10 Instagrammable places in Lviv

Anastasia Ilchenko04 March 20211462 views9 min. read
10 Instagrammable places in Lviv
Europe, Ukrainian Piedmont, which resembles more of an open-air museum, has for many years retained the status of the cultural capital of Ukraine. The most Instagrammable places in Lviv are not only a palette of bright colours and textures. Irresistible architectural delights, cultural eclecticism, warm hospitality of citizens, and the aroma of black coffee permeating every molecule of the air-all this has been attracting thousands of tourists to the city of Lviv for many years. Intensive excursions, spontaneous walks, or leisurely promenades – in the list of "best places to visit in Lviv," there is something that you will like. Majestic castles and secluded back streets, mesmerizing panoramic views, and wide cobbled streets – why not start ticking the boxes right now? Hurry up – a direct train to Ukrainian Paris departs in a few minutes!

1. Rynok Square

rynok square If you want to understand how the Lviv city has earned the glory of the cultural capital of Ukraine, allocate a few hours of daylight to visit one of the most iconic local attractions. Surrounded by European-style colourful houses, Rynok Square is dotted with thin lines of tram tracks. On weekdays, stylish shop windows, colourful exteriors of cafes and restaurants will be the perfect "catch" for your lens. On weekends, this place, which is definitely in the top 5 of the rating "Instagrammable places in Lviv", becomes a magnet for hundreds of citizens and tourists who want to dance salsa in the summer and go ice skating in the winter. You can also make new acquaintances or give generous applause to the performance of their favourite music group.

2. Venice Palace

palace in lviv Turning the corner of one of the buildings in the central square, you will find a classic Italian courtyard. Both serene Venice and unforgettable Rome seem to come to life here, and the Lviv city itself is more like a cosy European town, not almost a million people. The Italian Renaissance's gracefulness found its expression in the exquisite galleries, overhanging each other in three tiers. The territory here is "the best" for fans of strict lines in the profile visualization and just Insta-perfectionists. Every detail here, as if in a mirror image, is repeated on the opposite side. The massive columns on the first floor become more refined on the second, turning into elegant capitals on the building's upper tier. In the warm season, on the summer terrace of one of the cafes, you can take a couple of colourful, most liked Instagram photos and, if you are lucky, get to a literary evening or a chamber concert of one of the local music groups.

3. Yard of Lost Toys

yard of lost toys Are you thinking about the reasons why to get Ukraine visa? A walk along with one of the oldest and most forgotten Ukrainian Paris streets – Mukachevskaya-can turn into a real photographic retro adventure. Although films about Lions have not yet been shot here, it would be a good horror. Once a resident of this courtyard-the father of a poor family-found a child's toy at the entrance. Although such a "gift" for children would not be superfluous, he left it in the same place in the hope that its owner would return. Since then, many years have passed, no one remembers who the man was and what kind of toy he happened to find. Even if you come here without a companion, you are unlikely to feel alone. Surrounded by the walls of residential buildings, the yard is full of toys, which is not limited to a couple of decades. Some are perched on children's ladders, others are sitting on specially installed shelves here, and some are sitting resentfully on the ground. Prepare the lens in advance – you will hardly want to spend much time in the garden of lost toys.

4. Armenian Cathedral

church Named after the great Ukrainian director of Armenian origin, who was born in Georgia by the will of fate, a small alley of Sergei Parajanov leads directly to the Armenian courtyard Cathedral. It is best to plan your route all the same through the street Krakow-a string of contrasting windows of confectionery and souvenir shops here will not leave you indifferent even a seasoned traveller. Do you want to take a couple of vivid photos in Lviv? No question – contact the sellers for the props! The church itself, by the way, must be on your list of "Instagrammable places in Lviv". Try to come here in the first half of the day, when the playful rays of the sun, breaking through the small windows, play catch-up. Works of sacred painting-stained glass windows and frescoes can attract the eye of even a convinced sceptic. The best shots will be taken in the courtyard of the church: well-kept flower beds, battered walls, a cross-shaped dome, Renaissance arcades, and Baroque details – the compositional decision is yours!

5. House of Scientists

stairs The national casino, where only representatives of the nobility were allowed to enter, today is one of the most underrated pearls in the family necklace of Lviv. The luxurious interior is lavishly decorated with fine carvings and stucco work. A massive oak staircase leads to the second floor, where a fountain once sparkled with diamond splashes and rivers of champagne flowed to the applause of the blue-blooded audience. In these steps, Mikhail Boyarsky, in the film "The Three Musketeers," went up to the cardinal to play a chess game. Lviv casino saw not only invincible excitement and debts that are not destined to return. Here, in the House of Scientists, costume balls, musical evenings and political discussions were held. Why not put aside all the other interesting Lviv places for later and, for a few hours, imagine yourself as a beautiful lady or a gallant cavalier? We do not forget, of course, about the most liked Instagram photos. Insta-feed will not fill itself!

6. Bald Mountain

bald mountain One of the most fantastically fascinating places of Western Ukraine's pearl, the mystical, mysterious Bald Mountain, has every chance to become number 1 in your personal top "best places to visit in Lviv". This place is associated with many intriguing stories about witches and magical rituals, the roots of which are hidden in the depths of ancient times. What an Instagrammable view from the top! Blurred, as if painted in watercolours, the panorama of the city is original and romantic. The High Castle Park view, which is considered the highest point of the city, can instantly turn into a mesmerizing landscape picture worthy of your blog. But be careful: the path to the top is full of rocky ledges and steep ascents.

7. Lesya Ukrainka Street

lesya ukrainka street If you managed to close all the gestalts on local attractions and you don't want to waste your time in Lviv, head for Lesya Ukrainka Street. This street which is named after the great Ukrainian poet, is considered one of the most Instagrammable in the whole country. Contrasting restraint of colourful facades, captivating aroma of freshly brewed black coffee, unobtrusive echoes of music somewhere nearby… The real Lviv is here! The business card of the cobbled street is the benches located along the centre, sitting on one of them, you can take a couple of selfies "for your own" or listen... Hear how Ukrainian Piedmont sounds. Lviv residents say that every brick is photogenic here. Don't miss the chance to check it out!

8. The Dominican Church

church Spending time in Lviv, a city in Ukraine, you will only force yourself to lower the camera and "take pictures with your eyes". Before you put the lens in your bag, let your feet carry you to the gates of the Dominican Cathedral. This massive architectural structure stands alone in the centre of the Ukrainian cultural capital. Without him, the city of the Lion would not be itself. It would probably look less European. A special charm takes hold of the Cathedral in the evening when the majestic building's cold walls are flooded with warm lamplight. He seems to say: "As long as I stand, Lviv will remain the way you love it." Even though the films about Lviv did not capture this place's architectural beauty, it was chosen by Instagram users. Photo at the door of the Cathedral – a must for hunters for juicy shots. As they say, " I took a picture at the Dominican-I checked in in Lviv." You what to do in Lviv!

9. Villa of Gypsum Kings

villa of gypsum kings For those who want to take a break from the old town's tourist-filled streets, Villa Jozefa Franz will be a breath of fresh air. The most significant decoration and, without exaggeration, the cultural treasure of Konovalets Street, represents the non-baroque flow of Lviv palace architecture. Despite the alterations and renovations inside the palace, which today hosts a sports dispensary, the luxurious stucco decoration of the walls and plafonds has been preserved to this day. The time in Lviv that you plan for leisurely tourist walks is very valuable. Do not waste it on visiting crowded places – walk through the rich territory of the plaster kings' villa. Catch the coveted "golden hour" and be sure – your Insta-feed will now sparkle with new colours.

10. Restaurant 36po

restaurant Being a fan of visual and culinary tourism, do not fail to look at the first and only restaurant in our list of "the most Instagrammable places in Lviv". Taking up a whole five floors, the institution only does what surprises: style, scale, and an atmosphere unlike anything else. Crossing the threshold of restaurant 36po, you will not be able to take your eyes off the giant aquarium, in which sharks, stingrays, and other unusual inhabitants of the depths of the sea peacefully coexist. The institution's business card occupies as many as two of its floors, so there are plenty of opportunities to implement all your most unusual photo ideas! If you go a little further, you will see the largest collection of tropical plants in Ukraine. Just hanging from the ceiling here are not similar to each other flowers and liquid bunches of grapes. Lviv, the city in Ukraine and without multi-hectare botanical gardens, are ideal for a photo shoot in the style of "eco", for example.

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