12 Instagrammable places in Praia

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Travel to Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, is a dream to fulfill for many people. Where is Praia? Cape Verde is an archipelago very close but at the same time very unknown to most of us. How to travel to Praia? Just 2 and a half hours by flight from Canar Islands, off Senegal's coast, in the Democratic Republic of Cape Verde. A young country, it became independent from Portugal in 1975, made up of 10 islands and several islets Cape Verde archipelago divided into 2 groups: Barlavento (windward) islands and Sotavento (leeward) islands. There are many instagrammable places both in the islands of Cape Verde and its capital, Praia, where you can take the most liked Instagram photo

Where is Praia and how to travel to Praia?

praia beach

Cape Verde, officially the Republic of Cape Verde, is an Atlantic archipelago in a stone's throw from Senegal. This country is made up of ten islands and five islets of volcanic origin, among which is the island of Sal, where the country's largest international airport is located, so that is the answer to how to travel to Praia; the island of Santiago, where is Praia, the largest city and capital of Cape Verde; and the island of San Vicente, where you can visit the charming Mindelo and all the points of interest that surround it. With a past marked by colonial history and a landscape that lacks vegetation but not volcanic ash, Cape Verde will delight those looking for something different, lovely, and instagrammable landscapes and enjoy listening or speaking Portuguese. There is much to see and visit in Cape Verde, especially in its capital. 

1. Santiago Island

santiago island

With a total area of 990 square kilometers, Santiago is the largest island in the entire archipelago, where the country's capital city, Praia, is also located. It is also home to the highest peak in the whole set of these paradisiacal islands. Pico de Antonia is a summit of singular beauty that reaches a total altitude of 1,392 meters. The nature of the island is precisely one of its main hallmarks. Lovers of the open spaces of the modification produced by the hand of man will undoubtedly enjoy the uniqueness of these incredible landscapes, where the green colors of its exuberant vegetation intermingle with the volcanic areas. Contrasts that, far from damaging the natural appeal of this astonishing island, do nothing but magnify it. You can begin your visit to the island of Santiago through beautiful Praia. Today its port is a great commercial center from which coffee, sugar cane, and tropical fruits are exported. In addition to being one of the berthing points on the most famous cruise ships' Atlantic routes, the city's port is famous because the British naturalist Charles Darwin landed on it aboard the famous ship SM Beagle. It was precisely in this port that the author of the origin of species began his famous diary. Praia's center still has the appeal of a city not yet crowded, with beautiful and picturesque Instagrammable places located in the old town. Although more modern, other buildings that also deserve to be visited are the Presidential Palace, the Church of Our Lady of Grace, and the Palace of Culture.

2. Streets of Praia

praia city center

In the streets of Praia, you will find remains of the Portuguese colonial past, you will know the history of the independence of Cape Verde, in the Amilcar Cabral Museum and the National Museum of the Resistance, and you will take the pulse of the city through its vibrant cultural offer and leisure, which fills the nights of the city with music.

3. Cultural Events


The cultural offerings in Praia are completed with the musical events, the Kriol Jazz Festival, a festival that brings together Cape Verdean musicians with international artists that take place in April, and the Gamboa Festival, where you can enjoy music every May on the sand of the popular Gamboa Beach.

4. Sal Island

sal island

Another island of the archipelago that is worth visiting on your trip to Cape Verde is Isla de Sal. To the south of the island is the town of Santa Maria, where you can find the most beautiful and spectacular beaches of Sal and, therefore, the best hotel complexes. And it is that the coasts of Santa Maria stand out for their transparent waters and their beaches of fine white sand. Gastronomy is another of the attractions of this town. Among its main dishes, you cannot miss products from the sea, such as barnacles, lobsters, and all kinds of fish that you can imagine, whether fried or cooked on the grill. If you want to try all these delicacies, what are you waiting for to choose your offers to Cape Verde! The nightlife of Santa Maria is also very lively, especially during summer nights, where you can taste a tasty local caipirinha. In addition to the aforementioned Santiago or Sal, the old colony of the Cape Verde archipelago has other islands where you can live new experiences, flavors, and emotions, such as Boa Vista, San Vicente, Fogo, and San Nicolas, among others. In the former's case, the island of Boa Vista stands out for its coasts, which are ideal for practicing sports such as windsurfing or diving. The rest of its main cities' lively streets also deserve special mention, which you will love for their color.

5. Old City


Another must-see in Cape Verde is Ciudad Vieja. You will find it about 15 kilometers from Praia, in Ribeira Grande de Santiago. As its name suggests, it is the oldest city in the country and the first town founded by European settlers in that area of the world. Both Vasco de Gama and Christopher Columbus passed there at the end of the 15th century, the first way to India, the second to his third trip to America. 

6. Pico de Fuego

pico de fuego

Another thing to do in Cape Verde is to contemplate the Pico de Fuego. At almost 3,000 meters high, 2,829 to be exact, it is the highest summit and an active volcano that, since the 15th century, has had almost 30 eruptions, the last in 2014! Despite this, on the slopes of Pico de Fuego, Cape Verdeans grow coffee. A curious phenomenon in a very beautiful and instagrammable peak that you have to visit in Cape Verde.

7. Brava

brava island

It is the island known as the island of flowers, and you can discover it practically on foot! The routes are circular and start from the capital Vila Nova de Sintra, with the same name as the Portuguese city. It is indeed famous for being difficult to access, for now, you can only go by ferry. I advise taking this issue into account when organizing the trip or visit to this island. It is not the best place to go to the beach due to its danger, but it has natural pools with a lot of charm.

8. Mindelo


If you are from cities, another must-see in Cape Verde is Mindelo, on the island of San Vicente. With almost 70,000 inhabitants, it is one of the largest cities in the country. Normally, locals consider it as the cultural capital, hence its importance. When you visit Cape Verde, you cannot miss Mindelo because you will probably take the most liked Instagram photo of yourself there. 

9. Maio Island


26 km from Santiago Island, it is the furthest from tourism but with a great Cape Verdean essence. It has reserves and natural parks such as Maio Biosphere Reserve. It is also home to the turtles to spawn precisely because it maintains its non-stress essence. Porto Ingles is the capital where we can find the white sand beaches and some typical bars and restaurants.

10. Gastronomy

fast food

Cape Verde has a rich cuisine influenced by African and Portuguese gastronomy. You can enjoy fresh fish and seafood on all its islands. Also, the best-known food is the Cachupa, a rich stew that can also be taken refogada (sautéed) in the morning as breakfast. The feijoada or the caldo de peixe is another of its delicious stews. Talking of the gastronomy, beautiful restaurants of Praia is also the best place to take instagrammable photos. 

11. Chaves Beach

chave beach

Although in Cape Verde, there are dozens of beaches, few as beautiful as Chaves Beach. You will find its 5 wonderful kilometers of fine sand, the last ones included in the Morro de Areia Natural Reserve, very close to Rabil town on the island of Boavista. Do not forget to apply sunscreen and to take the most liked Instagram photo in Chaves Beach.

12. Serra de Malagueta


The Serra Malagueta is one of the most important mountainous areas to see in Cape Verde. It is located on Santiago Island; its highest point exceeds 1000 meters in height and is a protected area within the Serra Malagueta Natural Park framework. If you like adventure, backpacking, and hiking, the Serra de Malagueta is something you have to visit in Cape Verde. You are going to love it. This area has many amazing landscapes and instagrammable places

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