Must visit places in Manchester for Manchester United fans

Must visit places in Manchester for Manchester United fans

Murad Asgerzade11 July 20202658 views4 min. read
Must visit places in Manchester for Manchester United fans

Where is Manchester?

The city of Manchester is the third most visited city (after London and Edinburgh) in the United Kingdom and attracts a vast amount of tourists with its culture, sports life, and economic development. However, the city's attractions do not consist only of museums, concert venues, stadiums, and historical buildings that are mostly dating back to the Victorian era. The entertainment life that inhabits the old industrial areas, the rich content markets, and the parks with natural life are waiting for you in the city. Manchester can be considered as heaven for the football world. Football excitement, tension, and pulse are always high! Especially while the city owns two giant football clubs, such as Manchester United and Manchester City. This article will talk about the "Red side" of the city and must-visit places in Manchester for Manchester United fans. What is the value of Manchester United for the city of Manchester and the football world?

Manchester United FC

football shoes waterbottle Manchester United is the professional and most successful football club in the city of Manchester. The club performing in the Premier League is ranked among the most successful clubs in Europe and England. The club, which name was not Manchester United at the time of its establishment, was registered as Newton Health LYR in 1878. However, the club's name was changed to Manchester United in 1902. The club's headquarters was then moved to Manchester's Old Trafford district. Manchester United has reached the "happy end" in the Premier League 20 times and managed to outperform its rivals in this field. In addition to the Premier League, they won the FA Cup 11 times and gained a considerable collection of cups. They achieved FA Community Shields 20 times and managed to be the greatest of the season. Manchester United has achieved great successes in the European cups. These successes have generally come within the last 30 years. The most significant share in this successful process belongs to Manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who served at the club for 27 years. Red Devils, who embedded the English Premier League with Ferguson, achieved a challenging record to break by winning 13 League titles and 2 UEFA Champions League titles during this period. Manchester United won the UEFA Champions League 3 times, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, the Intercontinental Cup, and the World Club Cup. The annual income of Manchester United, which is considered as one of the strongest teams in the world financially, is estimated to be approximately 800 million dollars. In addition, Manchester United, which has a value of $3.165 billion, is known as one of the world's three most valuable football clubs.

How many fans does Manchester United have?

Manchester United FC has more than 150 million fans around the world, and this amount gives them third place on the list. If you are a Manchester United fan or a simple football fan, this list is exactly for you! Here are the best places to visit in Manchester for Manchester United fans.

Old Trafford (“Theatre of Dreams”)

Old Trafford is one of the best places in Manchester you should visit. Having one of the best stadiums globally, Manchester United plays its matches at Old Trafford Stadium. Although the stadium is quite old, it has been modernized very well thanks to the renovation works. With the dismissal of Sir Alex Ferguson, one stand of the stadiums was named Sir Alex Ferguson. In this way, one of the most successful coaches of world football has been partially honoured. The stat, with a capacity of 76,000, serves almost entirely in Manchester United matches.

Manchester United Museum

The famous Manchester United Museum, which displays the 142-year history of Manchester United with legendary footballers' items, trophies, symbols, and photographs, is the legendary place to go for all Red Devils fans. Old Trafford tours include the tour to the museum also, so you can visit and explore this priceless museum for the football world.

AON Training Complex

manchester united fan AON Training Complex (Trafford Training Centre) is the training ground, and youth academy headquarter of Manchester United. Construction on the complex began in 1999, the main building opened, and the first players moved here in 2000, followed by the Academy site, home to the youth program of the club, in 2002. You can watch the training sessions of the team or football stars of the future in youth academy matches. There are always fans and journalists at the gate of the complex.

National Football Museum

sculptures in front of old trafford National Football Museum is England's national museum of football. It is located in Manchester city centre's Urbis building. The Museum is one of the best places in Manchester. Museum maintains, preserves, and exhibits significant football collections of history. All the football fans must explore and enjoy this great place!

Cafe Football

football bar Cafe Football was, as the name implies, made for football lovers. Manchester has two sites for Cafe Football, and both are next door to important football destinations – Old Trafford and the National Football Museum. This is the perfect spot whether you're coming from or going to either one of these famous places to watch football. Cafe Football is one of the best football places in Manchester. This place is great for football fans to enjoy the time with real football lovers, eating, drinking, and watching football matches together.

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