Roman holiday and Rome

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Roman holiday and Rome
Italy, is one of Europe’s oldest cities, founded in 753. BC. The Eternal City’s birthday falls on April 21 (the date of the mythical founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus). Every year, tourists from everywhere come to the capital of Italy for this holiday. Roman celebrations include fireworks, gladiator shows, fairs and tastings of Italian food, and noisy parades in the city center. Also, many museums are open for free in Rome on this day. If you like to celebrate with many people and share your joy and maybe learn and feel the roman holiday, you should travel to Rome on April 21.


rome There were catastrophically few women in early Rome; Romulus (771-717 BC) kidnapped girls from the Sabines’ nearest tribe. The most beautiful of them were given to the Roman senators. St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is the largest church in the world.

All roads lead to Rome

italy The phrase “All roads lead to Rome” stemmed from the fact that by the end of the fourth century AD, the Romans had built more than 53,000 miles of roads throughout their empire. Each Roman mile was approximately 1,450 meters long and was marked with a road stone (landmark)

Roman Holiday movie

projector It is one of the most known and beloved movies of Hollywood. Everybody loves to watch the film repeatedly, maybe to remember their time in Rome or possibly to dream of going there one day and having their holiday and doing the things they do in the movie. Roman holiday movie was directed in the middle of the 20th century, to be precise in1953. It is one of the best Hollywood movies, where there is sincerity, purity, love, and fabulousness. A stunning acting duo and a unique romantic story will not leave anyone indifferent. After watching this movie, it will undoubtedly take pride in your collection of the best and favorite films. Roman holiday movie is an American romantic comedy with melodrama elements. Directed and produced by William Wyler and written by Dalton Trumbo.  

The popularity of the Roman Holiday

audience The Roman holiday movie was a resounding success at the worldwide box office, only in America the box office was relatively modest. Even the premiere of the movie in the Soviet Union was crowded. It was a melodrama, not a romantic comedy, the script for which was written by the famous Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who in those years suffered greatly for “sympathy for the communists,” which is why his name was deleted from the credits of the picture. Only two decades later, justice was restored.

The Plot

light One of the most romantic stories - the young princess Anna arrives on an official visit to Rome, but endless receptions, presentations, and social events tire her so much that she decides to escape one day. She is found by a bystander who turns out to be an American journalist who has a unique chance to collect exclusive material. Will he be able to do it? How will the princess behave, hiding her social status? What will come of all this? Romance in its purest form, uncluttered, maybe a little pretentious and pretentious, but so attractive. In two hours, the princess and the journalist go through a series of funny, dramatic, and merely exciting adventures, which are not only interesting to watch. Still, they even want to be transported to another side of the movie and join the heroes. Many critics and viewers in our country and the West consider Roman holiday movies to be the best in cinema.

Where was Roman Holiday filmed?

person holding car Are you wondering where was Roman holiday filmed? Well, the Roman holiday movie is the first Hollywood movie that was filmed entirely in Europe - and you can feel it. The beauty of the Eternal City is presented in all its glory. History connoisseurs and tourists will undoubtedly recognize many of the main characters’ monuments throughout the film. Although not all of them were shown, this fact gives aesthetic pleasure. Even even though the painting is black and white, it managed to convey the full power of the charm of these ancient ruins left from the once greatest empire on planet Earth. 

The cast

audrey hepburn What about the Roman holiday cast? It is known that Frank Capra conceived the film with Cary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor. However, Cary Grant refused to star because the role of Joe Bradley seemed secondary to him, which means that the central star would not be he, but his partner. The next candidate - Gregory Peck - almost turned down the offer for the same reason as Grant, but Wyler managed to convince him.  When Princess Anne comes to Rome on an official visit, she does not even hope to visit the Colosseum, walk along the Tiber embankment, or eat in a restaurant. All her time is scheduled in minutes and seconds. Therefore, she, young and cheerful, decides to run away and rest for a day, and after a long walk, she falls asleep on a park bench. There she will be seen by the journalist Joe Bradley, from a meeting with whom her Roman vacation will begin. oscar cup This film’s Roman holiday cast is genuinely stellar: the leading role in the movie was played by one of the most sought-after actors - Gregory Peck. He later became an Oscar winner and entered the list of the greatest film actors in history. Well, for Audrey Hepburn, this picture was the first serious work in the cinema. After the premiere, the actress suddenly woke up a star and became a cult, and for her role in this film, she received her first Oscar. The Roman holiday cast is impossible to imagine without Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. This fantastic duo makes the movie so warm and entertaining. 

What is a Roman Holiday?

man holding card Do you know what is a Roman holiday? If you want to answer the question of a roman holiday and want to know roman holiday means, keep on reading.  In past times, they believed that the gods rule the world, decide man’s fate, direct his actions, send troubles to him, and bring joy. Nature possesses divine powers. Rome mountains, rivers, groves, fields are inhabited by demons and deities, on which the harvest, the fertility of the land, the growth of crops, the abundance of fish and birds, etc.

Roman New Year

concrete building The ancient Romans celebrated over 50 holidays a year. Roman holiday formed an essential part of the life of the Romans. Their traditions have been preserved for centuries; some have survived to this day. So, the custom of celebrating the beginning of the New Year was consolidated in the middle of the 2nd century. BCE. The Roman New Year celebrations on March 1 and later on January 1 opened with a crowded procession to the Capitoline Hill, where Rome’s prominent sanctuaries were located, where sacrifices were made to the city’s patron god Jupiter. Like us, the Romans believed that the whole year would be the same as the first New Year’s Day. They went to visit each other, exchanged gifts, gave sweets, jewelry, and later money, wished each different happiness and the gods’ favor. Of the rural ancient agricultural holidays, of which there were many, the February Lupercalia, the Roman holiday dedicated to the gods - patrons of herds and shepherds, were especially magnificently celebrated. Cleansing sacrifices were made at the Palatine Hill foot, where the once legendary she-wolf (Lupa) lived, who nurtured the founders of Rome - Romulus and Remus. On April 21, on the anniversary of Rome’s founding, there was another feast of the shepherds in honor of the ancient goddess Palea. Laurel branches, cakes, bread were donated to the goddess. Purification rituals were considered essential. Cattle, to protect them from infectious diseases, were driven through fires. Shepherds and rural youth, competing, staged merry games, competed to see who would jump over the fire with the best luck. This custom has long existed among other peoples. One of the biggest Easter celebrations in Rome is the Holy Friday Procession with the Pope’s participation. The procession starts at the Colosseum and ends near Palatine Hill, passing through 14 stops, each associated with the history of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Throughout the journey, pilgrims, including the Pope, carry a wooden cross. At each stop on the Way of the Cross, participants say a prayer.


rome Saturnalia (lat. Saturnalia) is a Roman holiday, Roman holiday meaning known as a December holiday in honor of Saturn, whose name the inhabitants of Latium associated the introduction of agriculture and the first culture successes. Celebrated initially on December 17, and later the celebrations were extended until December 23. Now you have enough and thorough information about a Roman holiday, and if you have not seen the movie yet, we tried to give you as much information as possible about this fantastic piece of art. So maybe you will see the movie one day and get an Italy visa and visit lovely Rome, the capital of Italy and have the best time of your life.

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