12 Instagrammable places in Odessa

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Vacation in Odessa (Ukraine) is not only a vacation by the sea. It is also an interesting excursion, during which you can take a lot of most liked Instagram photos. There are a lot of unusual places in Odessa, but first of all, I want to draw your attention to the Odessa National Academic Theater, the Potemkin Stairs, the Shah's Palace, the House-wall, and the Passage. Ready to make some cool photos for Instagram? Then get your Ukraine visa ready and go to the most Instagrammable places in Odessa, as many bright emotions are provided for you.

Where is Odessa? The city is located in the south of Ukraine on the Black Sea coast. There is an international airport in Odessa, so air travel is the fastest way to visit Odessa from other countries. As soon as you get to the city, you will notice that Odessa's Instagram places are almost everywhere here. The city is lovely; it has not only many attractions, but also wide cosy beaches for recreation. Beaches in Odessa — this is a separate Instagram place, which we will talk about later.

Ukraine is rich in interesting cities and places to relax, so if you want to discover this country and start travelling around it, be sure to visit Odessa. The unusual places of Odessa will surely surprise you.

1. Odessa National Academic Theater

odessa theatre

A masterpiece of architecture, the Opera and Ballet Theater in Odessa is one of the most famous and visited tourist attractions. This is not for nothing, because people come here not only for performances but also for a beautiful photoshoot against the historical centre's background.

The building was built in 1887. It is included in the list of the most beautiful in Eastern Europe, according to Forbes magazine.

Beautiful places in Odessa start right here. The building style is French Rococo. You will be surprised by the luxury of the sculptures, the painted ceilings, and the gilding that adorns the ornaments everywhere. The hall is made in the shape of a horseshoe. It has unsurpassed acoustics. Therefore, even when the artists are whispering on stage, they can hear what they are talking about.

Odessa national academic theatre is the most colourful place in Odessa. Here at one time, Tchaikovsky performed, Chaliapin, and even Isadora Duncan danced on the theatre stage. You should visit the theatre to take the most liked Instagram photos and buy a ticket to one of the productions. Unforgettable emotions and a pleasant evening are provided.

2. Potemkin Stairs - the business card of Odessa


The Potemkin Stairs are known all over the world. It is one of the Top 10 most beautiful stairs in Europe and competes with the stairs in Paris and Rome.

Today, the Potemkin Stairs have 192 steps. This seaside attraction is popular with tourists because the top offers a unique landscape of the port and the Black Sea coast. Here you get Instagram photos from a variety of angles at any time of the year. However, the most striking photos you will get in the summer in sunny weather. If you are planning a vacation in Odessa, then beautiful photos for Instagram are guaranteed on the stairs that lead to the sea coast.

There is a funicular right next to the stairs for those who do not want to overcome the 192 steps. Therefore, in any case, you will be able to climb to the top. Besides, near the Potemkin Stairs, there are two parks - Greek and Istanbul, where you can walk and take many Instagram photos. For example, near an interesting and very unusual fountain called "The Beginning of the Beginning" is located in the Greek Park.

3. Shahs Palace Odessa

shahs palace odessa

Do you like to visit palaces, castles, and fortresses? Then be sure to come on an excursion to the Shah's Palace. It is rightfully included in Odessa's most Instagrammable places, where you can take pictures and have an interesting time.

The palace in the style of English Gothic in our time looks amazing. It is here that you will feel the whole spirit of romance and mystery of the city. You can get to the palace directly from the Primorsky Boulevard via the Teschin Bridge. Guided tours take place here every day, plus the fact that you can hold a photo session here both outside and inside the palace. The main staircase and the building's lobby have retained their original appearance, so the photos in this part of the palace will turn out mysterious and in the spirit of English Gothic.

4. In Odessa, there is a house without walls

odessa city centre

The Instagrammable places of Odessa are impressive. A house without walls exists in the middle of the city. Every day, hundreds of photos are taken on its background for social networks. Do you want to surprise your subscribers? Then write it down. The house-wall is located at the address Vorontsovsky Lane, 4. If you look at the building from a certain angle, it seems that the house's sidewall is missing. The flat house belongs to the monuments of urban architecture. The building was built in the Renaissance style.

Although the house looks flat from some angles and such photos excite the brain, there is a wall in the house. However, your subscribers don't need to know about this. There are many legends and stories about this building. Choose the most mysterious one and add it under the photo on the background of the house, the success of such a publication on Instagram is guaranteed.

5. Passage - photos, souvenirs, and delicious coffee


The Passage Gallery is one of the most attractive and unusual sights of the city. There are no excursions in the gallery, but you can go there on your own to study the building's architectural composition, for shopping and just for a pleasant walk, during which you can take beautiful Instagram photos.

Sometimes, it seems that Odessa's Instagrammable places are endless, "Passage" is one of them. There is no sea or Instagrammable mountains, but it is here that you will feel the historical Odessa, see the multifaceted architecture, and also be able to buy many different souvenirs.

The gallery is open daily, and admission is free. You can buy antiques, national clothes from Ukraine, get a haircut in the barbershop and drink delicious coffee in La Sweet Boutique. And during all this, pay attention to the decor of the gallery building, especially the sculptures and stucco. The architecture here is at a high level, so do not forget to capture everything in the photo.

6. Mysterious Catacombs of Odessa


Where Odessa is located-there are catacombs. You may have doubts about how Instagrammable this place is. However, just look at all the photos on the Internet taken in these Odessa catacombs. They are all shrouded in mystery. You must also make such a photo for your collection.

Visiting the catacombs without a guide is prohibited, as people have disappeared underground more than once. And this is not surprising, because the length of the tunnels is about 3 thousand km. The walls are carved out of stones and sometimes resemble the faces of people who cry for help. Darkness, lack of sun, and infinity excite the brain. There will be a lot of emotions from visiting the catacombs, as well as creepy, mysterious photos.

Today, excursions are conducted through the catacombs, but warehouses and wine cellars have been opened for storing products in some places.

Odessa catacombs - the most mysterious place in Ukraine, some sources claim that the tunnels appeared far before the foundation of Odessa's city.

7. The best beaches in Odessa

odessa beach

The best beaches in Odessa are the main Black Sea Instagram destination, so don't forget to bring a bright swimsuit and a good mood for a sea photo shoot. A wide beach, blue water, and a light sea breeze are provided on any Odessa beach. Regardless of the time of year, you can take most liked Instagram photos on the beach, but you can come with a swimsuit from mid-May to September inclusive. During the season, the beaches are crowded, so choose either earlier in the morning or sunset to take photos.

There are also wild beaches with beautiful steep cliffs in the Odessa region. For example, one of these points - Karolino-Bugaz. It is a small village with a wide sandy beach, clear sea, and Instagrammable views. People here are usually much less than in Odessa, even in the season, but a deserted holiday here is no worse. When you want privacy and calm sea surf, come to Karolino-Bugaz. The sea photoshoot here will be great.

8. Deribasovskaya Street, Odessa

deribasovskaya street

Many of Odessa's attractions are located at this address. It is a carefree place, with beautiful architecture and lots of cafes. The central street is a symbol of the city of Odessa, where all excursions start.

You will not be able to walk along this street to the sea, but you will be able to see and photograph a lot of interesting things. The street is paved with cobblestones, and the granite is brought from Naples itself from the lava of Vesuvius. The material is preserved in very good condition, so it isn't easy to believe that Deribasovskaya was built in the 19th century. Today, this street is a little less than a kilometre, but you can find the most interesting objects on it, for example, the city garden, the office where Pushkin worked, the House of Isakovich, and others. Photos on Deribasovskaya Street can be taken almost at every step. The central street is cosy, beautiful, and it is from it that you need to start exploring the sights of the city.

9. The Odessa seaport is the largest in Ukraine

odessa seaport

First of all, this port is of international commercial importance, but it is also the main attraction of Odessa and the most beautiful Instagram place with an Instagrammable sea landscape. From the seaport across the road, you can immediately climb the Potemkin Stairs, then go to the Primorsky Boulevard and walk to the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. Everything is within walking distance, and at every stop, you can make good shots for posting on Instagram. Fortunately, all the main Instagrammable places of Odessa are close to each other, so a small tour of the most beautiful places can be done in one day, but if you want to know more about Odessa, then a week will not be enough.

The commercial seaport is one of the most modern in Europe. It is technically well equipped and has an attractive exterior design. Therefore, tourists like to take photos against its background. Especially beautiful photos are obtained from the Potemkin stairs.

10. Magnetic centre of the city - the Vorontsov Palace

vorontsov palace

The elegant building is made in different architectural styles. It is a bright Instagram place where you will get great shots. Near the palace is the colonnade of the Belvedere, which offers an amazing view of the bay.

Vorontsov Palace is located at the end of Primorsky Boulevard, it is always full of tourists, and interesting excursions are held here. The building is considered one of the main decorations of Odessa, so you should definitely visit it.

11. A place for a dating-the monument to Duke de Richelieu

shevchenko park

This famous Frenchman is proud of all the inhabitants of Odessa because he did a lot of good for the development of the city. The bronze sculpture was installed in honour of Duke de Richelieu in 1827 and is still a business card and a place where people often make appointments in Odessa.

The famous monument is located on Primorsky Boulevard. Near the pedestal, all tourists take a photo as a souvenir, so be sure to come here for a tour. There are many interesting legends and stories about Richelieu.

12. The heart of Odessa - the oldest city park

old city park

It is in this park that a special atmosphere reigns. Both tourists and locals come here. Here you can listen to the orchestra, admire the musical fountain and take a photo near Ostap Bender, L. Utesov and sit on one of the legendary 12 chairs. Cosy restaurants, souvenir shops, and exhibitions — all this you will find in the city park near Deribasovskaya. There are only pleasant emotions and a lot of positive bright photos for the memory of Odessa. If you have already visited all the best beaches in Odessa. Then you need to go to the park for an evening walk.

Vacation in Odessa will bring you a lot of impressions, it is one of those cities where you will definitely want to return. Believe me, there are far from 12 Instagrammable places in Odessa, in fact, there are much more of them, and it seems like an unrealistic task to count them. Come to this cosy and mysterious city, and your life will be filled with new pleasant memories and interesting photos.

Where is Odessa located are new emotions for every tourist travelling in Ukraine.

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