12 Instagrammable places in Ouagadougou

Gunel Eyvazli 28 December 2020 1411 views 5 min. read

You might first ask, “Where is Ouagadougou?". Ouagadougou (pronounced as Vagadagu) is the capital and largest town of Burkina Faso. It is a land-locked country in West Africa. The capital draws attention with its many sightseeing spots, has one of the largest markets of West Africa, and contains many historical elements that are the factors that attract many tourists to the city, besides because of the Vagadugu Cinema and Television Festival (FESPACO), which is Africa's largest film festival, the city attracts tourists from all over the world. At the same time, Ouaga is the country's communicative, cultural, and economic center. As you already received an answer to your question of “Where is Ouagadougou?” let’s discuss other interesting points. The name is usually abbreviated to Ouaga. It is a cool name, ha? Therefore, in this blog, we will try to show hidden beauties and talk about the interesting Instagrammable places to visit in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is one of the safest and richest countries in Africa. It is known as a “land of honest people,'' and visitors are always welcomed warmly in this African country, so there is no need to be worried. Ouaga itself will give you wide opportunities for great photos, and start to think about your hashtags.

1. Bangr Weogo Park

wildlife park

This fantastic wildlife park is located in the city center. It is a wonderful sightseeing spot where you can spend entertaining hours with many animal and plant species. In the park, one of the city's attractions, except for many animal species, there are restaurants to eat and recreational sport, play areas. Park also offers guided game drives during which you will see various animals. Maybe in Bangr Weogo Park, you will have a chance to take a selfie with a huge Giraffe or a lovely Zebra?

2. Musee De La Musique


An indispensable place for tourists has music passion, located in the city centre. The National Museum of Music is a fun and colorful museum that allows you to witness musical instruments' historical stories. This museum, where dozens of musical instruments dating back 200 years are exhibited, has been hosting works collected since 1998 from different parts of Western Africa. You can also find devices such as airplanes, membranes, idiophones, and corridors in these rich collections.

3. Faso Park


Faso park is one of the most enjoyable sightseeing places to visit in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso and is considered one of the entertainment centers that families visit. You will find your childhood memories, from carousels, bumper cars, trampolines to Ferris wheels. 

4. Nazinga National Park

nazinga national park

Nazinga national park is home to the largest population of elephants across western Africa, and it is among the best places to meet with these giant species. Park draws attention with its beautiful terrain, a variety of natural habitats that serve as home to different wild animals. Besides elephants, you will have a chance to see monkeys, different kinds of birds, caimans and etc.

5. Cathedral of Ouagadougou


It is one of the largest and most significant Cathedrals in West Africa. Ouagadougou Cathedral, built-in 1930 by Reverend Ricala Joany Thevenoud, is considered the city's main central church. In this religious building known as the Catholic Archbishopric cathedral, there is an altar dedicated to Mary Ave Maria and the Virgin's statue in a carved stone arch. The building’s design and architecture are quite intriguing, the walls were built with mud brick, and the design is attributed to and reminiscent of the Romanesque Basilica of Europe. Finding a building with European architecture style in West Africa should be one of the interesting Instagrammable places.

6. The National Museum

black red and orange painting

Want to see unique ethnic costumes, masks, and sacred items gathered from various tribes Naba, known as the most, give you insight into West African local people's lifestyle and culture. It was built in 1962, and it is among the most significant museums in Burkina Faso; 7,500 historical artefacts are exhibited here. Museum will fascinate you with its large collections; archaeological remains, jewelry, small statues, etc. You will catch some photos for your Instagram account that gather a lot of interest. There will be too many most liked Instagram photo in your account.

7. Moro-Baba Palace

mare-babo palace

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Ouaga is Moro-Baba Palace (Moro Naba Palace), a historical building used as a museum today. It is named after the Mossi Empire King Moro, a powerful ruler in the country. This museum is also very popular, with the Moro Naba ceremony held every Friday, which takes about 15 minutes and depicts the king's preparation for war. Do not miss this interesting ritual.

8. Tiebele


is a tiny small village located not far away from Ouaga. It has characteristic mud huts that are grass thatched, which depicts the people's level of poverty. Kassenas, which is one of the ethnic minorities, have lived here since the fifteenth century. These houses have been designed and organized systematically, which attracts various tourists into this area. We think it is worth visiting the village because it is a great chance to take Instagram photos of unique and weird locals.

9. Sindou Rock Formations

sindou rock

Yes, this venue is not in Ouagadougou, but if you are in Burkina Faso, it is one of the must see places to visit in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. It is also a highly recommended place for photographers. Only a part of the area is open to tourism. The rock formations give the impression that they were created by someone in the minds of those who first saw it. Some rocks in the Sindou Hills resemble human and animal sculptures. The wonderful area that has turned into one of Burkina Faso attractions must be discovered.

10. Monument of National Heroe


It is one of the most bizarre monuments, but at the same time, it is an alluring building that catches your glance. The National Heroes Monument, built-in memory of the revolution's martyrs in 2014, is one of the city's most iconic structures. Just in front of the monument, there is a star representing the country's unity and solidarity. We recommend you visit this monument to take the most liked Instagram photo in the city. 

11. Grande Mosquee de Ouaga


As you remember, we have mentioned Cathedral above, and now the mosque is in the scene. A unique blend of traditional elements and modern architecture make Grande Mosquee de Ouagadougou a one-of-a-kind landmark in the area. Visit there, learn about the local spiritual life and contribute to the mosque's fight against poverty. By sharing both photos of these monuments, Cathedral and Mosque, on your Instagram account, you will give your contribution to show how tolerance can reign in the city, and this will be your most liked Instagram photo.

12. Ouagadougou Market

ouagadougou market

If you are keen on shopping, you should go to the Great Market Ouagadougou. It is so big that you'll need a few days to see it all. It is known as the most important market place in West Africa. This impressive shopping point is among the indispensable addresses of tourists coming to the country. You can find everything you are looking for in the market, from jewellery to different local ethnic clothes. Ouagadougou Market is also a place where you can understand the pulse of the city and people. It will give you lots of hints about the lifestyle and culture of African nations. Most importantly, it is a great venue for taking crackpot photos among this terrific chaos. Do not forget to buy some souvenirs that remind you of magic Africa. tribe mask Burkina Faso is one of the unique countries in Africa. Locals of the country are respectful of their traditions. Craftsmen preserve their arts developed in centuries because today, these artists are making wonderful handmade souvenirs that are admired and intrigued by tourists from all over the world. Masks are a very popular souvenir that tourists buy and take home. Every ethnic group in the country makes its unique mask, such as the Mossy tribe makes the highest ones; these are masks of antelopes skillfully colored in white and red; Bobo makes beautiful masks depicting butterflies. Besides facts mentioned above and its natural beauties, these tips should also trigger you to visit this interesting and colourful country.

A quick recap 


Hopefully, you get the answers to the questions of “Where is Ouagadougou?”, “What are the Instagrammable places there?" and more. Starting from that, you need to organize your trip to this excellent country by yourself, or maybe you get the help of a professional. However, we believe our blog post today will inspire you to plan a DIY trip for yourself. We believe you will have lots of fun while visiting this country and take lots of shots to keep in your memories. Just enjoy your time with your friends and locals in Ouagadougou. Thanks for your patience in reading our article about the twelve Instagrammable places in Ouagadougou. Hopefully, it was handy and full of the information you are seeking. Have fun, and stay safe! 

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