12 Instagrammable places in Salzburg

12 Instagrammable places in Salzburg

Gunel Eyvazli15 April 20214565 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Salzburg
Salzburg is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Austria has always been home to great minds. Austria owes this success to its rich culture and history for creating the best environment and conditions. For centuries Austrian cities were the main hubs in Europe. Nowadays, they pursue this legacy in a different field called tourism. Every year this little country hosts millions of tourists. Salzburg city is among the most visited cities of Austria, and in this blog, we will explore the most Instagrammable places in Salzburg. However, before that, let's briefly learn where is Salzburg.

Where is Salzburg?

salzburg landscape Surrounded by the Alp mountains and situated on the Salzach River banks, the city hosts around 160.000 people. The city is so compact that you can walk across it within hours. The history of the city goes back to the 7th century. First, people settled there due to its closeness to essential trade roads. The architecture of the city had affected many other European cities. That is, the resemblance of the cities can be noticed by anyone who travelled to European cities. However, its uniqueness is not open for debate as the contrast among different designs is unprecedented. The harmony of gothic-styled churches and classical buildings is one of the reasons to travel to Salzburg Austria. Salzburg city owns many historical buildings and churches listed as UNESCO World heritage sites, making it amazing for your Instagram feed. Therefore, our list of 12 Instagrammable places in Salzburg will mainly be dominated by historical, classical places.

1. Mirabell Gardens

Salzburg might sound a little boring for those who do not want to spend all of their time in museums or churches. That is why we included some places where are extremely Instagrammable and are suited for different tastes. Mirabell Gardens is a perfect place to start. These gardens with Mirabell palace were constructed by prince archbishop Wolf Dietrich on behalf of Salome Alt. It's one of the most beautiful places to visit in Salzburg. Here you can relax and enjoy the beauty of perfectly shaped tulips and wisteria plants. Here you can find many places to take your most liked Instagram photo. It is useful to mention that gardens are the exact place where the well-known movie "The Sound of Music" was shot. Many people visit these gardens to recreates moments from the movie to share on Instagram, and it is a great answer to what to do in Salzburg.

2. Winkler Terrace (M32 Cafe)

phantasic view of salzburg Winkler Terrace, situated on higher ground and set in breathtaking Salzburg city scenery, is one of the best places to visit in Salzburg. This spectacular view will make your followers' Instagram feed more interesting. The terrace is named after the cafe located next to it, but now is a popular cafe called M32 cafe that serves delicious local food. You can enjoy your food while amazed by the extraordinary city view. This panoramic view is worthwhile to climb the long steps from Toscaninihof square up to the terrace. For your Instagram profile, here is a little tip. Try to include Salzburg high fortress when you take a photo as the fortress is Instagrammable. Who knows, maybe that will turn into your most liked Instagram photo

3. Kapuzinerberg Monastery

neustadt salzach This immense monastery is one of the oldest structures in Salzburg, predating Romans. The whole city is almost visible underneath you, and in front of you, the mighty Salzburg high fortress overlooks the surrounding area. This gothic monastery will take you back to 1200 as it preserves the historic environment around it. Besides, the monastery is positioned in the middle of a tree-covered hill, perfect for those who want to get away from them all. Here, not only can you physically relax in nature but also spiritually. 

4. Love Lock Footbridge

love lock footbridge The Makartsteg bridge, known as the "Love Lock" bridge, is another tourist attraction. Besides having this magnificent view on the bridge, this place is peculiar for its locks that lovers hang to ensure eternal love. Some people even make a tradition out of it. They travel to Salzburg Austria, to find their locks that have their initials on their anniversaries. Suppose you could not bring your locks to Salzburg, no need to worry. Some markets sell locks around the bridge. As you guess, it is a perfect place to take a picture, especially for the Instagram feed. Some people even hire professional photographers with the hope of getting their most liked Instagram photo.

5. Fortress Hohensalzburg

hohensalzburg fortress Being the principal landscape of the city, Salzburg High Fortress is situated on Festungsberg. This immense fortress is the biggest fully preserved castle in central Europe. First, Archbishop Gebhard started construction, but in 1500 it was extended. No army has ever managed to capture the fortress. To understand where is Salzburg, one should visit the fortress as it preserves all the historical exhibits that'll give you an insight into the city. Two transport option is available for reaching the fortress. You can either take the funicular or reach on foot. If you wonder what to do in Salzburg, marvelling at the whole city view is a great option as the fortress offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. However, this is the case for the north side of the castle. The southern side offers a completely different scene, the Alp mountains.

6. Schloss Leopoldskron

schloss leopoldskron This magical palace will make you feel as if you are in a magical place. This magnificent palace, situated on a small lake called Leopoldskroner, now serves as a private hotel. Therefore, you should be aware that it is only open to customers. The palace has a 7-hectare park that is carefully taken good care of. You can take a stroll around this lake, which is a great activity. Throughout the stroll, we are sure that you will find it Instagrammable. For those who can afford to stay here, it is a must-go place. You should include it in the list of the places to visit in Salzburg.

7. Judge's Height panorama

salzburg night It is situated on ground 507 meters above sea level, Judge's height is one of the least visited and yet one of Salzburg's most liked spots. You will get the chance to see the Alp mountains' panoramic and beautiful scenes over a long sea of grass plains. If you feel energetic enough and do not know what to do in Salzburg, hiking up to Judge's Height should be for your taste.

8. Getreidegasse

getreidegasse Getreidegasse is one of the most visited streets alongside the main street that houses chain stores, well-known brands. But do not confuse it with other high streets in Paris, New York, or any other metropolitans. Getreidegasse still preserves its antiquity. You can buy souvenirs if you are not sure what to do in Salzburg. Furthermore, this narrow street promises many Instagrammable places and spots to take a great shot.

9. Neue Residenz & Carillon

neue residenz carillon Salzburg's fabulous viewpoint is an excellent place for those who prefer not far place rather than climbing up hundreds of meters to see the city view. As it is within the city centre surrounded by all the city's characteristic features, you'll get a better understanding of where is Salzburg.

10. Salzach River

salzach river After some point, you might get bored with all the city structures and wish to get somewhere where you can be with nature. Salzach riverbank is one of the most viable options as it is not too far from the city. You will enjoy the city view while relaxing on the grass. Although it is not exactly the reason for anyone to travel to Salzburg Austria, the city's view in the background while you are standing at the riverside offers you a great condition for taking a picture.

11. Petersfriedhof

petersfriedhof Usually, cemeteries are not tourist attractions, but Saint Peter's Cemetery is a little different. Its unique architectural design and the combination of flowers and plants with historical catacombs and graves are worth visiting. This mixture of colours offers us great photos for Instagram. Besides that, you are also able to learn more about prominent figures of the city whose graves are here.

12. Salzburg City Park

salzburg city park Situated on the slopes of Monchsberg, the primary park of the city is among the best places to visit in Salzburg for many tourists. Reasons for that vary. First, it is a mile-long park, which gives you enough space to wander or relax on the grassy plain. Additionally, you can rent a bike to take a tour around the city. If you ride to the edge of the park, you can admire the view of Schloss Leopoldskron. In the background, you will have the Salzburg high fortress. When you bring nature, views of the fortress and palace together, you will earn the perfect chance to capture your most liked Instagram photo. If you want to experience all of these beautiful, Instagrammable places but needs an Austria Schengen visa to do so, don't hesitate to contact pickvisa.com for help. Good luck!

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