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The 5 largest parks in the world

Narmin Aydinqizi Narmin Aydinqizi 03 December 2019
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Where to go to get away from the noise of the city? One of the places we can visit when we want to get away from the noise of the city, relax in nature, and gather our thoughts is the park. We do not mean noisy amusement parks full of attractions. These magnificent city parks with small ponds, green nature, and fresh air.

There are examples of these famous parks in every country. We have explored the 5 largest parks in the world, having the most significant area and visitors.

1. Amsterdam, Vondelpark


Vondelpark is one of the largest city parks opened in 1865, with an area of 120 hectares. Although it was initially Nieuwe Park, it was dedicated to Joost van den Vondel, a 17th-century writer. About 10 million people annually visit the park. The park has over 2,000 benches for relaxation. There are more than 500 species of trees growing here. The total number of trees is 5,000.

Along with the free concerts, performances, the park provides the ideal relaxation for everyone through the dedicated lines for bike lanes and walking. It is possible to meet here, even different kinds of animals. Squirrels, woodpeckers on the tree, ducks and geese on the lake, and various types of rabbits are some of the sweetest examples of animals you can see in this one of the famous parks.

It is like a paradise to rest here, away from the noise of the city. The Dutch are fortunate enough.

2. Chicago, Grant Park

grant park

If you wonder what are the largest city parks in the US? With an area of 1.29 km2, the name of Grant Park was known as Lake Park in 1844. However, in 1901, the park was named after Ulysses S. Grant, head of the American Civil War and US President.

As in Amsterdam, Grant Park, Chicago is surrounded by trees. The park receives an average of 15 million visitors a year.

3. London, Hyde Park

hyde park

Hyde Park, the largest in London's Royal Parks, is also one of the largest parks in the world. It takes you from the centre of the city to the outskirts of nature, the fresh air of a village as a paradise. With a total area of 250 hectares, the park deserves its name among the largest city parks in the world. The gigantic park was opened to the residents and tourists in 1637, and it is an ideal venue for performances and outdoor concerts. It is undoubtedly the most picturesque place in the great city of London.

4. Roma, Villa Borghese

villa borghese

Located in the Italian capital of Rome, Villa Borghese is one of the largest and most beautiful city parks in the world. You can come across the various lakes, statues, springs, etc., in the park, located about half an hour's drive from the centre of Rome. It is the perfect place for you to be in nature, not to go out of the city and to fill your lungs with fresh air while you relax. Villa Borghese, which is considered one of the most beautiful places to rest, is also home to one of Rome's most famous art galleries, Gallery Borghese. You can hire a bicycle when you come here and enjoy this mysterious nature, or choose to rent a mini car. It is very cheap to see all these beauties. If you ever make your way to Rome, do not forget to walk here.

5. Madrid, Retiro Park 


If your path ever falls from Madrid, the capital of Spain, take a moment to visit Retiro Park and take a picture in front of the magnificent buildings. If you know you will find an artificial lake, temple, statues, springs, flower garden, and more in the area of 350 hectares, we are sure you will start saving money today to buy a ticket. The park was opened at the end of the 19th century to the people and now welcomes more than 12 million visitors a year. It is the perfect place to get out of the city's dens and breathe comfortably.

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