7 Instagrammable places in Lome

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7 Instagrammable places in Lome
to discover a land" is the most used and excellent for most people. Indeed, it led to severe tensions, wars, levelling up in medicine, and even forming today's Geography. As you know, Cristopher Columbus, Fernand Magellan, Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, and Mikhail Lazarev were the famous discoverers. Nowadays, everyone is discoverers in their life. That makes us wonder about new travel areas, know about different cultures, and experience new tastes. In this blog, you will know about the city where people don't like to talk too much. This city called Lome, which is also the capital of Togo. As usual, let's start by answering a question: Where is Lome?

Where is Lome?

sunset Togo is officially named as the Togolese Republic, and it is located in West Africa. Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso are the neighbours of this tropical country that covers 57000 km. This country was a trading centre of slavery from the 16th to 18th centuries. Togo back then was called "The Slave Coast." In 1960 Togo was an independent country. Its capital Lome is located in the south of Togo, and the city extends to Guinea. Lome is the largest capital of Togo. Lome is famous for its cocoa, oil palm kernels, and copra, and you can taste the Lome rich menu of traditional cuisine. As an industrial centre, Lome refines oil. So now you know where is Lome located.

Travel to Lome Togo

boat Everyone who wants to travel to Lome Togo should know some points about this country because it can be dangerous to travel to Lome Togo without having any information. You should know about the rate of crime, disease, political condition, hygiene of the city, and so on. First, let's talk about political tensions. Since 2010, the political situation is not very good, but it is slowly coming to an end. If you find out yourself in large crowds, then stay away. No one knows how peaceful protest may end. Also, keep in mind that if you don't want your camera to be taken away by the police, do not take Instagram photo of the government buildings. There is some information about burglaries, in the business malls, residentials and the taxi. If you do not want to face a problem, don't share your taxi cabin with unknown ones. It is better to lock the windows and doors of the car. togo Let's discuss health problems and diseases. Cholera is one of those problems. Yellow fever is an active issue of health as well. A certificate for the yellow fever vaccine may be required at the border. So how you have already guessed, hygiene is not at a good level. Take into consideration that unknown street foods may cause health issue for you. Also, do not walk on the beaches barefoot. You could face unwanted surprises. For your health, drink only bottled or boiled water, because tap water can be a reason for stomach diseases. The last problem is you should know about driving issues. Although major roads are paved, secondary roads are not. One of the problematic conditions is the lack of pavement. When it rains, this problem causes flooding.  After it all, there is a question on your mind, is it worth travelling Lome? Remember, if you bear the advice in your mind, it is worth it. Now, you will get information and meet the colourful sides of Lomé Togo. Instagrammable places to Visit in Lome Togo:

1. Grand Market de Lome

grand market de lome As we say, if you desire to see the colourful sides of places to visit in Lome Togo, you should start with the place called Grand Market de Lomé. This name comes from French, which means "Main Market." It is the largest market in this city. Have you ever been to the African market? If your answer is "no," then you should start to visiting places with this place. The market is located in the center, near Lome cathedral and consists of 3 parts: Assivito, Asigame, and Atipoji. Everyone wears colorful clothes, so you can only imagine how colourful this market is. The photo that you will take in this market will be the most liked Instagram photo on your feed. Furthermore, you will sometimes be able to hear local Lome musicians' songs. It is a lovely addition to the mystery of the market atmosphere. The majority of sellers are women and children. You can find everything, from cosmetics to clothing, that is pretty cheap. Be free to feel this unique atmosphere. Do not forget about negotiating to get the lowest price.

2. Tamberma Village

tamberma village The next place to visit in Lome is Tamberma Village, this village is located North-Eastern side of Togo, on Benin's border. The houses of the town are like a typical fortified house. The village has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The houses of the town are one of the most important examples of African architecture. Their sloping ruffed turrets will remind you of the European medieval castles. It has an interesting history; people have escaped from the slavery of Dahomey's rulers in the 17th century. They were built with mud, straw, and branches. The village has a difference among other African Villages. Usually, buildings in Africa are close to each other. Yet, in this village, houses have a certain distance from each other. It allows people to make particular fields for cultivating. There are also fascinating Togo cultures and traditions types. For example, women wear hats that are covered by horns of antelope; even they have horns in the houses. Another tradition that will make you smile is to choose house areas for a young man who wants to marry. A young man determines a place for a house and then shoots an arrow. The pointed place is the new house place of that young man. People have funeral activities to honour death. They usually perform drumming or Tibet dance. A special group deals with this ritual. They implement this elegant dance with lights and themes. This village will not influence you only spiritually. If you are thinking about "how to find Instagrammable places?" then do not worry. It will also affect your Instagram feed with most liked Instagram photos. Can you imagine how magical it will seem in your photos?

3. Plage De Sable Fin De Lome

lome beach We know you are interested in the beaches of Lome, and you are in the right direction. It is one of the reasons why Lomé is worth visiting. "Plage de sable fin de Lome"  is one of Lomé beaches. It is a wide golden beach surrounded by vast and tall palm trees. It is clean at the beginning of walking, but it gets trashier when you are getting closer enough. If you want to take an unforgettable picture of your journey and get an answer to "how to find Instagrammable places?", it is an ideal vision fou you. The waves and abandoned boats will make your photo incredibly beautiful. Fairy pictures can be the most liked Instagram photo of your account. Remember, it can be dangerous to be there in the evening and without other familiar people. 

4. Togo National Museum

togo national museum The next destination can be Togo National Museum, which is located in Lome. It is one of the Instagrammable places. Since 1975, the museum has functioned properly. On the opposite side of the road, there is a hotel named February 2. There are so many exhibits that will make you amazed. Here, cultural, ethnographical, and artistic productions are shown. For Discovering Togo culture, this museum is the rightest place. Colorful maps, old pictures, and Instagram photos of Togo are on the showcases. If you want to date back a thousand years, this place will serve you in this matter. Things from clay, baskets with decor, calabashes that secure the food and drinks are lovely. Musical instruments of Togo are another attractive characteristic of the museum. The famous local tobacco pipes and the clothes of wood carving are shown on display.

5. The international Gulf of Guinea Museum

museum There are also Instagrammable places to see around the museum. The international Gulf of Guinea Museum is one of them. The collection of Rene David is displayed quite fancily.

6. Lome Cathedral

lome cathedral Lome Cathedral is another destination for looking for places for his/her social media account. It is one of the seven catholic churches. Built-in 1901. The building is in the format of the European Gothic style. Tall and slim windows will admire you. You can see the Instagrammable view of the pearl of West Africa.

7. Koutammakou Landscape

koutammakou landscape The last destination of the places to visit in Lome Togo is the Koutammakou landscape. It is the neighbor of Benin. It is a fairy and magical atmosphere for those who want to feel profoundly African life. The forests, fields are in harmony with native people. The architect is a typical African style: tower houses are two-floored. Some buildings are flat-roofed, some of them have spherical roofs. Imagine it seems like a cylindrical base with a spherical roof. How beautiful they are! This landscape has been a UNESCO heritage since 2004. Its mud houses are counting the symbol of Togo. 

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