12 Instagrammable places in Madagascar

Ieva Miltina14 November 20201964 views9 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Madagascar

Do you know where is Madagascar? And no, I am not asking where you can see the funny animation movie. Rather the beautiful and rich country full of unexpected places that will leave you in awe! How much do you know about the most famous places in Madagascar? Or what to do in Madagascar to earn the most liked Instagram photo? Let me make it easier for you. In this article, I will try to answer some of these questions. At the same time, I will reveal the most Instagrammable places to visit in Madagascar to make dreamy, catchy, and extremely likeable photos for your feed. And some of the most unforgettable memories alongside too! 

Where is Madagascar located?

map of madagascar

Not many know where is Madagascar located, but it is relatively easy to spot it on the map. It is an island right on the eastern coast of the continent of Africa, which is one of the reasons why most people who travel to Madagascar will do it by plane. Nevertheless, if you are curious about what exotic places to visit in Madagascar, then you should definitely keep in mind the option of boats and yachts; after all, some of the most exotic landscapes are available on some more remote smaller islands.

What to do in Madagascar?

haute matsiatra region

If you are planning a trip, then what to do in Madagascar must definitely be one of the questions on your mind. It has amazing beaches but is there anything else to do? And the answer is more than just affirmative. Most of the famous places in Madagascar are actually inland! You will hear about particular activities like the avenue of baobabs in more detail below. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that Madagascar has everything from activities in nature (hiking, rowing a boat, sightseeing) to more urban activities. Just check the list below and if nothing seems to be your cup of tea, then look up additional options online! Shall we?

1. Tsara Komba Lodge at Nosy Komba

To be honest, you will find a lot of dreamy lodges on Nosy Komba or other islands near the main island of Madagascar. After all, it is located in the Indian Ocean! Nevertheless, Tsara Komba Lodge has a special appeal besides its very Instagrammable location. It is the interior! Just like from the pages of your favourite interior magazine. Or the favourite interior Instagram account. If you are looking for places to refresh your feed with something beyond just beach and jungle images, then definitely consider this amazing accommodation!

2. Lemurs and chameleons in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park


If you didn’t know this already - many people travel to Madagascar just to see and experience the exuberant diversity of fauna and flora. So should you! The Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is one of the places to visit in Madagascar if you want to fill your feed with spectacular wildlife images. And to wow your followers, don’t forget to make some Instagram stories with the friendly lemurs or the dinosaur-like chameleons! 

3. Anakao coastal fishing town

small traditional pirogue

On this list, you will see many beachy places to visit in Madagascar, but Anakao has a great added value. It has earned a spot on this list of Instagrammable places for traditional fishing boats. And you will agree that the best place to see boats is a fishing village, right? Just capture those fishermen doing their job or locals bringing the produce in woven baskets on their heads back to the village. Authentic views are guaranteed!

4. Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

tsingy de bemaraha national park

If you are short of ideas on what to do in Madagascar and want an active day, then go to Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. Sometimes referred to as the stone needle forest, it features spectacular limestone formations that have eroded both horizontally and vertically over the centuries. The most liked Instagram photo (or actually, many of those) display crossing this narrow wooden path, suspended in the air on the background of the abovementioned rock formations. Breathtaking, exciting, and very Instagrammable!

5. Tsingy Rouge Park

abstract geological formation in red tsingy

If you would ask me what exotic places to visit in Madagascar, then this would definitely be one of my answers. Tsingy Rouge will transport you to Mars-like landscapes with orange rock formations as far as the eye can see. Sometimes it is also called Red Tsingy Reserve, and the red sculptures are formed due to erosion in the red soil of this region. Moving further into the canyon, you might even come across an actual red mud river! 

6. Avenue of Baobabs

baobabs trees

This is definitely one of the most famous places in Madagascar! Avenue of baobabs is something one-of-a-kind and will resemble animation or sci-fi movies. These old and very tall trees look like they are out of this world, and this is what makes it easy to name it one of the most Instagrammable places. Dare I say - in my opinion, this might as well be THE most Instagrammable place on this island. With that said - the most liked Instagram photo is guaranteed if you get your camera out at the right moment. For example, in sunset light or just in the right moment when local ladies with baskets pass by on the road. 

7. Buzzing life at Antananarivo

panorama view at the antananarivo

It is the capital of Madagascar, sometimes referred to as Tana, and comes with some obvious image scenarios for your feed. Capture the typical architecture, the busy streets, or even visit the Analakely market. If most of the places on this list will focus on nature, then this is the perfect opportunity to get out the message about modern life in Madagascar. This is also one of the places to go in Madagascar to explore some history and get images of the remnants of colonial architecture.

8. The beaches in Ile aux Nattes

sainte marie island

If you already got your Madagascar visa and now travelling to Madagascar for the beauty of beaches, then Ile aux Nattes is exactly the thing you wish for. White sand, crystal clear water, and palm trees right on the beach. Just like in any of your movies about people being stranded on a paradise-like island. And FYI - earning the most liked Instagram photo is easy if you have places like this! Another thing you have to know - in Madagascar, you will find many other Instagrammable spots on the coast too! Just do some research and be ready to use up a lot of that sunscreen!

9. The rocks on the banks of the Manambolo River

tourists on boat on manambolo river

If you like water but are tired of turquoise water and white sand views, then this is definitely one of the places to go in Madagascar. Rowing your boat on this flat river will give you tons of opportunities to observe the local wildlife, nature and just unwind after taking the most amazing images everywhere else. The Instagram catch of the Manambolo river is the canyons and caves eroded into the photogenic rocks on the banks of the river. Enter one of those and make unforgettable images with a view of the river!

10. Isalo National Park

landscape of isalo national park

This park is one of the places to go in Madagascar if you are a geology and wildlife enthusiast. Isalo National Park is sometimes referred to as Jurassic Park because many of its landscapes have formed in that time. Walking through canyons. Swimming in tiny lakes with a waterfall above your head. As well as observing the animals in their natural habitat. The diversity just makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Madagascar, if not in the whole world!

11. Seafood

roasted fish

You won’t be at a loss if you decide to travel to Madagascar for delicious food. It is located on the coast, and that gives a legitimate correlation to the amount of great and fresh seafood you will be able to find in this country. The cuisine has been influenced by such a flavorful mix of cultures (Arabic, Indian, African, and French)! Rice is a staple here, but the wide variety of animals and plants historically has contributed to a combination of exciting dishes. Just try some of the fresh grilled langoustines or lobsters or the Malagasy bread called Mofo gasy. You can get them from street food vendors easily. Just don’t forget to make a delicious Instagram story to make your followers drool and wish they were there with you!

12. Nosy Iranja Island

nosy iranja

It is yet another Instagrammable paradise on the Earth! Amazing beaches are an obvious bonus if you go there. But what makes the Nosy Iranja island so different is the tiny stretch of sand that connects it to another smaller island. It is a major Instagram spot. If the weather conditions allow, you should definitely consider walking on that strip and making some images that look like they are straight from a travel magazine feature!

I hope this article gave you an impression of what exotic places to visit in Madagascar because this pristine destination is literally swarming with opportunities! This list was rather a way to curb your curiosity and do more profound research into the spectacular views and activities to experience there. After all, Madagascar is one of the most Instagrammable places to feature on your social media accounts and make the followers jealous. So what are you waiting for? Just travel to Madagascar now!

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