12 Instagrammable places in Prague

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12 Instagrammable places in Prague
most liked Instagram photos during your travel to Prague? So, in this post, you will read about the 12 places to go in Prague and take your most liked photo on Instagram. Also, you will find answers to your questions, such as where is Prague, what to do in Prague, what are the cool places in Prague, what are the must-see places in Prague, what are the best places in Prague, which Instagrammable places to visit in Prague, which things to do in Prague, which historical sites to see in Prague, how to spend a nice time in Prague, etc. But we must mention that, if you are serious about the trip to Prague, please check Czech Republic visa requirements for your nationality. 

1. Charles Bridge

charles bridge Charles Bridge is the symbol of Prague. It stands at the top of the must-see places in Prague. It goes back to Emperor Charles IV, who made Prague his capital. Be sure to take a walk across the Charles Bridge. Check out the stalls, musicians, and small souvenir stands. Also, visit the tower on the south and north sides of Charles Bridge. You especially like the view from the south tower of the Charles Bridge, the Vltava, the old town and the new town. You can take wonderful photos of the Old town tower of Charles Bridge at night during your travel to Prague. 

2. Prague Castle

prague castle The Castle is the largest in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Bohemian kings, emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, and Austrian emperors lived in it. By the way, a highlight and one of Prague's cool places is the lighting of Prague Castle in the evening. After the end of the Soviet Union, the Rolling Stones donated a free concert in Prague. The area is 70,000m² and includes many other places to visit in Prague. Among these historical places to see in Prague, you can visit Vitus Cathedral, the largest church in the Czech Republic with the graves of important kings, bishops, and the patron saint Wenceslas. You can also go up to the 99m high tower of Veitdsom.

3. Golden Lane

golden lane The Golden Lane belongs to the Castle. You will find craft shops, historical buildings, and exhibitions from the Middle Ages in the alley. Franz Kafka, for example, worked in house number 22, you will have an interesting time in Prague. The alley is now one of the Instagrammable places to go in Prague. That is why you have to pay an entrance fee by 6 p.m. After that, entry is free, but the buildings are all closed. Today, Prague's "Alchemist Lane" or "Goldmacher Lane" includes small shops, exhibitions with armor and weapons, and souvenir shops.

4. Astronomical Clock

astronomical clock The Astronomical Clock on the City Hall Tower is one of the most visited places to visit in Prague and, maybe, one of the most disappointing things to do in Prague. The clock is at the top of lists of the most unnecessary sights in Europe. Why? Because people exaggerate it too much. Let us be more realistic. Although many people do not like this clock, I still consider it an essential sight. If you do not know what to do in Prague and have enough time, you can visit the clock. 

5. Old Town Hall

prague The famous tower of the City Hall with the astronomical clock stands on the Old Town Square in Prague's center. The tower is one of Prague's best places and the most Instagrammable viewpoints of the New Town. In the town hall, you will see an exhibition with paintings and the town hall rooms. It also includes the mechanics in the background of the astronomical clock. The famous Prague lintel happened in the Castle, not in the town hall. You will have a nice view of the town hall tower to the old town square. Among the essential places to go in Prague, the Old Town Square is the square in front of the Old Town Hall with the Jan Hus monument, the Tyn Church, and many restaurants. An insider tip is a view from the restaurant on the roof of the Hotel U Prince. The hotel's bar is one of the ten best in the world, and the view from the rooftop restaurant is terrific. Be careful; sometimes, you have to queue for the best photo spot. 

6. Vysehrad

vysehrad According to legends, Vysehrad is the oldest royal seat in Bohemia in the New Town of Prague. In reality, the fortress was built in the 10th century. The Castle over the Vltava includes a park, the Slavin cemetery, St. Peter and Paul Church, a Romanesque rotunda of St. Martin from the 11th century, and casemates.

7. Wenceslas Square

wenceslas square The largest urban square in Europe is the center of the New Town of Prague. It was a horse market. Today there are hotels, restaurants, cafes, and clubs on Wenceslas Square. At the end of Wenceslas Square is the Czech National Museum. There are an equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslaus and a memorial to Jan Palach and Jan Zajic. After the violent suppression of the Prague Spring and the subsequent invasion of the Communist troops, they burned themselves and ran down Wenceslas Square as living torches.

8. Jewish Quarter

jewish quarter In Prague, you will see the best-preserved Jewish Quarter in Central Europe. Reinhard Heydrich is the reason for this. He was the National Socialist administrator of Prague during World War II. He planned Joesfov as a museum for an "extinct race." The six preserved synagogues in the Jewish Quarter show the dark past. Old-New Synagogue, the oldest Synagogue in Prague, is associated with myths and legends. It includes the golem Gollum story, which is said to have been created from a rabbi's dust. Its remains are said to still be on the roof of the Old-New Synagogue. But that is not certain because no one is said to have looked for centuries.

9. John Lennon Wall

john lennon wall The walls are reminiscent of a student uprising in the 1980s against the communist government in the Czech Republic. They drew pictures of John Lennon, texts by the Beatles, and complaints against the communist government on the wall, and the consequence was the arrest of hundreds of students and clashes with the security police. New graffiti is constantly emerging on the walls and covering the old ones. The Beatles are still on the wall. Today it is one of the most-visited places to see in Prague.

10. Strahov Monastery

strahov monastery According to an annual survey, the monastery has the best beer in the Czech Republic. The somewhat rough nature of the monks is a sight in itself. Czech newspapers like to write articles about their rough demeanor. The beer garden in the monastery is still a recommendation for beer lovers. A look into the magnificently furnished library of the monastery founded in 1143 is also worthwhile. You can walk to the monastery in just 15 minutes from The Castle.

11. Dancing House

dancing house Instagram is the reason for the popularity of the Dancing House. Prague accounts continuously show pictures of the office building with its extraordinary architecture. Queues sometimes form in the most beautiful places to take photos in front of the house. A small gallery on the ground floor now shows contemporary works by young artists. A restaurant and cafe are also part of the house.

12. Petrin Tower

petrin tower The tower stands on the 318 m high Petrin Hill above Prague's old town. The tower itself is a 61 m high replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. After 299 stairs, you have reached the top of the tower with its Instagrammable view of Prague. The Petrin funicular travels up the hill in two stations. At the middle station, the restaurant Nebozízek with a great view and mediocre food. The Petrin Tower and the Prague Planetarium are located 200 m from the terminus of the cable car.

Bonus! Clementinum

clementinum Last but not least, you can visit the Clementinum. The Czech National Library is part of the former Jesuit College. For college also belongs to the magnificent Baroque church of St. Clement and the oldest Mozart Memorial in the world.

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