11 reasons why you should travel to Cabo Verde right now

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11 reasons why you should travel to Cabo Verde right now
Where is Cabo Verde? Cabo Verde is in the central Atlantic Ocean, and the archipelago has ten volcanic islands, bordering the African Continent. The ten stars of the Cabo Verde flag represents the number of Cabo Verde islands. The capital of Cabo Verde is called Praia, which is the largest city in the country. Many travel enthusiasts want to know how to get to Cabo Verde. The optimal way of travel to Cabo Verde is via a flight. Cabo Verde airlines arrange flights from Italy, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Sweden to Cabo Verde several times a week. Cabo Verde amazes every traveller with the wonders of its tropical nature, rich culture, kind society, and famous cuisine. In today’s article, we will take a detailed look at why Cabo Verde should be your next travel destination.

1. Marvellous coastline beaches

beach in cabo verde Cabo Verde islands are home to unbelievably long coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean. The pristine white and black sand of these beaches is perfect for relaxing. While walking along the coastlines, exotic mushrooms, colourful snails, and extraordinary shells will accompany you. Cabo Verde beaches are great for swimming as the water is evident. Thanks to the water’s transparency, you can see fish and underwater plants of various colours and styles. The capital of Cabo Verde is home to stunning beaches that welcome thousands of tourists each year from all parts of the world.

2. Kitesurfing at its best

surfing experience Cabo Verde beaches are also great for extremely exciting and entertaining kitesurfing. As Cabo Verde is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the winds are vital in the islands. From March to October, due to climate conditions, winds become more intense. Windy weather creates the most suitable situation for kitesurfing. The best time for kitesurfing is, therefore, between March and October. Besides, many kitesurfing schools in the capital of Cabo Verde welcomes both locals and foreigners. Kitesurfing is an engaging activity that will make you thrilled. You will experience the most exciting travel moment in Cabo Verde while kitesurfing. 

3. Uniquely delicious seafood

cabo verde cuisine Seafood is a significant aspect of Cabo Verde`s national cuisine. Due to the geographic location of Cabo Verde, people mainly eat seafood. Rice with tuna is famous worldwide seafood locally cooked in Cabo Verde. Jagacida is also an important local meal due to its unique sea flavours. Shrimp Verde is a fried fresh shrimp flavoured by olive oil, garlic, green onion, and parmesan cheese. Salsa Verde and chicken Piri-Piri are well-known dishes of Cabo Verde that amuse travellers with the Verdean sea flavours’ smell. Last but not least, cachupa is a must-try meal that is the national pride of Cabo Verde. Seafood plays a very significant role in the nutrition of people living in Cabo Verde. These are all exclusive traditional dishes that you must try at least once in a lifetime during a nice tropical vacation.

4. Diving in the crystalline water

diving experience Dozens of sea areas are available for diving in Cabo Verde, Africa. The water of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounding the Cabo Verde islands, is pure, bright, and transparent like crystal. The quality of water, coral reefs, and the myriad of fish and plant species make diving fantastic. During the sunrise, the sunshine passes through the water and creates an incredibly beautiful bright blue effect. Cave diving is also a great option during your time in Cabo Verde. Diving is a widespread tourist activity in Cabo Verde, and there are lots of high-quality services. 

5. Black sand beaches in Fogo

black sand beach Many devotees of a tropical vacation travel to Fogo Cabo Verde to relax on black sand beaches. Only a few travel destinations, such as Hawaii, Iceland, and Cabo Verde, are home to the exotically unique black sand beaches. Travel to Fogo Cabo Verde is especially noteworthy because Fogo is rare in Cabo Verde to have black sand areas along the coastline. The contents of black sands are unique volcanic fragments and rocks, such as basalt. Volcanic erosions have gradually produced black sands in Fogo and Santo Antao. Thanks to its exotic natural treasure, travel to Fogo Cabo Verde will be an unforgettable experience of your lifetime.

6. Street art and old architectures

Street art Many globally well-known photographers have photographed graffiti and street artworks throughout Cabo Verde. Local artists have drawn dozens of beautiful graffiti on the walls of old architectures, as well. Historically, Europeans have discovered and colonized Cabo Verde. The Europeans built dozens of architecture that have survived since the middle of the 15th century. Nowadays, street art and graffiti decorate the old buildings with their bright colours. Street art of Cabo Verde has attracted many photographers` and travellers` attention. You will enjoy photographing the instagrammable street art views in Cabo Verde.

7. Cabo Verde is great for backpacking!

backpacking For those who prefer travelling on a budget, Cabo Verde is a fantastic travel destination. First, Cabo Verde is home to dozens of cheap or affordable hostels, guest houses, and hotels. You can walk for several days and spend every night in a different accommodation. Moreover, hitchhiking is very convenient in Cabo Verde. Local drivers are amiable toward travellers. Thanks to kind drivers, you will spend very little money on transportation between cities and towns. Last but not least, Cabo Verde has fascinating mountainous spots and wild forests for hiking. Warm weather, the breeze of cool Atlantic winds, and smooth meadows will make your hiking experience unforgettable. 

8. Mysterious, empty, and unknown islands

cabo verde As we mentioned earlier, Cabo Verde is not a well-known tourist destination. Therefore, many spots in the wild nature of Cabo Verde remains untouched, unspoiled, and undiscovered by many foreigners. Many small Cabo Verde islands have seen few foreign people throughout decades. You may ask the driver to take to the little and unknown islands of Cabo Verde during boat trips. It feels great to walk on the pristine sands of the Verdean islands. The water is also much better for fishing as there have been few tourists in the area, and the water is unspoiled. Last but not least, you can feel the wildlife better in small islands because animals are not afraid of visitors. In large islands, which are famous tourism destinations, tourists scare and harass animals. However, in small islands, wildlife is untouched, and animals are more friendly.

9. Local street musicians

Local street musician Music is a significant part of people’s everyday life in Cabo Verde. While wandering around the capital of Cabo Verde, you will continuously hear the street musicians playing. Also, musicians organize weekly carnivals where music is the leading activity of the events. In February, unique musical festivals occur where you can learn a lot about local Verdean musical culture. Local music in Cabo Verde has excellent aesthetic value thanks to the dazzling costumes of the performers.

10. Riding a jet ski on tidal ocean waves

jet ski Strong winds of the Atlantic Ocean generate amazingly high waves on the water. Therefore, jet skiing along Cabo Verde beaches is remarkably entertaining. It is critical noting that you should be careful while jet skiing. It is better to jet ski with the instructor or guide to ensure safety. When there is intense wind and tides are high, you would not want to miss jet skiing in Cabo Verde. There are also jet skiing courses available if you are interested. Instructors are professionals who have practised jet skiing for decades. The jet skiing schools also offer jet ski vehicles for rent during your stay in Cabo Verde for several days or weeks. Jet ski vehicles are quite affordable and easy to learn. You will have one of the best moments in Cabo Verde while riding a jet ski.

11. Game fishing large exotic species

fishing Cabo Verde is very famous for its game fishing activities. Game fishing is when you win prizes for catching various sea animals. During game fishing, you can earn some money with your fishing skills. Also, game fishing is hugely entertaining. Game fishing is organized in several hotels and entertainment centres. During the game day, all participants gather in a large ship, and the tour begins through the Atlantic Ocean. Game fishing is excellent for entertainment and communication with other tourists and locals.

A quick recap of this article

flag of cabo verde At the beginning of our blog, we answered the following questions: Where is Cabo Verde? How to get to Cabo Verde? What do the stars of the Cabo Verde flag represent? To travel to Cabo Verde, you will need to benefit from the services of Cabo Verde airlines. The transportation services of Cabo Verde airlines may take you to the city when you arrive at the airport. Transportation services cost around ten dollars. Overall, travel to Cabo Verde is highly advised. As the blue colour of the Cabo Verde flag represents the ocean, this flourishing country aims to develop its economy by improving tourism. In Cabo Verde, tourism will get bigger and better. After reading this blog and finding out where is Cabo Verde and how to get to Cabo Verde, it is time to arrange your vacation!

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