12 Instagrammable places in San Marino

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12 Instagrammable places in San Marino

San Marino is the fourth-smallest country in the world. Where is San Marino? San Marino Italy is located between Emilia Romagna and Marches provinces, in the east, Adriatic side of Italy. The San Marino population is less than 34.000, making it the sixth smallest country in the world. Since the country is in Europe, you can easily travel to San Marino Italy, and visit its Instagrammable places to take the most-liked Instagram photo of your account. There are countless wonderful places to visit in San Marino Italy. This country is popular as the capital of independence and the oldest still existing republic globally. That is why once you will travel to San Marino Italy, you will have too many Instagrammable places to visit in San Marino.

How to find Instagrammable places in San Marino Italy?


The gateway to the San Marino, narrow streets are overflowing with craft shops, the San Marino population, the towers that overlook the mountain, the guards' blue and orange uniforms at the entrance, and cavalry sabers and feathered hats, and the royal atmosphere. All are key factors to capture the most-liked Instagram photo in San Marino. If you are interested in how to find Instagrammable places, you can find them by reading this blog. Here, I will present 12 Instagrammable places in San Marino and about how to find Instagrammable places in this country. 

About San Marino

fortress of guaita on mount titano in san marino

Everything comes together to form a place where you can breathe an ancient, magical, medieval atmosphere, from "once upon a time ...". According to legend, the republic has founded on September 3rd, 301 AD by a stonecutter named Marino, who came from Dalmatia to escape Christian persecutions. The small Christian community has established the republic on Mount Titano, the highest of the seven hills where is San Marino now. The Mount Titano therefore, later took the name "Land of San Marino" in memory of the founder. Before dying, the Saint left his San Marino population with these words: “I leave you free from both men,” referring to the Pope and the Emperor. Since then, the country has always been able to maintain its independence. Today the state is divided into nine castles: the city of San Marino (the capital), Borgo Maggiore, Serravalle, Acquaviva, Chiesanuova, Domagnano, Faetano, Fiorentino, and Montegiardino.

Piazza della Libertà and Palazzo Pubblico

san marino

If you have ever seen a postcard of San Marino, it probably depicted Piazza Della Liberta and the Palazzo Pubblico, which is also popular as the Government Palace. The square is not so large but very harmonious and vibrant, with the Liberty Statue in the center. The Statue is the work of the artist Stefano Galletti and is famous as the symbol of the independence that has always characterized the country. The Palazzo Pubblico, built by the architect Azzurri and open since 1894. The palace is the center of the political life of San Marino, the seat of meetings of the Great and General Councils, the State Congress, and the Council of XII. Inside this charming town hall, you can admire the effigies of famous people and commemorative plaques. Surely, that is one of the best places to visit in San Marino. In the council chamber, you can watch the meeting of the Great and General Council when the session is not secret. Especially in the summer, do not miss the guard's changing every 30 minutes right in Piazza Della Liberta,. Behind the palace, there is the Cava dei Balestrieri, the built-in building stones. On September 3rd you can see the amazing celebrations for the commemoration of the foundation of the republic.

The Cathedral

basilica san marino

The Basilica del Santo is the main church in the country dedicated to Saint Marino, founder of the republic. It was built by the Bolognese Antonio Serra and opened to the public in 1838 after about 13 years of work. The facade of the church is striking for its majesty about the small square in which it is. That must be among the best spots in San Marino to take the most-liked Instagram photo. The basilica interior has three naves with 16 Corinthian columns; in the main altar, there is the Statue of San Marino, while his relics are kept underneath. Do not miss a visit to the nearby church of San Pietro, with the apse entirely carved into the rock. In the two niches, still visible, San Marino and San Leo rested, and the San Marino population says that the stones still have healing powers.

The Three Towers and the Passo Delle Streghe

san marino pass of the witches

After seeing souvenir shops of all kinds, you will reach the top of San Marino’s famous castle. From here starts the “step of the witches,” a spectacular path that connects the three main towers and offers unbelievable panoramic views. The three medieval towers certainly represent the symbol of San Marino, the fourth smallest country in the world. Built to defend themselves from the attacks of the Malatesta of Rimini, the three towers stand out on the rocky spur of Mount Titano. The first tower is the Torre Rocca or Guaita and is the oldest tower in Italy, dating back to around the 11th century. The second is the Torre Cesta or Fratta, dating back to around 1400; it stands at the mountain's highest point and houses the Museum of Ancient Arms. The third tower is called a Montale. It is the smallest of the three and has a single opening from the top that gives access to a deep prison called the "bottom of the tower." 

The State Museum of San Marino

public palace and statue of liberty

The State Museum is the most important one in San Marino and is located in Piazza Titano, not far from other country's other Instagrammable places. Founded in the 19th century thanks to national and international donations, over 5,000 historical and artistic pieces linked to the history and legend of San Marino are preserved here today. The museum has several topics: San Marino Archeology, Art in the Republic; Donation art; Archeology of donation, and numismatics. You must visit the archaeological section to see exponents ranging from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages and the picture gallery, which exhibits paintings from the 14th to the 19th century. The Pinacoteca is also very rich with paintings from the 14th-19th century, including Guercino, C. Gennari, M. Loves, E. Sirani, and P. Batoni.

The Torture Museum

the torture museum

The Torture Museum is a truly “terrifying” place to take Instagram photos. It is a unique exhibition globally and internationally renowned with rare pieces dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. There are more than 100 original tools on display to inflict pain and death: from the Inquisitorial Chair to the Oral Pear, to the Knee Splitter, this place represents the true synthesis of the history of torture and of man's ability to invent tools to mutilate, cripple, dismember, massacre and kill other men with violence and malice. San Marino, the Apennine Peninsula, was one of the central places of the Inquisition, so it is quite normal to see these tools here? 

Museums of Waxes

It might be one of the main reasons why you decide to travel to San Marino Italy. If you have some time and are curious to know how much the fattest man in the world weighs or to see Hitler made with wax, this small museum is the right place.

The cable car

san marino town panoramic view with aerial lift

The most scenic, fastest, and most adventurous way to reach San Marino is the cable car that Borgo Maggiore leaves. It is among the best places to visit in San Marino.



Another historic means of transport to visit the town is the Rimini - San Marino electric railway inaugurated on June 12th, 1932. It is a true engineering masterpiece that you should see and take pictures of.

Gate of San Francesco

porta del loco san srancesco gate or city gate

It represents the main entrance to the medieval village of the city of San Marino. It is a guard post on the third circle of the walls, and a wonderful spot to capture Instagram photos there.

The Roses of San Marino

huntington gardens located in san marino

Walking along the small road leading from the State Museum to the Cava dei Balestrieri, you will find a small, well-kept garden with iron sculptures on your right. Here you can find and take pictures with the roses of San Marino. There is a hybrid of tea, garden roses with an intense aroma, with a warm yellow color edged with a carmine shade.

Costa dell'Arnella

15th century cliff gate

If you love hiking, you can take this path, which begins in the historic center of Borgo Maggiore and ends near the Porta Della Rupe, the ancient access to the city walls. The path is 870 meters long and has many amazing spots.

The village of San Leo

village snowflakes san leo romagna

Although this village is out of San Marino borders, it is the most beautiful village in Italy, near San Marino. So, if you want to see more about the country's surroundings, have a trip to this village, where you can photograph the best moments of your travel.

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