12 Instagrammable places in Ostrava

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Where is Ostrava? This city is located in the east of the Czech Republic, almost on the border with Poland. You can travel from Prague to Ostrava by train or bus. The travel time from Prague to Ostrava is around 4 hours with these means, but the time is much lower by air. Probably, you have not heard of it before, but you should go to this beautiful city during your trip to the Czech Republic to take your most liked Instagram photos. If you always look for unknown instagrammable places, you will have a productive time in Ostrava to take your most liked photo on Instagram. At first glance, Ostrava looks dreary and monotonous. A typical industrial city that flourished in the 19th century in coal mining and the associated iron industry, but if you look closer, you will discover a city with fascinating instagrammable corners and many facets, breathtaking industrial monuments, great restaurants, and lively festival culture. It is a city to fall in love with. In this blog, you will read about the 12 instagrammable places in Ostrava for taking the most liked photo on Instagram. Also, you'll find answers to your questions, such as where is Ostrava, how long is the travel time from Prague to Ostrava, why to get a visa for Czech Republic and travel to the Czech Republic, etc. 

1. National site of industrial heritage, Vitkovice Area

vitkovice area

The Vítkovice Ironworks is only 5-10 minutes by tram outside Ostrava's city centre, so it is practically right in the middle. The industrial park is reminiscent of the Duisburg Landscape Park, but this one is even more gigantic. It once made the city of Ostrava a flourishing and vital city. The area consists of many parts with the Dul Hlubina underground construction shaft, the blast furnaces, conveyor bridges, and industrial and administrative buildings. When you enter this city of steel, you are overwhelmed by the massive tangle of towers and pipes. The whole area is fascinating and reminds us of science fiction films like Blade Runner, especially in the evening. Among other things, the film Babylon AD with Vin Diesel was shot here. So, you can take your most liked photo on Instagram, too. The old gasometer called "Gong" has been rebuilt and is used multi-functionally. Both as a theatre, lecture hall for students, for meetings or concerts. On a guided tour of the Dolní Vítkovice area, you can immerse yourself in the world of iron production in a vivid way. You will learn all kinds of stories about this gasometer full to the brim with gas for production, used as a bomb at the end of the Second World War. However, it did not explode and slumbered in place for 25 years because the workers quickly repair the gasometer's roof. That is only one of the numerous stories, so recommendable. By the way: from here came the bolts for the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, which hold the famous steel structures together to this day. A brand new and exciting museum, the Science & Technology Center, is located directly in the Vitkovice Area. Here you can playfully deal with physics, biology, technology, and much more. Numerous interactive experiments are waiting to be tried out to experience the laws of our wonderful planet. You can spend the whole day here.

2. The Landek Mining Museum

landek mining museum

The Ostrava Mining Museum has been located in the former Anselm mine, the oldest mine in the region, since 1993. You can go inside with a guide and see the difficult circumstances under which the miners worked there in the past. You will also hear nice anecdotes from the guide. Just watch your head! Do not forget to wear a helmet! Oh yes, and keep calm if the elevator gets stuck again. No panic! It will go on soon. Besides, there is also a large exhibition with mining technology, mine lamps, and a unique worldwide exhibition on mine rescue services. You will have many chances to take several of your most liked Instagram photos

3. Information bureau, New City Hall

new city hall

The 75-meter glass tower of the old Town Hall of Ostrava, which today is the seat of the city administration, offers a beautiful view of the entire city. However, this is a big problem for most travellers because the fear of heights overwhelms them here, although not as clearly as at the Vitkovice Ironworks. Despite everything, you will be able to enjoy the view a little, as long as you are only looking ahead and not down—such a wonderful time in Ostrava

4. Radun Castle

radun castle

Radun Castle is one of the essential places to visit during your travel to Czech Republic. From the 14th century, Radun belonged to several mortgage holders, alternated in 1475 by hereditary owners. The most significant of them were the Tvorkov, Bruntal, and Larisch Monnich family, who gradually imprinted a Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical face on the local medieval fortress. At present, the castle has two sightseeing tours with more than twenty interiors, illustrating the representative and private lifestyle of the manor during the 19th and the first half of the 20th century and the housing and daily routine of numerous staff and arriving guests. Among other things, the visitor will walk through the princely dining room, ladies salons, library halls, private rooms, and the premises of the chateau's children. From the castles of the Moravian-Silesian Region, only in Radun, qualified guides will take him to the recently renovated apartments and rooms for domestic servants. The historical hygienic background is also unprecedented. 

gallery of fine arts

Gallery of Fine Arts is one of the most famous museums in the city and the Moravian-Silesian Region. In 1952, the gallery had two branches - the House of Arts, which is the main premises of the museum, and the New Exhibition Hall, where temporary exhibitions are held. You can think of which galleries to visit during the travel time from Prague to Ostrava.

6. Administrative district of the city: Poruba district

poruba district

One of the greenest, quietest, and most instagrammable places in Ostrava is located in the west of the city and is called Poruba. There are no factories or factories that pollute the air, so it is considered very prestigious. Local real estate is very expensive, and only the wealthiest people can afford it.

7. Hans Ulrich's Villa

miskas directors villa

Once built for Johann Ulrich, this beautiful villa, also called Hans Ulrich, is now a cultural monument of the Czech Republic. Hans Ulrich was a highly respected person who took over as head of the council of Moravian Ostrava.

8. Ostrava City Walls

ostrava city

The city of Ostrava, founded in 1267, was not defended by defensive fortifications like other Czech cities. Why this happened is impossible to explain now. Maybe the locals were careless and were not afraid of attacks by enemy armies, and maybe the townspeople did not have the means to build strong and reliable walls.

9. Evangelicky Kristuv Kostel

evangelicku kristuv kostel

The inhabitants of Ostrava call the Evangelical Church of Christ the Red Church. This name becomes clear to anyone who just looks at this temple. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century from red brick in the Dutch Renaissance style. Here you will take your several most liked Instagram photos.

10. Hotel Polsky Dum

hotel polsky dum

A luxurious mansion in the centre of Ostrava is called the Polsky Dum (Polish house). This name was not invented for the sake of a catchphrase, and it perfectly reflects the history and purpose of this building. The Polish community has long wanted to build a small cultural centre where it would be possible to gather, communicate in their native language, discuss topical issues, meet according to interests, and sometimes arrange dances.

11. The Roman Catholic Parish of Ostrava

roman catholic parish

If you find yourself in the Ostrava region called Moravska Ostrava and accidentally see the Church, then at first, you will not even understand that there is a sacred building in front of you. This church, with its external appearance, rather resembles a warehouse or some kind of factory. St. Paul's Church is the main church in the Lower Region of Vitkovice, the famous Ostrava region, where iron ore processing plants were located. It is a very popular part of the city among tourists because the industrial complex, once owned by the Rothschilds, has now been turned into a large technical museum.

12. Arena Chamber Theatre and Zabreh Castle

opera orchestra

Once there was a musical theatre in Ostrava, which in 1991 it was decided to disband. Some artists were left out of work but did not give up and founded their theatrical association, known as the Arena chamber theatre. Zabreh Castle is located by the swift Odra River, which is often referred to in guidebooks as the Zabrzeg nad Odroj Palace. This building is one of Ostrava's main attractions, located within the city; therefore, do not forget to visit it during your travel to Czech Republic.

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