12 Instagrammable places in Melbourne

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12 Instagrammable places in Melbourne
COVID-19, they fought against fires, which caused the death of millions of animals. Scientists estimate that almost 3 billion animals died in fires, affecting more than 10 million ha areas (roughly the same size as England). Despite these sad days, Australia is one of the favourite tourist destinations (more than 9 million visitors get their Australia visa per year). Considering that, we decided to talk about one of the Instagrammable cities of Australia, Melbourne. In this blog, you will discover why travel to Melbourne, what to do in Melbourne, where to take the most liked Instagram photos, which places to go in Melbourne Australia, how to spend an exciting time in Melbourne, and more.

1. Federation Square

federation square The first spot on our list of places to visit in Melbourne is Federation Square. The square was opened in 2002 to commemorate 100 years of federation. The building has a modern and unique architectural style that arouses curiosity in guests of the city. Building divided the population into two parts: lovers and haters. But it does not stop Federation Square to become one of the best places to visit in Melbourne. What to do in Melbourne, Federation Square? Finding an activity is a piece of cake in the surrounding area. More than 2000 events take place here annually. It means that you will always find entrainment in Federation Square. What is the address? It is in the Corner Swanston and Flinders Streets.

2. Royal Botanic Gardens

botanic gardens Visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens will be exciting not only for nature lovers but also for all guests. The garden opened its gates to visitors in 1846 and covered 38 ha. It is home to more than 8500 species, and some of them are endangered plants. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations showed their support for the garden. What to do in Melbourne, Royal Botanic Gardens? Besides being one of the best Instagrammable places in the city, the garden has plenty of tourists activities. Some things to do in Melbourne botanic garden are participating in tours, hiking, watching live theatre or open sky cinema, and more. Also, it is one of the most popular places in Melbourne for a picnic. Take your snacks and drinks and enjoy the breathtaking view. Royal Botanic Gardens' address is Birdwood Ave, South Yarra.

3. Melbourne Cricket Ground and the National Sports Museum

sport museum The stadium with a 100000 capacity is one of the most visited Instagrammable places in Melbourne. Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of the biggest stadiums in the world, and the history of the stadium dates back to 1853. We can say that Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia. Many sports competitions took place in the city, such as the 1956 Olympic Games and 2006 Commonwealth Games. Which things to do in Melbourne? If you have never watched a cricket match before, Melbourne Cricket Ground can be an excellent start, but keep in mind that there is a huge demand for tickets, so purchase it in advance. After taking some Instagrammable shots, watch the game in the stadium, you can take part in tours in the National Sports Museum. The trip lasts almost 80 minutes and includes the Australian Gallery of Sport and the Olympic Museum. On the opposite side, you will see another example of must-see places in Melbourne, Melbourne Park, which hosts the Australia Open tennis tournament. national gallery of victoria One of the Instagrammable spots to visit during your travel to Melbourne is the National Gallery of Victoria, which has more than 70000 works in two different city locations. The first one is the St. Kilda Road building. The building was built in 1968, and there was renovation in 2003. After that renovation, St. Kilda Road building turned into one of the best locations to capture the most liked Instagram photos. The second one is the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square. Visitors can enjoy international masterpieces in St. Kilda Road and the Australian collection in the Ian Potter Gallery. Australian collection includes works from Aboriginal, Heidelberg School, and contemporary mixed media.

5. Captain Cook's Cottage, Fitzroy Gardens

fitzroy gardens Probably, all of you have heard about captain Cook at least one time in your life. As you know, his real homeland is in England, Yorkshire, but his cottage is in Melbourne. Cook's family built the original house in 1775 in Yorkshire, but sir Russell Grimwade brought the bungalow to Melbourne. For visitors interested in travel history, Captain Cook's Cottage is the answer to why travel to Melbourne. On the inside of the house, you will find plenty of antiques from the 18th century, clothes, items, and more. Besides the building, you can enjoy the charming nature and the silence in Fitzroy Gardens.

6. The streets are full of art

street art One of the best things to do in Melbourne is exploring the street arts. It is not surprising that Melbourne is known as the capital of street art. The government designed certain spots, especially for street art. It was beneficial for the government on two issues. First of all, it had a positive effect on tourism. Secondly, it helped to decrease illegal and unwanted graffiti in other parts of the city. You can find those specific streets on the internet, or you may prefer to participate in tours. We recommend joining tours during your travel to Melbourne to learn the secrets of graffiti.

7. Old Melbourne Gaol

melbourne gaol Melbourne has many museums, but the most mysterious and scary places to go in Melbourne Australia are Old Melbourne Gaol. Initially, the museum served as a prison between 1842-1929, and during that period, 133 people were executed. Some of them were well-known criminals, such as Ned Kelly. Through participating in museum tours, you will go back in time in Melbourne. The visitors will have a chance to see a wide range of artefacts, such as the death masks of executed criminals. Also, tour leaders will tell you plenty of true stories about the previous prison.

8. St Kilda

st kilda Travel to Melbourne, St Kilda, to make your journey more exciting. It is one of the best places in Melbourne and full of activities for tourists. You can try delicious cakes on Acland Street, enjoy beautiful gardens, and most importantly, observe the penguins. There is a small colony of penguins that were brought here in 1970. If you have a curiosity about penguins, you may ask questions from guides. They will provide you with detailed information. However, you should follow some rules: show respect to penguins, their nesting sites, and eggs.

9. Queen Victoria Market

queen victoria market The city is rich with Instagrammable locations, and one of them is Queen Victoria Market that covers 7 ha. The market is the biggest open-air market in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. Interestingly, in the 1960s, the city administrator wanted to demolish the market because of construction purposes. However, locals and many organizations made him change his mind. They said to the mayor that he should turn it into a national treasure, and without any doubt, we can say that they succeeded. Moreover, there is a tour that will help you discover the astonishing world of Queen Victoria Market. The trip lasts almost two hours.

10. Melbourne Zoo

giraffes Which places to visit in Melbourne with family? Finding enjoyable family activities can be so complicated in some cities and countries, but not in Melbourne. Melbourne has plenty of such kinds of spots, and Melbourne Zoo is one of them. With a 22-ha area and more than 320 animal species, the zoo is waiting for you. The zoo has a long history that dates back to 1862. The zoo workers try to make each section close to the real one as much as they can. For example, there are Asian elephants, and workers designed this part as a small Asia. Also, there is part of orangutans. They have specific homes on the top tree. Where is the Melbourne Zoo? The address is Elliott Ave, Parkville.

11. Yarra Valley

valley Why travel to Melbourne? The answer is short and straightforward, the wine. The area well-known for producing Chardonnay and other wine sorts is located just one hour from the city centre. Almost in each corner of the valley, you will find a new winery. They are more than 120. You can taste them in restaurants or wineries, or you may prefer to buy one go to have a picnic with your friends. Further, you can enjoy hiking, fishing, bird watching in the green valley, and take some of the most liked Instagram photos.

12. Williamstown Beach

williamstown beach The last one of the places to go in Melbourne Australia that we want to mention is Williamstown Beach (locals call it Willy beach), which is very close to the city centre. You can reach one of the best Instagrammable places in the city just in several minutes. For example, Gem Pier Station is only 5 minutes. The beach offers a broad range of activities to visitors, such as swimming, paddle swimming, sunbathing, sailing, walking. Also, you can buy some traditional handicrafts from peddlers for a reasonable price.

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