12 Instagrammable places in Palikir

Punhan Shukurov13 October 20201530 views7 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Palikir
Micronesia is home to stunning instagrammable places that are must-see at least once in a lifetime. Where is Palikir? It is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. Palikir is the capital city of the Federated States of Micronesia, bordering Japan in its northwest, the Philippines in its west. Archipelago countries are always great with extraordinary natural features. The Federated States of Micronesia is also an archipelago destination consisting of several fascinating islands. Palikir amazes visitors from all over the world with its outstanding scenic beauties, great beaches, surfing spots, and warm tropical weather. It is the place where you can get your most liked Instagram photo. In this blog, we will list the instagrammable places in Palikir that will enrich your Instagram profile and make your travel unforgettable.

1. Kepirohi Waterfall

Kepirohi waterfall Those who love eco-tourism and eco-adventure would definitely enjoy visiting Kepirohi Waterfall. Exotic basalt rocks, green land, and the amazingly soft sound of water will make you feel the tropical wilderness atmosphere at its best. The charming leaves of palm trees feature dark green colour that fits perfectly with Instagram filters. Thanks to the gorgeous scenic views, you will capture the most liked Instagram photo in the area of Kepirohi Waterfall. The shallow pool, where the water cascades, is home to a myriad of colourful fish and exotic algae species. The location of the Kepirohi Waterfall is also good within the island that is near Palikir hotels. It takes just a few hours to get from Palikir to Kepirohi Waterfall. Travellers can stay overnight near the waterfall area in comfortable Palikir hotels that are available for very affordable prices.

2. Nan Madol

Abandoned place Also known as Nan Madol Ruins, this archaeological site is situated in the eastern part of the main island of the country. Thousands of years ago, local Micronesians built dozens of small islands from various materials, such as stone, basalt, and coral. Some of the islands have very complex structures that are difficult to study for archaeologists. These small islands or islets formed religious and administrative sites. The coastal erosion has eroded the stones of the islets gradually over the hundreds of years. However, the main structure of the islets is still strong. Nan Madol is a legendary historical site that attracts many foreigners' attention. Many people come to Palikir to see and photograph Nan Madol Ruins. The dark colour of the volcanic stones and tall palm trees among destroyed buildings seem stunningly extraordinary on Instagram filters. You will enjoy visiting this historical site and looking for instagrammable spots among the traces of the past.

3. Ant Atoll

Ant Atoll Ant Atoll is a heart-shaped reef connected with other small islands of the Federated States of Micronesia. During your travel to Palikir, the Ant Atoll is a must-visit place. White sand, tropical forests, and soft soil surface are typical of the atoll. During the enjoyable boat tour around the atoll, you can discover lots of picturesque spots on the island. Walking around the Ant Atoll is a unique experience. No human lives on Ant Atoll, and it is only home to tropical flora and fauna. Black noddies are famous local Micronesian seabirds settling around Ant Atoll. The colourful wildlife of the atoll is perfect for posting on Instagram. You can capture instagrammable photos and videos also during diving and snorkelling on the atoll. Usually, local tourism agencies organize group trips to the atoll during your stay in Palikir.

4. Sokehs Rock

Sokehs Rock Also known as Paipalap, Sokehs Rock is one of the fascinating topographical beauties of the Federated States of Micronesia. As Sokehs Rock is a natural reserve and far away from the city, you cannot travel there alone. Local tourism agencies will take you to the Paipalap together with groups of other visitors. Just as other islands of Micronesia, you would enjoy firstly capturing the faraway photo of Sokehs Rock. If you are lucky to visit the island on a rainy or foggy day, you will photograph astonishingly beautiful scenic views of the Rock rising from the Pacific Ocean. The Rock seems more magical when you get closer. Sokehs Rock is one of the best instagrammable places in Micronesia that will astonish your Instagram followers. Pailapap is also home to wild pineapples and other endemic tropical plants.

5. Mt. Pwusehn Malek

Pwusehn Malek Would you like to see the whole view of Palikir and the whole Pohnpei from the top of the volcanic rocks? Pwusehn Malek is a small mountain that is home to tropical trees and volcanic hills. Many travellers say it is challenging to climb up the Pwusehn Malek. You have to go through narrow valleys and step on the slippery volcanic surfaces. However, getting to the top of the Pwusehn Malek will be an amazing victory that will allow you to enjoy and photograph the island's panoramic Instagrammable view.

6. Pohnpaip Petroglyphs

Pohnpaip Petroglyphs Pohnpaip Petroglyphs is the most extraordinary and ancient site in the area of Federated States. Thousands of years ago, local Micronesians have carved basic images on the volcanic rocks that have survived until nowadays. Ancient people tried to draw the image of the human body with details such as arms, legs, head, feet, etc. The drawings of the canoe paddles show the ancient history of sea life in Palikir. Although tropical rains have mostly eroded the drawings over the centuries, the images are still visible. If you look closely, you can determine the content of the carvings. The exquisite volcanic stones in Pohnpaip Petroglyphs will generate perfect Instagram posts and stories. Your most liked Instagram photo may be about the ancient carvings on the fascinating volcanic rocks.

7. Western Kitti

Beach in Palikir Western Kitti is one of the most iconic instagrammable places in the Federated States of Micronesia. This is one of the rare places where the local Micronesians have preserved the old habits of the ancient lifestyle. In Western Kitti, traditions and religious rules determine the dynamics of daily life. Local residents of the Western Kitti speak a unique Micronesian dialect language. Yam cultivation, deer hunting, and traditional games are the main activities of the local people. Magnificent waterfalls will be top-notch spots for photographing and recording videos.

8. Dausokele Estuary

Boat trip A beautiful tropical river passing through forests can be a rightful candidate to be the best among instagrammable places in Micronesia. Dausokele Estuary is not far away from central Palikir. A nice boat or canoe guided by the local tourism agencies will take you to Dausokele Estuary. The estuary has an energetic atmosphere thanks to the swimming young people and others enjoying conversation, picnic, and barbecue. The estuary is totally safe from the wind, and you can comfortably swim in the estuary with local people. You can photograph the moments when you enjoy swimming in the area. Imagine an Instagram story where you jump from the canoe into the estuary and have fun!

9. Nan Kiepw Cascade

Nan Kiepw Cascade Nan Kiepw Cascade is home to another astonishingly beautiful tropical waterfall. Several small ponds are also in the Cascade area. Nan Kiepw Cascade is not available for swimming. Tourism agencies arrange trips to the Cascade, where the visitors walk around and admire the scenic tropical views. There are many things to photograph in the Cascade's area. Red sandalwood, tropical nut trees, and fungi are unique local plants around the cascade. Thanks to the dark green colour of the tropical leaves, there will be no need for Instagram filters and colour adjustments on Instagram.

10. WWII Sites

Soldier statue WWII Sites in the territory of Federated States of Micronesia are home to cannons, weapons, vehicles, etc., belonging to the Second World War period. The old style of WWII Sites attracts a lot of foreigners' attention. The WWII Sites are among the most famous tourist places in Pohnpei Island, where the capital city Palikir is located. 

11. Dau Reirei Island

Dau Reirei Island Dahu Reirei is a long, tiny, man-made islet developed on a shallow reef with a few hovels for picnickers and campers. The narrow place can get awkwardly crowded on weekends and during holidays but is brilliant at other times. One of Dahu Reirei‘s greatest draws is its namesake — the crystal-clear channel along the west side, with numerous varieties of staghorn coral and swarms of reef fish; it’s just a magical place to swim.

12. Lepin Dau Island

Lepin Dau Island In Lepin Dau Island, you will experience the wildlife at its best. Micronesian wild animals will sometimes accompany you during your walks. The tropical animals of Lepin Dau Island are very friendly, and they are not afraid of tourists. Nature is also amazing on the island. The combination of tropical forests and the river will generate the perfect most liked Instagram photos for posting on social media.

A quick recap of this article

In this blog, we first answered the questions: Where is Palikir? How to find instagrammable places in Palikir? Throughout the article, we listed the best instagrammable spots in Palikir Federated States of Micronesia. After finding out where is Palikir, you can book tickets and stay at Palikir hotels and start your journey. No need to worry about how to find instagrammable places in Palikir because there are dozens of stunning tropical scenic views to admire in the Micronesian island cities.

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