12 Instagrammable places in Nashville

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12 Instagrammable places in Nashville
US visas and do travel to Nashville to see and experience some of the classic venues and places where famous artists have had a moment. Among other things to do in Nashville, many praise the vibrancy and diversity of the current music scene too. But let me say one thing. You will need to figure out what to do in Nashville besides music, right? So why not visit the most eye-catching places to see in Nashville and earn your next most liked photo on Instagram while doing that, right? Just check this list of the 12 most Instagrammable places in Nashville and book your tickets already! 

1. Get the most iconic images on the Honky Tonk Highway

nashville city Some of the most liked Instagram photos from this city have been taken here, and I can’t leave it out of the list. The colorful billboards, the flashing lights, and oh-so-typical view of the street in general. This really is one of the top places to see in Nashville! Most people would head there during nighttime because the place becomes even more alive with all the party-goers strolling down the street. It is a great location to meet new people and visit some music bars too! Believe me, your time in Nashville will be wasted if you go home with no Instagram photos from here.

2. Make some urban snaps and get really cozy on the Bobby Hotel rooftop

Rooftop views are a thing people tend to like anywhere they go. It is a universally appealing concept of being able to see further than usual. Well, this is among some of the best places to go in Nashville just for that. But there is an especially appealing catch that might help you on your hunt for the title of the most liked photo on Instagram. This rooftop is covered in numerous heated glass igloos! Just make a reservation, cozy up with your special person, and have the best time in Nashville. Taking great photos will be easy here, I promise!

3. Get some color pop in your Instagram photos by visiting all the murals

murals Somehow this has become one of the top things all travelers want to post when visiting this city. But so will you, as soon as you get to see these colorful walls. Most of them can easily be called the most Instagrammable places in Nashville for a reason. Local artists are striving to get noticed, and Instagram is what their art was designed for! Just allow yourself some more time in Nashville and walk around visiting some of those murals like #WhatLiftsYouWings and others. 

4. Go Titans in the Nissan Stadium!

nissan stadium It is pretty epic. It is full of people. It is loud, and everyone is beyond excited. If you enjoy sportsmanship, then this is one of the places to visit in Nashville for you! Climb to the top of those stairs and make an amazing pic with you and the whole stadium in your background. At least, that is what the people in the most liked Instagram photos of this landmark did. A smart formula for a great outcome! And don’t forget to be the most passionate fan while being there too!

5. Blend in that music-loving crowd in the Tootsies Orchid Lounge

tootsies orchid lounge If you do travel to Nashville, then the chances are high that you are a seasoned melomaniac. Or even better - a country music fan. This might just mean that you will want to go and see some of the legendary bars where many world-renowned artists were discovered or gigged throughout the times. And Tootsies Orchid Lounge is one of the places to go in Nashville to be transported back in time. This legendary bar celebrated its 60th birthday this year, after all! Go there, see a spectacular performance and get your #fangram likes rolling!

6. Get the old school vinyl rolling in Grimey’s New & Preloved Music & Books

music discs Old books, old pieces of vinyl, and a small stage to host the upcoming talents. All that in this exquisite Instagrammable location covered in colorful wallpapers and that authentically aged vibe. Another one of the places to visit in Nashville if you are keen on catching the eye of that musical Instagram crowd!

7. Get all local in Nashville Farmer’s Market

market And by that, I mean - local produce, local people, and local southern charm. If you are not sure what to do in Nashville to make your feed look more appealing, just head right to the farmer’s market and get an Instagrammable selfie with one of those huge pumpkins. Or any other veg available in the season. Colorful food looks good on social media! And while you are there, just blend in. And chat with some locals to snoop some inside info about their favorite photo spots of the city!

8. Make a historically epic selfie in Parthenon

ruin of Parthenon Yes, you hear it right. Nashville has a life-size replica of the grand Greek landmark built in their Centennial Park! And guess what’s great about Instagrammable places like this? You almost get to travel back in history and take a photo not with ruins of the Parthenon, but a full version of it! It is a culturally and historically stunning place; therefore, among the places to visit in Nashville, this should not be missed! Even more so because it is home to a statue of goddess Athena - another Instagrammable treat for your photo journal.

9. Skyscrapers and steel on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

seigenthaler pedestrian bridge Some of the most liked Instagram photos from Nashville have been taken exactly here. And it is easy to see why. There is a particular appeal to the contrasts of the rigid steel constructions, the flowing river, and the cityscape in the background. It also makes it one of the best places to go in Nashville for sunset images. Or fashion images. Or any images at all!

10. Meat and three in Arnold’s Country Kitchen

What to do in Nashville if you have a serious foodie follower count? Eat where locals eat! For more than 30 years, this beloved establishment has been serving one of the greatest staples of the South. Namely meat and three. Basically, it just means you get to choose one of the meats on the menu and three sides upon your liking. Even though it’s a popular concept all over the region, Nashville is considered to be the place where it originated. Why is Arnold’s Country Kitchen one of the Instagrammable places on this list? Long lines, spectacular food, and that authentic US diner vibe. Bam! Here you go! The most liked photo on Instagram is yours!

11. Charm the viewers with the timeless beauty of the Union Station Hotel

union station hotel Union Station Hotel, besides being one of the most Instagrammable places in Nashville, is also a gorgeous hotel. Its central hall is a vintage gem and gets featured on various occasions as a great architectural and design example. And frankly, it makes much sense. You see, the building used to be an operational railroad station and was opened as a hotel in 1986. I assure you, this is one of the most beautiful places to see in Nashville! Get a drink in their bar and enjoy the daylight coming in from the high ceiling tinted windows. Or even better - stay there for a night or two. Just to get the chance to explore every little corner and detail. And then just snap a few to make your loyal followers seriously envious of your amazing life!

12. Let your followers drool looking at Bonuts from Biscuit Love

christmas cookies You will ask what the hell is that. That is an absolutely scrumptious new type of dessert - a lovechild of biscuit and a donut. If you love deep-fried desserts just as much as I do, then visiting Biscuit Love has to be on the top of your list of things to do in Nashville! Besides this unique (very hipster, very Instagrammable) treat, you will find a rich menu of dozens of other finger-licking delicious items. Don’t forget to make Instagram stories to tease your friends even more! Do you see? There are way more reasons to travel to Nashville, and these Instagrammable places reflect just a few of those! This city definitely has great potential if you are a travel blogger aiming at a shot at the most liked photo on Instagram. Instagrammable corners here and there (literally) will be easy to come by! But what’s even better - there are so many fun things to do in Nashville that this search for the online limelight will be easy as a breeze. And even if you are just a regular globetrotter willing to show off to your friends...Everyone is welcome! The hospitable Athens of the South* is calling you! It is a fun nickname for Nashville. Many people call it because of the Parthenon I already mentioned before. Additionally, there are more than 30 universities in the city! Maybe getting Instagram photos in all of them will be the reason to make you stand out among the online crowd?

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