12 Instagrammable places in Pretoria

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12 Instagrammable places in Pretoria
Jacaranda City. Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa. It shared its capital city status with Bloemfontein and Cape Town. Pretoria lies about 55 km from Johannesburg, although the two cities might seem a world apart. Pretoria is among the most amazing Instagrammable places around the world. Instagram fanatics will love this city. Society loves visitors, as well as, hotels in Pretoria will serve you tasty and delicious African foods.  Pretoria is a wonderful city of diplomats, civil servants, tidy, and trims residential, having a vast population of Afrikaners. The city is also an important educational, industrial, and cultural centre. The University of Pretoria, as well as the University of South Africa are among recognized universities in the world. Quite a wonderful city to visit.  menlyn maine Is Pretoria an Instagrammable city? Things to do in Pretoria include visiting the cool places in Pretoria. You should spend some time in Pretoria. Visit hotels in Pretoria. Check numerous historic museums, monuments, buildings, as well as well designed botanical gardens. Other places to visit in Pretoria include; the city centre, natural reserves to enjoy game viewing opportunities, just book a ride from the city centre. Below we’ve prepared a list of tourist places in Pretoria.

1. Voortrekker Monument

voortrekker monument The Voortrekker Monument is among the cool places in Pretoria. Situated at the top of a hill on the south of the city centre. The Voortrekker Monument is highly regarded as a National Heritage in South Africa. One of the most visited Instagrammable places in Pretoria. It was established in 1949 in memory of Voortrekkers. The Boers were responsible for entering unknown territory in the nineteenth century. This a convenient destination for Instagram lovers to capture the most liked Instagram photos.  The monument is a huge 40 meters high structure. A prominent landmark in the city. One of the best places for capturing the most liked Instagram photos. The monument also has steps leading up to the Hall of Heroes. The monument has been engulfed by depicting the ox-wagons wall that is meant to represent the trek wagons. What a beautiful place! Find out where is Pretoria today and enjoy a trip to the amazing Voortrekkers Monument.

2. Pretoria National Botanical Gardens

botanical garden Pretoria National Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place at the heart of Pretoria. One of the renowned Instagrammable destinations in Pretoria. Instagram fanatics, this should be your favourite place to visit in Pretoria! This botanical garden is at the top list of tourist places in Pretoria. It’s an enormous 76-hectare botanical garden. The place is high reserved as the spotlight for South African species. The garden consists of more than half of the country’s tree species; flowering plants, aloes, cycads, and other spectacular collections. If you are lucky to spend some time in Pretoria, the national botanical garden should be among the places to visit in Pretoria.

3. Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

ann van dyk cheetah A fun fact about Pretoria is that there are a lot of cool places in Pretoria. The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center is just a 45 minutes drive from the city. Animal fanatics, this is the best place to spend time in Pretoria. Here you’ll get a chance to get personal and up close with some of the most treasured African creatures—one of the recommended places in the list of tourist places in Pretoria. The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center is a non-profit project that was established in 1971. It was a cheetah breeding project that was successful in coming up with cape vultures, wild African dogs, brown hyenas, and many other rare breeds of animals. 

4. National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

giraffe Among the best places to visit in Pretoria is the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa. A vast garden over 80 hectares, where you can enjoy a whole day of animal fun with friends and family. A perfect location for taking the most liked Instagram photos. At the zoological garden, you get a chance to pass through the aviary. But on the western side, the zoological garden includes Aquarium 1, 2 and a reptile park.  The garden has the only inland aquarium in the country. This place is worth a visit, as well as the wonderful hotels in Pretoria where you get to enjoy some of Africa’s delicious dishes. The large mammal collection in the zoological garden includes a tiger exhibit, lions, hippos, and elephants. Ensure to put on comfortable shoes when touring this place since the ground are expansive. 

5. Union Buildings

union buildings Situated in a combination of beautiful gardens Union Buildings are, without doubt, the highest point in the city. Here you will get an experience like no other. The Union Buildings are tall buildings on the Meintjieskop hill close to the historic Church Square. Such a convenient place for capturing the most liked Instagram photos.  Find out where is Pretoria today! For an opportunity to explore one of the spectacular Instagrammable places around the world. During your time in Pretoria, it’s advisable not to miss out on visiting the well-designed hotels in Pretoria. Here you can enjoy the seven-star services and accommodation. 

6. Freedom Park

freedom park Freedom Park is among the cool places in Pretoria. Located on Salvokop with one of a kind panoramic views. The historical Freedom Park holds South Africa’s liberation and honour story that played a vital role. Freedom Park was opened to the public in 2007, and a series of poignant memorials. Additionally, there is also an impressive museum. Such a nice place to spend time in Pretoria. Near the park are luxurious hotels in Pretoria where you can visit and have a taste of the best African native dishes. Freedom Park is one of the major reasons why Pretoria is regarded as an Instagrammable city. 

7. Melrose House

melrose house The Melrose House is a museum and stately mansion that offers tourists an experience of moving back in time to the late 19th century. The Melrose House was established in 1866 by George Jesse Heys, a wealthy businessman. Its history has a relation with the Treaty of Vereeniging. Comprising of valuable antiques, the house is a nice example of conserved Victorian architecture. Some of the highlights include stained glass windows, paintings by British artists, ornate ceilings and fireplaces, and etc. Find out where is Pretoria today, and have fun exploring this amazing place!

8. Ditsong National Museum of Natural History

view of pretoria Formerly known as the Transvaal Museum, this is a natural history museum found in Pretoria. Anyone who got fascinated watching Jurassic Park is going to fall in love with this place. Do not think like this is the place that only houses skeletons of dinosaurs. Apart from the skeletons of dinosaurs, the museum also has fossils of birds, invertebrates, as well as, reptiles. The museum is a wonderful place to gain knowledge and also is one of the best Instagrammable places in Pretoria. A great place for capturing the best Instagram photos with friends and family. 

9. Rietvlei Dam

rietvlei dam The Rietvlei Dam is a convenient place to spend time in Pretoria and enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of this place. Found in a picturesque location, the dam provides breathtaking views of the rivers, mountains, and valleys. Besides the dam, there is a mesmerizing pond that is full of alligators. A nice place for boating, fishing, and having a picnic with your loved ones. Nature-lovers should consider this place as one of the marvellous places to visit in Pretoria

10. Pretoria Forts

historic fort For history enthusiasts, this is one of the most exciting places to visit in Pretoria. The Pretoria Forts are amazing structures constructed by the Republic of South Africa before the beginning of the Second Anglo Boer War. By understanding the significance and background of these forts, you will understand a lot more about the history of this region. Pretoria forts comprise of four forts, Fort Klapperkop, Fort Wonderboompoort, Fort Schanskop, as well as, Fort Daspoortrand. Three of the forts are German, while one of them belongs to the French. Nowadays, all the first are now open to the public to visit. The Pretoria Forts are a suitable location for Instagram photos. The surrounding here is Instagrammable. Convenient for most liked Instagram photos. 

11. Groenkloof Nature Reserve

zebra A great place for a family getaway to enjoy a range of activities that Pretoria has to offer you is the Groenkloof Nature Reserve. There are three hiking trails for you to discover for all those who are health conscious and enjoy walking. They can also reserve an overnight hut for hikers. You can also take your children on pony rides and horse rides while travelling with them. There are two picnic spots which you can relax. If lucky, you may also spot zebras, giraffes, and some wildebeest while you are here.

12. Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary

bird sanctuary There is a lot to explore in the beautiful land of Pretoria. The Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary is home to about 170 bird species. Besides, there are other migratory and visiting birds too. This spectacular home of birds is at the top of the list of tourist is places in Pretoria. One of the most serene environments to capture the most liked Instagram photos and to spend time in Pretoria. Especially if you travelling with your kids, they will love this place. For these and so much more, travel to Pretoria today!

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