12 Instagrammable places in London

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12 Instagrammable places in London
London is still better than a good day anywhere else. Spending time in London is the biggest dream of millions of people. The data shows that almost 12 million tourists visited this charming city in 2019. Considering that there are millions of possible visitors, we decided to give our list of 12 Instagrammable places in London. In this blog, you will learn what places to visit in London, which are the most Instagrammable places to eat in London, etc.  

1. Travel to London and visit Madame Tussauds museum

madame tussauds Madame Tussauds museum has 21 branches worldwide (six in the USA), and one of them is here in London. The museum has more than 250 wax figures, which look real. Here you can meet the Hollywood stars, such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Kate Winslet, and take your most liked photo on Instagram. Also, there is a specific part of Star Wars and Marvel fans, but be careful and do not join the dark side. You are the chosen one. If you are interested in sports, go to the sports zone, famous athlete Usain Bolt and ex-football player David Beckham wait for you there. Of course, if you travel to London, you should visit the royal family. Do not hesitate to capture Instagram photos with the Queen. How long does it take to walk around? You will spend almost two hours discovering all figures in one of the best places to see in London. The museum is open for visitors seven days a week between 10 am to 4 pm. 

2. London Aquarium

london aquarium Do not think that it is for kids. Everyone of all ages should taste this unforgettable experience. The aquarium has been divided into several parts. You will begin your voyage with the Seahorse Kingdom, and after that, you will enter Instagrammable Rainforest Adventure to observe piranhas and crocodiles. If you are brave and want to taste your nerves, the shark tunnel is for you. While walking in the tunnel, you will be able to observe swimming sharks above you. During a two-hour trip (the duration of the trip depends on you) you will have a wonderful time in London. Where is the Sea Life London Aquarium? You will find this Instagrammable spot on the south bank of the River Thames next to the London Eye, but you should book tickets before going. What are the working hours? Sea Life London Aquarium is working 7 days a week between 10 am to 3:45 pm. 

3. Warner Bros. Studio

warner bros studio The next stop in our list of places to visit in London is especially crucial for Harry Potter fans. Warner Bros. Studio organizes tours starting from 10:00, and it lasts till 16-18:00, depending on the day. Here you'll get a chance to discover all the scenes, secrets, and real magic that created the movie. All Harry Potter movies were recorded here. The mesmerizing Hogwarts Great Hall, Forbidden Forest, and other Instagrammable sets are waiting for you. Also, you may get a chance to talk with filmmakers who gave life to this movie series. What about the prices? Adults will pay £89.00 and children £84.00 per ticket to visit one of the best places to see in London. Moreover, there is a souvenir shop where you can buy a gift for yourself or someone else. Finally, keep in mind to take a lot of Instagram photos. Maybe, one of them will be your most liked photo on Instagram

4. Kew Gardens

garden Kew Gardens is one of the most Instagrammable places in London. Kew Garden is the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site and an excellent spot for people who want to get rid of a noisy city. It has one of the most diverse plant collections globally, and that is why here you will see not only ordinary tourists but also scientists. Some of the Instagrammable places in Kew Gardens are Palm House, Princess of Wales Conservatory (which has 10 of the world's climatic zones), Waterlily House, Treetop Walkway (18 m high). Also, you can visit the former summer house of King George III. What about prices? You will pay £6.00 for children, £18.00 for adults per ticket to have an exciting time in Kew Gardens. You can visit and capture the most liked Instagram photos freely from 10 am.

5. Tower of London

tower of london If you are a history fan and ask a question: what historical places to visit in London, then this part is for you. The Tower of London holds one of the highest positions on the list of places to visit in London. In the past, the tower was famous as a home of torture and death. The walls of the keep witnessed many brutal death and historical events, but all of them are in the past now. Today it is an example of the favourite places to see in London. Here you will have a chance to get priceless facts about the history of the keep, observe swords, armours. Do not miss Royal Beasts and learn about the wild animals that have populated the Tower of London. The entrance price for adults is £28.90 and a half-price for children (under five is free). If you want to see one of the most Instagrammable places in London during your travel to London, come between 09:00 and 18:00 (hours can change depending on the day).

6. London Transport Museum

london transport museum I'm sure that most of you have never seen such a museum before. London Transport Museum will let you go back in time and observe the city's transport history and development. There are plenty of vehicles, but two of them are more well-known: the red London bus and the world's first underground steam train. Take Instagram photos in front of various buses, join tours, or enjoy the interactive galleries in which you can feel how it is to drive classical English buses and trains. After exploring the whole museum, you can relax in the cafe or buy some souvenirs in the shop. 

7. Epping Forest

forest in london When you search for London's Instagrammable places on google, you will probably see Epping Forest's name in the top 20. It is one of London's main conservation areas and home to plenty of rare plants and insects. Residents and tourists come here to hike, capture most liked Instagram photos, and relax. While walking in the forest, you will see many old and big trees, and some look so terrifying. Some of those trees remind me of Ents (the speaking trees from the Lord of the Rings).

8. St Paul's Cathedral

cathedral in london There are plenty of churches and cathedrals in London, and St Paul's Cathedral is one of them. Several characteristics make this spot a favourite for visitors: charming interior and exterior design, the crypt where you will find tombs of various notable people such as Admiral Lord Nelson and the 1st Duke of Wellington. Moreover, it is an excellent location to capture the most liked photo on Instagram (climb to Golden Gallery to see London's breathtaking view). 

9. Trafalgar Square

Is it impossible to talk about Instagrammable places in London and not mention Trafalgar Square? Trafalgar Square is a public place that brings together many statues, galleries, historical buildings, etc. Also, it hosts various events throughout the year. The Greater London Authority is the organization behind all events. Since the past, the square has been the centre of protests and demonstrations, which is why it witnessed thousands of historical moments. Other places to visit in London close to the square are the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, etc.

10. Football stadiums

chelsea stadium Everyone knows that football can stop regular life in England, and London is one of its football centres. There are more than 20 stadiums, and the biggest among them by capacity is Wembley Stadium. The 90000 spectators can watch the game in this stadium. Other famous stadiums worth visiting are Emirates Stadium, London Stadium, Stamford Bridge, ex-White Hart Lane, and so on. There are available tours to each of these stadiums. Even if you are not a fan of this club, I recommend watching at least one live match in London.

11. The most Instagrammable places to eat in London

cafe People from different nationalities live in London, and this cultural richness shows itself in cuisine. Some most Instagrammable places to eat in London are Kennington Lane Cafe, Scarlett Green, Grand Cholan, Amrutha Lounge, etc. 

12. Chinatown

chinatown The last option of London's Instagrammable places on our list is Chinatown. If you want to feel like small China in London, you should visit this location. Here you will have the chance to taste delicious Chinese cuisine, shopping in colourful shops, and buy some souvenirs. Almost in all streets, you will find Chinese ornaments such as dragons, colourful balloons, and so on. Aren't all of these Instagrammable places amazing? If you agree with us, apply for a UK visa now and get the photo of your dreams. 

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