12 Instagrammable places in Minsk

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12 Instagrammable places in Minsk

Minsk - the capital of Belarus – is an ancient city, the first mention of which dates back to 1067. Despite its antiquity, it looks very modern and presentable.

Are you wondering where is Minsk on the map? Well, finding Minsk on the map, you can see that it is located on a small hill in Belarus's heart. Although many historical buildings were destroyed during the Second World War, the restored Instagrammable places of Minsk attract tourists worldwide.

Let's look at the most interesting sights of Minsk in more detail.

1. Independence Avenue

view from the height of independence

The length of the main street of the capital of Belarus is 15 kilometers. It is noteworthy that it was renamed as many as 14 times! The longest – more than 100 years-lasted the name "Zakharyevskaya Street" in honor of the first Minsk governor Zachary Korneev. But it did not take root immediately. At first, the street was simply called "behind the rampart," as previously there was a city rampart.

According to the Minsk residents themselves, it is here that the most Instagrammable places to see in Minsk are located – historical buildings of extraordinary architecture, picturesque squares, a botanical garden. Nezavisimosti Avenue will soon be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Because of the majority of post-Soviet cities, only in Minsk can you admire such a complete and well-coordinated set of structures of the central street. And this is not surprising. The project of the modern avenue was created by the best architects of the former USSR.

2. National Library

national library

The library is built in the form of a rhombicuboctahedron – this is the name of a confusing geometric figure.

Locals compare the fate of this building with the Eiffel Tower. Both before becoming a symbol of the city were subjected to criticism and discontent from the citizens. And immediately after its commissioning, the National Library gained the status of both the "most beautiful" and "ugliest" building in the world.

Be sure to visit the Book Museum to see firsthand the history of Belarusian printing. There are about 300 handwritten books, one of which is the Bible of the 15th century, written by the first printer Francis Skorina.

After that, go up to the observation deck. It is best to plan a visit in the dark. Then you will discover a dazzling urban landscape illuminated by millions of magical lights. In order not to spoil the romantic atmosphere, dress warmly – it can be very windy upstairs.

3. Upper Town

snow covered city center of minsk

If you are thinking about what to see in Minsk unusually colorful, go to the "heart of Minsk" - the Upper City. In addition to the business center, this place has rightfully earned the title of a cultural district. Since the 17th century, it has been home to the most influential and wealthy strata of society. Now artists, street musicians, acrobats, mimes gather on the streets of the Upper City. In the warmer months, open-air jazz music festivals are held, as well as social dance training.

You can relax from an active pastime and gain strength in the nearby cafe with a roof terrace. And if the soul requires brighter sensations, go on quests, from the plots of which takes your breath away and excites the imagination.

4. Red Church

red church

The most famous Catholic shrine of the capital with a sad history. In 1905 Minsk nobleman Edward Voinilovich donated all his fortune to the construction of the Church. He made this decision because of the end of a noble family in connection with the death of his children – son Simeon and daughter Elena.

In Soviet times, the church building housed a theatre, a film studio, and a film museum. And only at the end of 1990 it again became a place of spirituality for Catholics, where not only services are held, but also exhibitions and performances are organized.

art gallery

"Ў" is an unusual letter of the Belarusian alphabet. Read as "have nakladove." The most original and extravagant art gallery of the capital of Belarus is named in her honor. If you are looking for more Instagrammable places to see in Minsk, keep reading.

Every day something original and unusual happens in the gallery. For example, yesterday, each of the guests could feel like Malevich, performing his "Black Square" interpretation. Today visitors enjoy the first viewing and then a discussion of the Soviet cinema. And tomorrow they will paint the walls together with the children to incendiary music. The main condition for visitors to the art gallery is a complete immersion in the creative process.

6. Nesvizh Castle

nesvizh castle

Minsk's sights can be listed for a long time, but in the first rows, there is a luxurious palace and park ensemble in Nesvizh, which is 127 km from the capital of Belarus. In the 16th century, the residence of the Radziwill princes was built on this site, which included 170 rooms. The residence was surrounded by moats, bastions, and a system of ponds. In the 19th century, beautiful parks were laid out next to the palace, each of which has its own name and differences. In the post-war years, the sanatorium "Nesvizh" functioned here. And only after the collapse of the USSR, the castle was restored. Now there is a museum, a must-visit for anyone interested in history.

7. Minsk Sea

minsk sea

After reading this headline and finding Minsk on the map, you will most likely be disappointed to find that Belarus has no access to the sea. All right. But the sea is available. The so-called Minsk zaslavskoe reservoir, which is a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

The area of the Minsk Sea is 27 square kilometers. The length of the coastline is 55 kilometers. Despite the rather modest territory for the sea, this reservoir has 10 islands. Some of them are landscaped for recreation, while some are "wild," which contributes to a secluded pastime. 

8. Fountains

svisloch river

What to see in Minsk to remember for a long time? Of course, fountains! After all, they are the hallmark of the city. Only in the center, there are 30 fountains, and only in the city, their number exceeds 60.

In 1874, the oldest fountain was launched – "The Boy with the Swan."

The most voluminous is the fountain located near the Palace of the Republic – 1300 streams of water beat from it.

On Independence Square, you can enjoy the fountain's contemplation with a glass dome with 700 jets. The center of the fountain is decorated with a statue symbolizing the family in the form of three storks.

In the park named after Yanka Kupala, there is another popular fountain, "Vyanok," the construction of which was timed to the anniversary of the poet in 1972.

9. Loshitsky Park

loshitsky park

The beautiful places to visit in Minsk do not end there. Loshitsky Park is not just a place of rest and unity with nature. Here is the Lubansky estate, which is surrounded by picturesque alleys. One of them – linden-is the most famous and deservedly located on one of the first Instagrammable places in the list of "Sights of Minsk."

The manor was built in the 16th century. However, she gained her fame under Eustace Lubansky, who carefully protected and cared for her. As a result of painstaking work, a show estate with a renovated house, an inn, a distillery, and its own mill turned out. The homestead area was also transformed – various trees, shrubs, and flowers were brought here, pleasing to the eye to this day.

In 1925, the estate was converted into a branch of the All-Union Institute of Crop Production. During this period, the collection of rare exotic plants of the park was replenished. However, many of them were destroyed during the war, and in the post-war years, the territory of Loshitsky Park was farmland.

Since 1988, the estate has been recognized as a monument of history and culture, as a result of which a lot of work has been carried out to restore the former beauty and perfection of this Instagrammable place.

10. Trinity Suburb

trinity suburb

Minsk on the map is impossible to imagine without this picturesque medieval district on the banks of the Svisloch River. The suburb got its name thanks to the Trinity Church, which was founded in the 17th century by one of the princes. For a long time, the city market was located on the territory, where Sunday fairs were held.

At the beginning of the 19th century, as a result of a severe fire, almost all buildings were burned down. The area had to be rebuilt. Despite the updated architecture, the Trinity Suburb has retained its special atmosphere of the century before last.

Being a small suburb of Minsk, this place was known for a large number of drinking establishments. And now there are many cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget.

In addition to pleasant walks through the cozy streets and admiring the pretty houses with red tile roofs, you should visit the Maxim Bogdanovich Museum, the House of Nature, artisans' galleries, an antique shop, and the Troitskaya pharmacy.

There is also a memorial Island of Courage and Sorrow or, as it is popularly called, the Island of Tears. It was erected in memory of the Belarusians who died during the fighting in Afghanistan. In the center of this quiet place is a temple, inside which there are 4 altars. The names of 771 dead Belarusian soldiers are carved on them.

Of course, in an article about Instagrammable places in Misk, one should not mention such a sad place. And yet, when you visit it, you are filled with extraordinary pride for the fearless Belarusian soldiers and calmness for the country's future.

11. What else to see in Minsk?

minsk city

Public toilet in Central Square! Yes, yes, don't be surprised! After all, this famous toilet built an exact copy of the estate of Count Chapsky. The legend that surrounds this place says that the architect Stenkevich, who drew the project of this beautiful palace, was in love with Chapsky's daughter and even wanted to marry her. For some unknown reason, the count did not pay the architect for his work, which made the architect very angry. Deciding to take revenge on the offender, Stenkevich built a toilet, like two drops of water similar to the Chapsky estate, only in a reduced form. He even wrote a will in which he indicated that the building should serve as a public toilet until it becomes unusable.

12. Tower Crane Cemetery

yellow crane

The twelfth places to visit in Minsk is Tower Crane Cemetery. For lovers of urban landscapes, there is a unique opportunity to visit tower cranes' real cemetery and take rare post-industrial selfies.

The cemetery territory is three football fields, on which there are more than three thousand tons of colored iron. It is noteworthy that only half of the entire area is fenced with barbed wire and dotted with video cameras. The entrance to the unguarded area is free, but not as easy as it seems.

Once in the cemetery, you need to go a long way to find a really enchanting part of it, where you can meet the same fans of non-standard photo shoots. However, having mastered the difficult places and not losing hope to make some most liked Instagram photos, you will get reward-real tower cranes laid out in even rows.

Surprisingly, there are no homeless people in this place. This causes some bewilderment since the cemetery of tower cranes is scattered with iron for about 200 thousand dollars!

Of course, these are not all Instagrammable places in Minsk, where you can relax your body and soul, enjoy natural and architectural landscapes, admire human ingenuity, grieve a little about the past or laugh at an accidental story. Visiting this wonderful city, you will definitely keep pleasant memories in your memory and in your heart - a piece of the hospitable Belarusian soul.

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