant crowd-pleaser, make sure you document the visit from an angle that features the most adorable terrace. 

7. The breathtaking ceiling in Stolnica (St Nicholas cathedral)

st nicholas cathedral This one will be a treat if you are into arts and history. The detailed interior has numerous frescoes, altars, and a huge organ that will impose a great dose of respect. Above it all (pun intended) just the most wonderful painting by the Italian painter Giulio Quaglio - look above your head and make sure to have this on your camera!

8. Futuristic architecture at Ljubljana Mosque

ljubljana mosque Light colours, minimalist design, and shapes of this place will look great on your camera. This is the first mosque in Slovenia and it opened just last year. It will be a great contrast in the row of images with mostly baroque facades that are so typical to Ljubljana.

9. Romantic walk and a drink along Cankarjevo Nabrezje

slovenian capital city Instead of opting for Ljubljana day tours, go and explore the road that brings you along the river and literally throws at you a million options for snaps. Besides being one of the top places to enjoy a drink and observe the locals, it is also one of the most Instagrammable places, at least according to the Instagram crowd. There are colourful buildings, lots of tiny bridges, and one of the main tourist attractions - the pink Franciscan Church.

10. The most recognizable Ljubljana scenery at the Triple bridge

triple bridge Compared to the most Instagrammable places in this Slovene capital, this bridge has a serious disadvantage. Practically every visitor of the city has an image of this place, so you better figure out a way to show it from a new angle! Because let's be honest - there is no chance you can leave Ljubljana without getting some proof that you've been on the remarkable bridge, do you?

11. Royal meal at Strelec

haute cuisine If visiting Ljubljana Castle is already on your list, why not get the best out of it and visit one of the best restaurants in Ljubljana? In your list of Instagrammable places, this will be a cherry on the top not only because the castle is on top of a hill and gives the best of the views to make your romantic dinner nicer. Mostly because they specialize in Slovene cuisine served in a worldly manner to suit your gourmet senses and the eager eye of the camera.

12. Gems of nature at Bled lake

bled lake Even though the Bled lake is technically not located in Ljubljana, but about 45 minutes away, I couldn't leave it out. If you are keen on doing at least one of Ljubljana day tours, Bled lake might be the right choice. After all, this beautiful lake with a small island and church on it is to be seen on the most liked Instagram photos from Slovenia! We have gone over this list of the most Instagrammable places in a blink of an eye, haven't we? If this didn't convince you yet, then just scroll over the most liked Instagram photos from Ljubljana and decide which way you want to arrive! If you hop on one of the flights to Ljubljana or decide to opt for the scenic train ride from Vienna to Ljubljana. Either way, you will not regret it!

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