12 Instagrammable places in Rome

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was a poem pressed into service as a city… This wonderful quote belongs to Anatole Broyard…There are numerous such thoughts about this magical city. Do you know what the interesting point is? There is no exaggeration. These thoughts are just a figurative interpretation of the marvellous beauty of Rome. If you want to feel, live this miracle in real, you have to be there. As Goethe said: "Only in Rome, it is possible to understand Rome." So, everyone who will visit beautiful places in Rome will keep in his\her memory forever and plan the next travel to this spectacular destination. Besides, I think being in the places to go in Rome, spending valuable time in Rome will change visitors' worldview radically. Therefore, before the reality, let's mentally travel together to this city in this article. I am going to provide a little information about Instagrammable places in Rome. Also, you can obtain some details about "what to do in Rome?", "What to see in Rome?", "what places to visit in Rome?", places to go in Rome and so on… So, let's start!

1. The Colosseum


I want to begin with the iconic site among the incredible places to visit in Rome, which is the Colosseum. This monument is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its largest structure refers to Roman antiquity. It was originally built in 72AD by Vespasian for gladiatorial duels. Also, the Colosseum still provides the model for the design of sports arenas. This example of Instagrammable places of this city was large enough for theatrical performances, festivals, circuses, or games. Besides, the great view at the base of the spectacular structure at sunrise can be the perfect background for your most liked Instagram photos. This building maintains an extraordinary scenic landmark, and one of the Instagrammable atmospheres is in Via Nocala Savli. If you think about "what to do in Rome?", you should consider a tour inside the Colesseum among your activities during your travel to the places to go in Rome.

2. The Trevi Fountain

trevi fontana

The next on the list of "what places to visit in Rome?" is the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi fountain, with its baroque white marble statues, is one of the Instagrammable places in Rome. This masterpiece refers to the 17th- century. It was founded for Pope Clement in the period between 1732 and 1751 by Nicola Salvi. It describes the sea God Oceanus (Neptune), with horses, tritons, and shells. The view in these places where the water swirls around the figures and the artificial rocks can be a wonderful spot for your most liked photo on Instagram. If you think about "what to see in Rome", in my opinion, this is the perfect answer for you. The reason for it is incredible Instagrammable beauty and a very interesting legend about this place. According to the legend, if you throw one coin into the fountain, you will return to Rome again. If you want to fall in love with an Italian and marry, you should throw two coins. It is said that around 3000 Euro is thrown into the fountain every day, and they are collected and given to charity.

3. Altare Della Patria

altare della patria

Altare Della Patria is one of the Instagrammable places in Rome. It was built between 1911 and 1935 in honour of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of a unified Italy. Nowadays, this place maintains a lot of Italian government offices and museums. Also, you can take the most liked Instagram photos around this monument with charming architecture.

4. The Spanish Steps

spanish steps

The Spanish Steps is among the answers to the "what to see in Rome?". It contains 138 steps, gorgeous curves, and straight lines. This example of Italian Baroque architecture was built in 1725 and is located in Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Square). The steps have been a favourite for artists, painters, and poets with their original design and lavish display of blooms in Spring and Summer. Also, there is the boat-shaped fountain at the foot of the Spanish Steps, which is known as the Barcaccia. Early in the morning is a more suitable time to visit due to avoid people. On the other hand, if you want to catch the most liked Instagram photos, you should visit this place at sunset.

5. Ponte Umberto

ponte umberto

Another option to the most Instagrammable places in Rome is Di Ponte Umberto. This is the bridge that connects Piazza di Ponte Umberto I to Piazza Dei Tribunali. It was designed by the architect Angelo Vescovali and built between 1885 and 1895 in honour of Umberto I, King of Italy. You can take your most liked photo on Instagram, which is on the Tiber River, one of Rome's churches, and another of its many bridges - the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II.

6. The Roman Forum

roman forum

If you want to learn about ancient Rome, you should visit the Roman Forum, which is among the places to visit in Rome. During your walk through the forum, you will feel like stepping back into the heart of ancient Rome. This place was the history of the Roman Empire and the western world. After the seventh century, the buildings collapsed, and churches and fortresses were built among the ancient remains. It is one of Rome's best places to take Instagram photos of ancient Rome ruins, explaining this place's history.

7. The Pantheon


One of the appropriate answers to the "what places to visit in Rome?" is the Pantheon. It is the best-preserved building of ancient Rome. This amazing monument dominates Piazza Della Rotonda, which is the square in front of it. Both outside and inside of the Pantheon maintain incredible beauty and gives a great opportunity to take the most liked photo on Instagram. Besides, visitors interested in history should add this place to the list of things to do in Rome.

8. Villa Borghese

villa borghese

If you are looking for an Instagrammable destination in this city, you should visit Villa Borghese. This is the third largest park in Rome, and it was designed in a naturalistic English manner and consists of a large number of museums, attractions, and statues. If you want to have a peaceful and relaxing time in Rome, you should visit this beautiful park. Its scenic view makes this park one of the most Instagrammable places in Rome.

9. Piazza Navona

piazza navona

Piazza Navona is one of the popular squares in Rome. There are three fountains and the dramatic Church of Sant' Agnese in Agone and the Palazzo Pamphilj. All of them give this square view of one of the most Instagrammable places in Rome. Also, Piazza Navona is usually full of vendors, street artists who are selling things. So, if you think about things to do in Rome, you should consider visiting this square.

10. Marcello Theater

marcello theater

Visitors who love art should include the Marcello Theater in the list of things to do in Rome. This spectacular theatre of ancient Rome is still well preserved today. It is located in the Jewish Ghetto region of the city. This monument is open to the public. So, if you think about "what to do in Rome?" you can relax because you will gain a chance to enhance your worldview and perfect memorable Instagram photos from your travel to Rome.

11. Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi

piazzale giuseppe garibaldi

Another choice among the Instagrammable places in Rome is the Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi on Gianicolo Hill. This place is situated on the top of the hill and suggests gorgeous panoramic views of the city. Entrance to this square is free and does not require an entrance ticket. Especially, sunrise and sunset in this Instagrammble place can be a great spot for your Instagram photos.

12. Palatine Hill

palatine hill

The last destination in our dream travel is Palatine Hill. If you take a Colosseum tour, you will probably meet Palatine Hill, which looks over the Roman Forum. This place demonstrates evidence of Rome's earliest settlement because of its location 50 meters above the Tiber. Later, this was chosen by the emperors and great aristocratic families for their palaces. The Farnese Gardens were on the hill in the 16th century for Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, a beautiful park of terraces, pavilions, lawns, flowerbeds, trees, and fountains. The Palatine Hill's main points are the House of Livia (Augustus's wife), the semi-subterranean Cryptoporticus, Domus Flavia, Domus Augustana, and most outstanding of all, the Baths of Septimius Severus. The Palatine Hill maintains a combination of a wonderful park and marvellous and impressive ruins of ancient Rome. So, you will have both pleasures from the park's beauty and enormous valuable information about this city's ancient history. rome night Thus, we can extend our imaginary travel to Rome with magnificent, Instagrammable places such as Trastevere, Altar of the Fatherland, Basilica di San Pietro from Piazza San Pietro and others. Still, as it is said in the quote which I write above, you cannot learn enough about this city without real travel to this magnificent city. So I would like to finish my little article with the words of Edmonia Lewis. "I thought I knew everything when I came to Rome, but I soon found out I had everything to learn." Do not think about anything, get an Italy visa and travel to Rome, because you will have a great time in Rome.

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