13 Instagrammable places in Maputo

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13 Instagrammable places in Maputo

Are you wondering where is Maputo? Well, Mozambique is located in Southern Africa. It is the perfect combination that a good traveler is looking for: paradisiacal beaches, a relaxed climate, and the right dose of adventure and relaxation. If you are researching your next travel destination, you should travel to Maputo Mozambique. Maputo is the capital of Mozambique since 1898. The city is generally the first destination for those who want to know the place completely. The city has many markets and lively nightlife and gastronomy, which are two strengths for those who want to get to know Mozambican culture and have a good time in Maputo. As Maputo has no beaches, the indication is to take a city tour there, to get to know the main Maputo places to visit: the Railway Station, the Cathedral, the Central Market, the Natural History Museum, and the Iron House. Also, in this sightseeing, you will find too many Instagrammable places and corners to take the most liked Instagram photo from Maputo places to visit.

What are the Maputo places to visit?

beautiful beach in maputo

Sunny Maputo is full of colorful buildings, welcoming people, shops, and sights. Avenida Marginal is the city’s postcard and a good place to get a sense of the hustle and bustle in the region. Let yourself at least three days of your time in Maputo to explore the city’s main sights, including the Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, the various museums, the Municipal Council, and the Casa de Ferro. Maputo is home to the largest craft and gastronomy fair in Mozambique, FEIMA. Besides, there are beaches, churches, old buildings, parks, and many more attractions to make your travel to Maputo Mozambique unforgettable. Mozambique has about 2500 kilometers of coastline on the edge of the Indian Ocean, the largest tropical paradise industry on planet Earth. Some are slightly golden, with many dunes and strong waves. Others are turquoise water pools surrounded by extremely soft sand.

Cultural variety

traditional souvenirs

About 20% of the population of Mozambique is Muslim; another good part is of Portuguese descent. There are also Indians and more than 50 ethnic groups who speak their own languages and have their own customs. For these and other reasons, it is normal for a Mozambican to live in more than seven languages. Those who received education end up having an absurd facility to learn. It is surprising, in one with such an outdated education, the number of people who speak English. All of this makes the trip even more interesting and enriching.

As you have already known about where is Maputo and how to spend your time in Maputo wonderfully, let us explore what the best instagrammable places in the capital of Mozambique are. There are many beautiful places to visit in Maputo, nevertheless here you will find 13 spots where you can take the most attractive and most liked Instagram photo.

1. Municipal market

open air market

Inaugurated in 1901, the Municipal Market also famous as the Municipal Bazaar, has a bit of everything: spices, objects for personal and home use, souvenirs, fruits, vegetables, and everything else you can imagine. Even if you do not need to buy anything, it is worth knowing the market and taking the most liked Instagram photos, and all this cultural atmosphere that exists with its traders and locals, but I will soon warn you that it is difficult for you to visit the Municipal Market and not to buy anything. The market is located at Av. 25 de Setembro.

2. Natural History Museum

natural history museum of maputo

Copyright: @jjjacinto

The Natural History Museum of Maputo has been enchanting its inhabitants and visitors for over a century with an incredible collection of embalmed animals, including 200 mammals; more than 10,000 birds; 170 thousand insects; 150 reptiles; 1,250 invertebrates. The museum has an incredible structure with guided tours on certain days, so you must inquire directly on the spot. A unique feature of this museum is the exhibition of elephant fetuses, from their conception until reaching the 22nd month of gestation. During your visit, be sure to check out the beautiful gardens of the place. The museum is located at Praca Travessia do Zambeze, 104, the ticket costs 50 MT.

3. Fish Market

maputo fish market

How about eating fish, seafood, and all the freshest seafood you can imagine in the city? Are you excited to take the most liked Instagram photo in the market? So be sure to stop by the Fish Market. There are gigantic prawns, fish slices, and squid that will make you salivate, all cooked on barbecues. The dishes are very well served. You will feel at a “banquet” since, in addition to the main course, you will also have french fries and deliciously cooked vegetables. To accompany, ask for a local beer and a cup of coffee, no mistake! The value of it all? More or less, 3,040 MT. The market is on Avenida da Marginal.

4. Casa de Ferro (Iron House)

iron house

Very close to Independence Square, another very important tourist spot in the city is the Iron House, built by Gustave Eiffel in 1892 to be the home of the governor-general of Mozambique at that time, which never happened. The governor refused to live there due to the climate, which on sunny days, made the place a real sauna. Today the Casa de Ferro is home to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is open to visitors free of charge. Visitors can see their exhibitions of artifacts found in medieval Mozambican cities. It is one of the must-see places during your travel to Maputo Mozambique.

5. Sagres Restaurant

chief cooking seafood with sauce

One of the sweetest restaurants in the city, the Portuguese Sagres, is famous the city for its delicious seafood served by the sea. Thus, like practically all restaurants in Maputo, Sagres offers very well served dishes. For example, one of the dishes ordered on the spot: Clams, crab legs, huge prawns, and crayfish, is served with side dishes and is even able to serve up to 3 people who eat well, or four who eat more evenly. The restaurant is on Avenida Marginal 650.

6. Cultural Center

french-mozambican cultural center

The Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center is located in the historic centre of the city, and its main proposal is to show the connections between Mozambique, France, and African nations. There are musical performances, theatrical performances, and various types of shows every day. So, this place is an ideal spot to take Instagram photos of this vibrant city.

7. Tunduru Botanical Garden

tunduru botanical garden

In the middle of the city, there is this beautiful park. The Tunduru Botanical Garden was created in 1885. There you will find, in addition to a wide variety of plants, works of art in the form of large and heavy sculptures that are displayed throughout the area. Best of all, this peaceful and Instagrammable place in Maputo has free admission.

8. History of railways

beautiful historic railway station

As with Julio Prestes Station, in Sa Paulo, Maputo’s central train station is a tourist icon, with its imposing architecture that stands out over long distances. It has an impressive Art Nouveau design from the end of the 19th century. Marvel at the iron decorations and the delicate dome, but also enter, where there is a lively exhibition space for local artists. Even if you are not going to use transportation, visit the station for a richer tourist experience.

9. Inhambane


Copyright: @pattocean

The small town of Inhambane is 470 km from Maputo and has a friendly and generous population, as well as a must-see and Instagrammable places to visit: the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, the Central Market, the old quarter, and Porto, among others.

10. Bazaruto Island

bazaruto islands

37 km long, Bazaruto Island is the largest in the archipelago of the same name, being the largest marine reserve in Africa. With crystal clear water and vast marine fauna, with turtles, manta rays, humpback whales, whale sharks, and many corals, Bazaruto Island is the ideal destination for diving lovers. But if you do not like diving, you should go anyway, as there are also empty beaches, white dunes on one side, lakes with flamingos and crocodiles on the other.

11. Gorongosa National Park

gorongosa national park

Mozambique also has places to visit away from the beaches. An example of this is Gorongosa National Park, a huge area with rainforest, rivers, and abundant animal life. In the park, despite a series of severe devastations caused by uncontrolled hunting during the years of civil war, you will be able to find elephants, buffaloes, lions, crocodiles, and zebras, as the site has undergone a huge rehabilitation program, which was very successful and brought back all the beauty of the place.

12. Vilanculos

fishermen in their traditional boats

Vilanculos is already the most suitable destination for those who like a lot of history. There, you will find the Bazaruto archipelago and the best of Mozambique’s beaches. Other options for leisure programs in Vilanculos are horseback riding on the beach, snorkeling, and diving on the nearby islands.

13. Tofo Beach

sunset time in tofo beach

Located in Inhambane Province, Tofo Beach has become a very popular destination for young people. It has inviting beaches for surf and kitesurf lovers. Diving is also a strong point of the place, with Tofo being the ideal place to see manta rays, humpback whales, and whale sharks.

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