12 Instagrammable places in Queenstown

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12 Instagrammable places in Queenstown
New Zealand. So, pack your luggage because that is where we are heading! To be more exact, to the very cute town of Queenstown. But where is Queenstown? In the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown is a tourist town in Otago. It has a population of sixteen thousand. Queenstown is a stunningly scenic lakeside retreat framed by soaring mountains, one of New Zealand’s world-known tourist hotspots. It has a broad recognition for outdoor recreation sports such as bungy jumping, hiking, and jet boating, but Queenstown provides a wide variety of experiences. Now that we have answered the question of where is Queenstown, let us try to find the answer to another very important question that might occur, which is how to travel from Auckland to Queenstown. If you decide to travel by plane or drive, getting to Queenstown is quick, regardless. Queenstown Airport receives regular direct flights from numerous cities, including Auckland, and excellent road connectivity makes travelling to Queenstown a convenient and stunning experience on big New Zealand highways. With several local transit options, it is easy to discover the area while you are in Queenstown. Now that we know how to travel from Auckland to Queenstown too, we can proceed with our trip! However, this time we will not be only talking about places to visit in Queenstown or what to do in Queenstown, but our main focus will be to find out the most Instagrammable places in Queenstown where you can surely take your next most-liked photo on Instagram. So, here are the 12 most Instagrammable places in Queensland:

1. Skippers Canyon

skippers canyon A visit to this canyon is definitely one of the best things to do in Queenstown! Skippers Canyon is a historical and beautiful canyon, some twenty-two kilometres in diameter and several kilometres north of Queenstown, New Zealand. Currently, the twisting and narrow path through the canyon, known as Skippers Canyon Route, is bordered by breathtakingly vertical drops on one side and high cliffs on the other. This beautiful scenery makes for an exceptionally scenic road ride, and the high suspension bridge known as Skipper’s Bridge is a particular highlight along the way. Everything about this canyon makes it a must-visit during your travel to New Zealand.

2. Lake Wakatipu

lake wakatipu It is undeniable that the most Instagrammable places in Queenstown are nature related. A deep valley cut into the mountains by ancient glaciers fills Lake Wakatipu. A single, carved by fjord trench occupies the lake and is bordered on all sides by tall mountains, Mount Earnslaw being the largest. Queenstown and other villages are among the towns along the lakeshore. The lake’s beaches are popular for swimming in the summer. A relaxing way to visit this beautiful region of the world is the Lake Wakatipu Hike, part of the Queenstown Trails.

3. Lake Wanaka

lake wanaka One of the best things to do in Queenstown is a visit to Lake WaNew Zealand’s fourth-largest lake is Lake Wānaka. It is 278 meters above sea level in the Otago region, occupies a square of 192 km and is more than 300 m deep. “Wanaka” is the spelling of wānanga from the South Island dialect, which means “the tohunga or priest’s lore” or a place of study. The name of the town at the foot of the lake is Wanaka. Para karehu was a Kati Mamoe village on the site of a new township. Here you can get the most out of your experience: the wonderful natural scenery of the valleys, the lakes, and the trees and, of course, exceptional wine and food. We can easily say that the lake is one of the must-see places during your travel to New Zealand.

4. Shotover River

shotover river Our search for finding the most Instagrammable places in Queenstown continues, and the next stop is Shotover River. In the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand, the Shotover River is situated. The name accurately implies that this 75-kilometre-long river, with several rapids, is flowing hard. On its way through the Skippers Canyon, the river generally flows south from the Southern Alps, draining the region between the Richardson Mountains and the Harris Mountains before flowing east of Queenstown into the Kawarau River. In short, if you ever wondered about what to do in Queenstown where you can be one with nature and paint your Instagram feed in every colour that mother nature has to offer!

5. Coronet Peak

coronet peak In Queenstown, New Zealand, Coronet Peak is a commercial ski resort situated seven kilometres west of Arrowtown, on the southern slopes of the 1,649-meter peak that shares its name. Coronet Peak is a popular ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere, providing a long snow season, well-received scenery for skiing and snowboarding and lift structures. It is, for sure, that Coronet peak is one of the most extreme things to do in Queenstown.

6. Queenstown Gardens

tree lined park Want to get your next most liked photo on Instagram? Sitting right on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, this large botanical garden area is a perfect spot to stroll and enjoy the views of the lake. Actually, the original was only laid out in 1867, the gardens now contain a wide variety of both indigenous and non-native plant species, including a large sweep of Douglas fir trees on a scorching hot Otago summer day, creating shade retreats. A beautiful sculpture garden and a renovated band rotunda dating from 1891 are also available here.

7. Kiwi Birdlife Park

outdoor garden The Kiwi Birdlife Park, surrounded by magnificent trees, is set in beautifully landscaped gardens and is the ideal location for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Queenstown. Chill out and browse their gift shop in a cafe, where a part of the sales goes to our environmental work. The park offers a whole-day card, and you can enjoy the park in all weather conditions. In motion, witness conservation.

8. Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge

kawarau gorge suspension bridge In the Otago section of the South Island of New Zealand, the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge is a bridge that passes across the Kawarau Channel. The bridge is primarily used for the purposes of bungy jumping by the AJ Hackett Bungy Company for commercial purposes; the site was the first commercial bungy jumping site in the world. The bridge is now part of the Queenstown Trail, causing the river to be crossed by walkers and as well as by bikers. Things to do in Queenstown has never gotten this exciting!

9. Skyline Gondola

skyline gondola The Gondola, built a convenient 10-minute walk from central Queenstown, takes tourists to the Skyline complex elevated above Queenstown. The best views in the area are located here, laid out in a stunning panorama of magnificent views of Coronet Peak, the mountain range of The Remarkables and Cecil and Walter Peak across Lake Wakatipu. lakes district museum As a Centennial of Otago mission, the Lakes District Museum was created in 1948. Appropriately located in the former gold-industrial town of Arrowtown, the museum began life in the Ballarat Hotel’s billiard rooms before moving in 1955 to our present home, the former Bank of New Zealand house. The museum is now regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading small museums over the last 60 years by creative leadership. The museum is also deeply engaged in the restoration and conservation of the heritage-built communities, particularly in Arrowtown. Take a stroll around to enjoy the old buildings scattered around the village once in Arrowtown. Ask at the reception for more detailed details on the sequence of walks that you can do to embrace this magnificent city’s heritage.

11. Lake Alta

lake alta In the Remarkables, near Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island, Lake Alta is a glacial lake that is one of the important places to visit in Queenstown. It is about 500 meters by 250 meters in size, and in the winter months, it freezes over. Skiers and snowboarders use it at this time. As well as the Antarctica New Zealand diver pre-deployment school, it is used for divers who perform an annual ice dive there.

12. Queenstown Hotels: Matakauri Lodge

view from matakauri lodge Our last but not least, Instagrammable place in Queenstown will be one of the Queenstown hotels. Visitors will discover Matakauri Lodge, a jaw-dropping, view-flashing Queenstown inn, just a seven-minute drive from New Zealand’s adventure city. With 11 luxury rooms, all of which have spectacular alpine and lake views. With perfect natural assets, this boutique beauty is blessed. Virginia Fisher’s immaculate service, uncontrived dining and light-filled interiors contribute to the wow factor. So, while having a valid New Zealand visa and travelling to New Zealand, make sure you add this hotel to your list of accommodations.

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