12 Instagrammable places in Espoo

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12 Instagrammable places in Espoo
Scandinavian countries at one part of their lifetime. If you are one of those people, then we can truly say that this article was written for you! Usually, travellers do not really pay attention to non-capital cities located in this area, which results in more and more people visiting cities like Oslo, Helsinki or let us say Stockholm. However today, we will turn thing a bit other way and explore one of the hidden gems of not only Finland but also whole Scandinavian peninsula! Pack your bags because we are heading to Espoo. But wait, where is Espoo in the first place? Espoo, which is Esbo in Swedish, is a settlement, located in southern part Finland, just west of the capital city of Helsinki, in an area of long, flat valleys layered with low clay hills. The city has links to Helsinki and the rest of Finland by train. It is a flourishing technology hub where the region has developed operations for over 200 multinational companies. But what about Espoo weather? Daily temperatures vary significantly in Espoo. Temperatures feel chilly for around half of the year with humidity and otherwise nice with a risk of rain or snow for much of the year. The hottest months are July, August, and then June, if you are looking for the hottest time to visit Espoo. In short, we can say that Espoo weather is very tourist-friendly all year round, and the time of your travel solely depends on your personal preferences. Now that we have answered the question of “Where is Espoo?”, we can finally proceed with our breath-taking adventure. However, I think it is worth to mention that we would not be only focusing on historic places to visit in Espoo Finland or on best places in Espoo Finland, but our main goal will be to find out most instagrammable places in the city. So, here are the 12 Instagrammable places in Espoo.

1. Haltia The Finnish Nature Centre

finnish nature centre No one can deny that this nature centre is one of the best places in Espoo Finland. The Haltia exhibits take tourists on a journey through Finland to see the beauty of the country at its most beautiful, from all the various regions and from the 40 national parks within its boundaries. There is also an introduction to the various encounters of nature available in the area of Helsinki, some of which would be well documented, others far less so. The Nature Mothers Name sound setup space which is named Bear’s Den and an Open Woodland Hut is also available at Haltia. The exhibition observes the annual cycle of nature, using, among other elements, not only the panoramic scenery, but also video presentations, dioramas, and models. An environment of sounds and light completes the journey, allowing tourists to live and experience true Finnish nature.

2.Gallen-Kallela Museum

gallen-kallela museum For me, this museum comes at the top of all historic places to visit in Espoo Finland. The distinctive architecture and the building have the ideal atmosphere in order to be marked as an “instagrammable place”. The museum, which was initially a studio and home, opened to the public in 1961. Alongside current works of modern art, temporary exhibits showcasing the art and life of Gallen-Kallela are displayed. At the same time, a wide variety of events and programs are planned during the year, with the museum serving as a hub for information on the great artist.

3. Radisson Blu Hotel

radisson blu hotel Copyright: @radissonbluespoo I know at first, a hotel does not really sound like an instagrammable spot in a city, but this one is an exception. By being one of the best hotels in Espoo Finland, Radisson Hotel also offers a very unforgettable Instagram experience. The Blu Hotel welcomes you to visit Scandinavia’s beautiful coast and scenery. To ensure your stay is stress-free, the hotel offers a restful atmosphere and comfortable facilities. Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport is only a 30-minute drive away, while Helsinki city centre is only a 15-minute drive away from the hotel. So, if you were looking for the best hotels in Espoo Finland, now you know the right answer. 

4. WeeGee Exhibition Centre

weegee house For visitors of all ages, the WeeGee Show Centre presents a wide variety of activities. To supplement their permanent exhibits, there are several temporary exhibits in the museums, and guided tours, workshops and seasonal activities are organized during the year, as well. The museum shop also houses the hub.

5. Nuuksio National Park

woman in nuuksio national park One of Finland’s 40 national parks is National Park Nuuksio. Established in 1994, in Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti, the park stretches over an area of woods and lakes. It is the second nearest national park to the capital, north-west of Helsinki, behind the newly developed Sipoonkorpi National Park. The park consists of an intricate mosaic of ecosystems where hundreds of endangered and near-threatened species live since it is situated in southern Finland and influenced by fractured bedrock. If you have a lot of nature-loving Instagram followers, it is highly likely that the pictures taken here might become your most liked photo on Instagram

6. The Waterfront Walkway

waterfront walkway Espoo’s Coastal Walkway extends for 40 km down the coast past parks, small harbours, and stunning bathing beaches; an uninterrupted walking and bike route that gives access to a variety of attractions along the way. Visitors can also come across a number of historic houses, such as Villa Rulludd. Espoo time could never get more fun than this!

7. Pentala Archipelago Museum

pentala archipelago museum Another one of the historic places to visit in Espoo Finland is surely this museum. In the Museum of the Pentala Archipelago, on Espoonlahti Bay’s Pentala Island, is where tourists can discover the rich and varied marine history and culture of the region. The museum consists of fifteen houses, the oldest from the early 1790s, a fisherman’s cottage. The Pentala Archipelago Museum displays life in the archipelago, and tourists can follow a nature trail to Pentalanjarvi Lake and Diksand Beach if you want to explore special archipelago nature.

8. Iso Vasikkasaari island

iso vasikkasaari island Best places in Espoo Finland? The islands! Iso Vasikkasaari island is an outdoor leisure area with a rich and luxurious landscape. The island contains one of the most exotic structures in Espoo, a miniature version of the Poseidon Temple. Wonderful seashore meadows border the island’s coasts, the most diverse being those in the southern areas. The island also does have a summer restaurant and the spot now occupies what is used to be the house of a fisherman.

9. Hanaholmen

beautiful morning sun shining Our next instagrammable site in town is called Hanaholmen, which is another one of the best hotels in Espoo Finland. Host to the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Center, the recently renovated Hanaholmen boasts a sleek hi-tech conference centre and a high-quality hotel. Every Hanaholmen hotel room is situated 10 minutes from the centre of Helsinki and provides a view of the unique maritime nature, with the archipelago islands just outside the window. Visitors are free to share their cocktails on a rooftop surrounded by charming sea views throughout the summer season.

10. Nepperi’s Caverns

cavern In Nepperi, Espoo’s largest cave is situated within the Ring Road. The southern wall of the cliff has many cave-like structures. The cliff rises next to Lake Pitkajarvi’s sea. The road to sight is clear and obvious. The place’s ultimate appeal is fantastic and worth a day ride; it is worth putting aside time to visit a day. The venue is adjacent to heavily populated cities, making it easy to find and wonderful.

11. Espoo Cathedral

aerial view of espoo cathedral The Cathedral of Espoo is a historic stone church in Espoo, Finland, and is the seat of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland in the Diocese of Espoo. In the Espoon Keskus district, along the Espoonjoki River, the cathedral is situated. It is very interesting to mention the fact that the oldest extant building in Espoo is the medieval grey granite church. The earliest pieces of the church date back to the 1480s. An anonymous “Espoo master” was the architect.

12. Helsinki

helsinki night view With being very close to capital during your trip to Espoo, do not forget to pay a visit to Helsinki, too. Helsinki is the biggest city and as well as, the capital of Finland and, also, note that 1,4 million residents live in the metropolitan area. Helsinki is in the northernmost corner of Europe, so when you look at a map, it is a simple transportation hub uniting the north-east part of the European continent. Helsinki is a lively seaside town with gorgeous islands and impressive green urban areas. With dynamic cuisine, design and architecture, Helsinki marches to a marvellous and special rhythm of its own.

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