Tips for camping alone

Tips for camping alone

Mahammad Samadov09 February 20211555 views7 min. read
Tips for camping alone

You have probably been watching a lot of Bear Grylls videos and decided to go camping alone. Camping in a group isn’t particularly challenging. In this case, you always have others to count on if something goes wrong, and if you forgot something, there is a high chance that somebody didn’t. Well, going camping alone is not as simple and easy as it might sound, but there are a lot of things to do while camping alone. If you do not know what to do when alone camping, keep on reading. Let me tell you some tricks and tips for camping alone. Even though you are a beginner, you can find camping tips for beginners; also, experienced campers are welcome. There are the camping alone tips you will need:

1. Do not start with a solo trip


It is a terrible idea to have your first time camping alone because you will face many challenges during your camping trip, and do not expect to hop right into it without having some prior camping experience. It is better to learn basic stuff beforehand. 

Knowing the basics are crucial for camping alone, but you need to feel like your skill level goes beyond a beginner.

2. Essential skills while going camping alone

remote campsite

You will need to feel confident about your necessary skills because these are crucial for camping alone. If you want to camp alone successfully, you need to know the followings:

- Pitch a tent

- Build a fire

- Set up camp

- Navigate

- Forecast weather

- Handle run-ins with wildlife

- First aid

Of course, several other things would make your camping alone much easier, but the above list is minimal. Always remember the way back; nobody wants to get lost coming back home after a camping trip.

3. Take a longer trip to enjoy

camping in the desert

To be perfectly candid, sleeping alone in the wilderness is not going to be comfortable. Before you set up your tent, be sure to clean your camp area, even little stones can hurt your back while sleeping. Ask others who have camped in that area for some more tips. There is nothing to be shy about!

You are a newbie, and it is your first time camping alone in the woods, so you will be worried about many things. If you plan to have a short camping trip for one or two nights, you will probably not enjoy your trip to the fullest. When you know what to do when alone camping, your trip will last longer, and after some tiring nights, you will either become very comfortable or just dead tired so that you will be able to sleep much better.

4. Learn to be calm


It can be scary camping alone in the woods; there seems too loud and scary every little noise out.

Learn to be able to keep your calm and slow your mind down. Talking to yourself or singing when you start to panic is a proven technique to go camping alone effectively. Remember that no one will be there to judge if you forget words.

5. Pack the essentials


Keep in mind that you will be the only one to carry everything you have packed, so do not take many unnecessary things and make your luggage heavy. You have to be able to be realistic about what you pack. We always tend to pack more than we need for the first time, which is why this is one of the important camping alone tips.

Pick a tent depending on the season, and do not forget your sleeping bag. It will get chilly at night. You will need a small ax for the wood, and of course, a cup and a pot are a must. No camp is good if you do not have a hot beverage to sip at night while looking at the sky and enjoying nature.

6. Do not go far away

camping in nature

Tips for camping alone would not be complete without this tip. It is not a good idea for your first solo camping trip to choose an unfamiliar place. It is better to pick a spot that you are very familiar with. Bear in mind that the further you go out into the wild, the more you are opening up the possibility for something to go wrong.

You can choose a spot-on Google maps. Better to go out to the area you are going to camp for a day hike to know what to expect. Look for dry wood and timber for your fire. Believe me, and it is not as easy as it seems to make a fire.

7. Tell someone

red tent

This tip is one of the most important camping tips. We all have seen the movie 127 hours; if you have not, you should watch it. Understand why this tip is so crucial. Remember that it is very important to share your camping plan with somebody before you leave. You will probably not have a mobile phone signal out there, so tell them the day you are leaving, the day you are coming back, and of course, your travel destination.

8. Be authentic

camping anf fire

There’s no reason not to be. Who are you when you are alone? You are just you. It is your time to spend on whatever you want. Maybe this one is not one of the essential camping tips, but we had to add this. Some people telling stories around a campfire are the best part of a camping trip, but you will not have this when you are camping alone. Even if you are planning to cook a big meal for yourself, which takes a lot of time, you will have a surprising amount of silence and spare time. There are more things to do while camping alone than you think. For instance, you can take your guitar with you if you never have time to play it, and this can be a perfect opportunity to do just that. Bring a book that you want to finish or write poetry finally. You don’t have to hike or do any outdoor activities other than camp. Use nature to help yourself find a deeper connection. Sometimes being alone inspires you more than being alone at home.

9. Do not forget to explore

yellow tent

What to do when alone camping if you are out of ideas about things to do while camping alone? Explore! Just because you are camping alone in the woods does not mean that you have to stay at your campsite the whole time. It will be more fun if you explore the area.

There’s this quote by T.S. Eliot which summarizes this tip: “We must not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time."

10. Camping alone as a woman

camping alone as a woman

As a woman, you are constantly being told never to camp alone because something bad will happen to you, and it will be all your fault if it does for not listening to their warning. Camping alone as a woman is as challenging as it is for men. The warning you should listen to is the one you get in your gut. If you arrive at a location and your gut tells you that something is not right, you should leave. It is that simple.

Women are lucky to live in a time and a place that gives them the freedom for camping alone as a woman. Of course, they may not be allowed to drive in some countries, let alone solo camp. Knowing that will add another dimension to your trips. It will also add a layer of depth to your experience that makes you incredibly grateful to be alive.



Many people think that solo camping is only for experienced campers and is impossible if you are an amateur, but as you can see from these tips for camping, it is possible. Just remember that if you know camping tips for beginners and are well prepared, you can go head out and be in nature on your own. Do not forget that if you want to know more camping tips for beginners, you can always ask your friends who have more experience. Camping solo guarantees that you will not have other people to distract you. You will feel a much deeper connection to nature, and therefore experience your camping with heightened senses. Camping alone is an experience that will change your life, and you will be able to connect with yourself in nature. Hopefully, these camping alone tips will help you out there in the wild.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next camping trip alone, and do not forget, whatever happens, you will at least have exciting stories for the grandkids.

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